Heartbeat abortion law draws protests at gold dome

giorgos heartbeat law once again the cause of outrage and protests at the gold dome today the protest organized by the group 5 million women for reproductive rights are demanding the repeal of the law which bans abortions after six weeks the women of Georgia do not want to be crucial to what men in this building we are supposed to have reproductive rights in this country roe v wade is a law and it's a fact and we're not gonna give up our rights lightly this protest is one of many locally and nationally since Georgia and several other states have introduced restrictive abortion laws Georgia's new law against abortion takes effect in January

5 Replies to “Heartbeat abortion law draws protests at gold dome”

  1. Next time blacks are protesting the police, tell them — PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS THE LEADING KILLER OF UNARMED BLACK LIVES.

  2. Amazing that these women are protesting the gov because they will be restricted on killing their unborn children. Women are despicable and evil.

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