Heavy Menstrual Bleeding | How to Get Immediate Relief AND Explore the Underlying Cause

hi everyone welcome back to pretty well I'm dr. Angela I'm dr. Patti in this video we are gonna talk about heavy bleeding so heavy bleeding during our periods trying to figure out you watch this when you cut your hand in the kitchen it's true the flow very heavy flow and so what does it even mean to have heavy bleeding well typically this means you're you know going through a tampon or a pad every hour to to just you know very non-stop kind of thing and as always we want to try to figure out what the underlying reason is to stop it from continuing there definitely are some tricks that can make it so that symptoms are much less and we want to tell you those too because we don't want anybody suffering out there you know but it's really important with any health issue to make sure that we're working on the underlying cause so the two Biggie's in terms of why women tend to have really heavy periods and so this can be a lot of bleeding it can be a long period it can be really cloudy periods hypothyroidism again this has been coming up a lot but hypothyroidism is a very common reason for very heavy periods a very long bigflo and also low iron and so ferritin as well on blood tests looking for ferritin levels so easy things from kind of supplement standpoint vitamin A works very well you have to use high dose so something along the lines of 50,000 units for two to four weeks to really replete and so the issue here is if a woman is hypothyroid the beta carotene or the different carotene she's getting out of yellow and orange fruits and vegetables do not convert to vitamin a very effectively and so vitamin A from a food standpoint would we be getting it from like a liver so if you're not eating organ meats and you know you've been eating mostly yellow and orange veggies but you're not converting very well you're not gonna have a lot of vitamin A and this is in addition to actually addressing and treating of course the hypothyroid that's actually going on yes yes but just in the meantime kind of like a stopgap some clues that were deficient in vitamin A some women have little red bumps on the back of their arms or the back of their legs sometimes night vision is a little tricky those are some signs and symptoms we might be having that let us know that we're deficient in vitamin A I'm replete with iron you know sometimes if we're kind of on the lower end of the spectrum so when you look at blood tests you know ferritin it's like five to one eighty is the spectrum which is a ridiculous spectrum so you maraton as your iron stores yes so not all doctors test this number most don't actually yeah and so they might be looking just to see if you have what's called over tawny anemia but all your stores have to be low for you to have actual anemia so it's really helpful to check what's called ferritin so it looks like your eye looks at your iron storage exactly exactly and so you know just making sure to do a good job of really repleted iron if you're kind of on the lower spectrum or frankly deficient or anemic and we like the number to be closer to 15 at least 60 yeah maybe even 70 so make sure to get those values checked absolutely and then the other one that I hear almost no one talking about is flavonoids and so flavonoids are in the vitamin C family so again a lot of produce including greens can give us a lot of these flavonoids but another clue is if you're one of those people where you gently bump into something and you bruise really easily that might be a sign that your vitamin C and your flavonoids are often so the same thing instead of your uterus that when you're shedding the lining of your uterus during your flow that some ripping is happening that some capillary ripping is happening because you don't have enough flavonoids to keep the integrity of the capillaries intact and so then it's just like the faucet has turned on and it's miserable so just you know repeating with flavonoids supplements while you're also really doing a great job of getting more veggies and fruits in that are gonna help you replete your stores and speaking of the faucet yeah if you're low in iron right your body has a hard time turning off yes it's a faucet exactly what'll be a pareo game exactly I do it can't like clamp down it's a kind of an ironic cycle that happens but it's definitely one of the things we see mm-hmm so in addition to that there is something called oil of cinnamon and arisen I had forgotten about this one completely so yeah it's actually made us by midwives to help with women after labor if they're hemorrhaging so this is more of a band-aid it's not treating the cause but you know sometimes we need a little bit of a band-aid in the moment when we're bleeding out we need bandage while you work on the deeper causes and treat the underlying issues so oil of cinnamon and a ridge 'iron together or a razor on homeopathic also can be helpful and these are a little bit more of an uncommon remedy and uncommon homeopathic so you may need to go through your naturopathic doctor in order to get yourself the original it's a little trick weird of a word so we'll be sure to spell it out and put it in the description box below and then in addition to that really working with your gynecologist and either doing a pelvic ultrasound and a good physical exam yeah to make sure that you don't have polyps or uterine fibroids yes that can lead to heavy bleeding as well and dr. Angela did an awesome video a couple videos back talking about ways to shrink fibroids so check that out if you have fibroids or suspect that you do or sometimes surgical intervention is necessary but it definitely can be a cause of heavy bleeding yeah yes we just want to make sure we're looking at all of the structural reasons we might have heavy bleeding and any of the deficiencies you know that might be leading to it as the underlying cause but of course we also want to stop the symptoms of heavy bleeding because it can be exhausting and annoying so we've got enough exhausting and annoying things to deal with in our life our period should not be one of them so hope these little tips and kind of arrows helped you out and thank you so much for stopping by we love doing these videos and connecting with you please leave a or if you have a question we'd be happy to answer and we will see you back here soon yep share with a sister or a friend do you think this might be helpful for and hit that subscribe button if you want to get these regulated form us every week thanks everyone

12 Replies to “Heavy Menstrual Bleeding | How to Get Immediate Relief AND Explore the Underlying Cause”

  1. dear. My period is too frequent with spotting also before starting menstrual cycle.
    All given advices would they be good for my situation?

  2. thanks 🙁
    My doctor keeps saying the my heavy and (almost every two weeks)frequent period is the cause of low ferritin and not viceversa

  3. And yes my blood tests also said to me that my progesterone levels were low could you do a video on that please thank you

  4. I suspected that I had endometriosis I had a scan and my doctor said no I don't however there is a lump that needs to be addressed they're not sure what it is I suspect it's a fibroid of some sort. I looked at your endometriosis video and it helped me so so much. I cut out coffee during my menstrual cycle and in general drinking less coffee has made about a 50% pain free period for me. Because at one point it was excruciating I want to thank you both for doing these videos and still not on the other side but I'm much much better.

  5. Thank you for the video. It took my Drs years before they told me why. They just wanted to cut me open and take out my bits. Hypothyroidism, anemia, vitamin D deficiency. It took a female Dr to finally check everything. Always get a second opinion of you don't agree with your Dr.

  6. Hi my cycle was delayed for about 1 1 months so I started taking ayurveda products it help bring my period 2 months of product anyways I bleeding heavy 2 day now no big cloths nothing to really be scared of but am worried of d heavy flow should I be worried or not just asking out of concern thnks

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