Help Us Name The Baby!- Our Journey To Pregnancy Ep. 06

what’s going on YouTube it’s your boy in here with Jenny Lee and this is another episode of our journey to pregnancy in this episode we need some of your help so we’re gonna talk all about baby names no there’s no baby yet but this has definitely been on our mind a lot lately just like baby names and gender roles in the baby’s life and stuff like that so you want to talk a little bit about gender roles as far as picking a name based on genders also kind of asking you guys for your help on some baby names that you guys might be thinking for us let’s hop into the video all right lucky here okay this is our baby right now she wants you to know that we already have a baby and her name is lucky right off the bat we have a name in mind but we’re not saying I’ve heard so many people tell me like not to tell anyone that I think I’m gonna take their advice right yeah I’ve actually had like somebody tell someone a baby name and literally like they had a baby and kind of stole that name from them so but we’re also not set in stone on anything so we wanted to jump on here and kind of talk about how we’re going about picking the baby’s name period at all just based on me being trans generally t and just like you know just are our life in this gender world and stuff like that well I I just feel like it’s important to try to get in touch with what name your baby might want and we talked a little bit in another video about calling in the spirit of the baby and so we are doing that in a lot of ways and so with doing that I think kind of comes a lot of feelings and maybe even visions and and just just thoughts about what this baby spirit might be like or what they might want to be named and so we are trying to listen to that and we’re trying to also hold space for they might want to change that they might actually come out and say actually I want to be called in yes so yeah I feel like that yeah so like to back that yes lucky you’re here to back that up a little bit we are not really picking a gender specific name we’re trying not we’re trying not yeah we’re going to pick a name that’s a little more not necessarily gender-neutral but like I’ll use the example of like Jamie like the name Jamie could very much be for male identified person or it could be very much be for a female identified person we want to pick a name not not Jamie but something similar and that can be used back and forth yeah and then we’ll just like and then the other thought is like even if our baby is trans or something and we pick some really cool hip not gender name they can still hate the name and want to change it yeah so like we’re trying not to be overly attaching so that’s what you were kind of saying is like are like we can have a child and he could no it could be super straight and super heteronormative but still hate its name and decide to change it yeah and I just wanted to say to that like technically your name even the way that it’s spelled is a gender-neutral yes gender neutral form of Eden’s yes it could be you know a male or female or a woman or man identified person you called Aidan a white dia and you picked it for that reason if you wanted to kind of keep yourself in in the neutrality yeah yeah exactly exactly although like very outwardly I’m very masculine and I identify as a male I do really have these like you know really nice feminine parts of myself that I really like and so like I don’t really identify as genderqueer I definitely identify more on the male spectrum but I’m also kind of like this you know what I mean I I’m definitely male but I’m just not like your average male even if when I take a little picture it might look like that so we’re trying to keep this in mind for our baby you know just that like right I mean you just we just don’t know what they’re gonna want so we’re just trying to be like okay well let’s be as mutual as possible and then if they still want to change things up that’s cool yeah exactly so at least were like kind of trying to meet them somewhere yeah yeah I mean I think we’re trying to set it up in a way that’s gonna be the most like the best for them right so like if they’re if we have a biological girl and she’s super girly and she loves girly things and she like we don’t want like we want her to feel connected to her name and make it and feel feminine and if we have a biological female who then transitions to a male later in life or when they’re four or whatever we want them to be able to have an option to be like listen if you want to keep your name you can because your name is is both you know it could go either way but if you want to change your name lucky yeah if you want to change your name that’s fine too you know what I mean she’s just like really trying to let us know that we already have a child and that we don’t necessarily need another one she’s relating us though yeah but yeah so we want to know like what are your thoughts like if you you know if you’re trans what are you gonna even you don’t have a child what what like what are your thoughts on naming your baby you know what I mean if you are trans and have children what were the thoughts you had when he went to have a baby and if you’re trans and you had like and let’s say like so my my name was very feminine and so I felt like it I mean like I wanted a real big desire to change my name because it just didn’t feel like it lined up with who identify as I my identity but I know some people who have more like for instance like the name Jordan like I know people who have transition at where Jordan as female bodied or female identified at now they’re Jordan as male identified it some people don’t change their names some people do so like did you feel in it like you want to change your name if you’re trans did you not you wanted me in and like if your sis what do you think like what are your thoughts about like trying to pick names that are a little more like gender variant I guess would be like yeah and I think the biggest thing too is like we’ve said in the past we want to practice conscious parenting and I think it really starts with you know before even getting pregnant and having the child and just really realizing like we don’t want to put our own attachments on our own taste and our own stuff on to