Help us fix complications of childbirth!

you you before the surgery I was a much pain that was what bothered me a lot it was difficult because I couldn't lift any things to sleep walk sitting and lying down with what I had to do to rest but it bothered me when I walked like if I had a bomb was difficult and bothered me a long time ago sometimes I had urinary problems frequently but now we'll see how I'll contain I have problems with my bladder which burst and began to lose a lot of water then I would have to go and get an operation it was bad had to stay at home lying down when I got up and that happened I had to wear a big diaper told it I couldn't walk right you I thank you for performing that surgery Norman is a very kind person who takes very good care people here I am very grateful with you for having done this surgery because I feel really calm because I know I'm not going to have that pain I had before and now I only have to follow my diet and go ahead they treated me quite well very kind and there they were with me at 8:00 at night I entered the surgery room finished at 10:00 and everything it's been almost two years and that I am perfectly well not one problem nor pain nothing I am much better now I have begun to work again

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