everything about the baby like because I love this name this is gonna be their name and because even loves this name this is you know like it’s it doesn’t need to be so about us like we really do want to connect with what is right for the baby what is the spirit of baby actually trying to communicate to us in terms of what they would like to be called and then and then getting open to like maybe we misheard that maybe they they actually are changing their mind and want to be called this or that when they’re five or whatever age yeah and so yeah just really really open really checking our attachments – well I’ve always wanted to name someone this name or I wish I was kind so if it’s about you wishing that you had that name then maybe it’s time to change your own name yeah and not yeah I know that’s a good point like when I change my name my first thought was like okay well if I have a baby girl I’m gonna name it what I was named and that’s because I had a lot of us had kilts from my family for for getting rid of my old name and finding a new name I had guilt like specific to my mother cuz I’m pretty sure my mother’s one who picked out the name I had this like over attachment to like well if I have a baby then like it can be the person that my mom wanted it to be or my dad wanted me to be you know what I mean as far as just like being I you know biological this way like this and then I’d cisgendered identifying that way so like yeah definitely like I for a solid year I was like okay like maybe if maybe I’ll name my first child if it’s a girl my old name just to kind of like maybe that’s the name and it was supposed to go too you know and go looking back now right it’s just like whoa like that would have been so traumatic it was not a good it was way too much of an attachment of my life to the new baby’s life you don’t Amy and I like that straight up like trying to make this baby already sculpted into something that I want it to be yeah and I think that there’s just this idea of wanting to live through others like a lot of parents like they feel like they didn’t get to live for themselves or like really pursue their dreams or pursue what they wanted to do in life and might try to do that through their kids like oh well I didn’t get to do this so I want you to do it and I’m gonna support you in doing it and it becomes forceful it becomes pressure II we’re trying to step back from that and and not live through our child and just sort of witness our and hold space for our child to grow in our presence and and with our nourishment and nurturing sense and ya know just really just be apart be like spiritual partners yeah I’m like and and I feel like a lot of people who are gonna hear that and then go like this whole other extreme like we’re just gonna like not close our baby and not teach you how to read and not send into school but like that’s such that like that’s such a pendulum swing of the opposite way yeah you know what I mean like we were raised in this way this is the other way we want to find a nice medium where the baby the spirit of the baby and that will grow into a child that will then grow into a young adult and then grow into an adult like will feel empowered by their own feelings and thoughts and like yeah I just want to guide them you know yeah I mean they don’t need validation from us like to know who they are or to know that they have a great name actually clueless right yeah want we want our child or children to know that whoever they are is okay and like they get to say that like nobody’s gonna tell them that like nobody’s gonna say well this is your name and and here are all the reasons why you were named it and this is why it’s so important and this is you know like know like this is why you renamed we thought that maybe you would like it and it’s okay if you don’t so this is where we need your help we want to know some baby names that you guys have in mind so drop them below you can totally comment with all the other things that we were talking about but if you like our like this is a baby name they should totally use this name for their baby I want you to comment below so that because we don’t we’re not going to % stone you know and so we want to start exploring and we like really unique things right like just like a little different and I don’t think we have any other really qualifications for any I think we’re just trying to pick something a little unique right yeah and we don’t know where it’s which most people ever might come from exactly exactly so comment down below and also we are reading your guys’s comments so if you have a topic that you got want us to talk about comment it below to and we’re definitely like we’re keeping I’d like a list of my phone of all the different things we’re trying to keep a list of like all the topics and stuff like that if you like this video and you want to see more hit the like button go check out jelly on Instagram readings by jelly I’ll put it down below check me out on Instagram I’m wearing one of my company’s t-shirt so you could check that out jelly has a business too all that jazz will be down below but if you liked the video hit that like button it helps us know that you guys want to keep watching these types of videos also hit the subscribe button and listen I know I’ve been saying it a lot of my videos but I’m gonna keep saying it hit the notifications because I even people I watch are not coming up on my feed and I was just showing you yesterday Instagram is really trying to show me things from like four days ago I don’t know so just hit the notifications then you’ll get it a little email and then whenever you’re ready you come and watch the video and comment below and let us know what you thought about it alright [Music]

100 Replies to “Help Us Name The Baby!- Our Journey To Pregnancy Ep. 06”

  1. Okay, several that come to mind: Addison, Ari, Arlow, Jage, Dorian, Harper, Lake, Sawyer, Lane, Reese, Sailor, Wynn. If you are using a 2 syllable last name I think the first name would sound better if it was 1 or 3 syllables.

  2. Adrian, Ash, Ashton, Bodhi, Bowie, Blue, Christian, Ellis, Ever, Frances, Gray/Grey, Hays/Hayes, Holland, Jude, Kai, Kieran, Phoenix, Poe, Rain/rainn, River, Sage, Saren, West. I'm so excited for you both and I love how you are approaching this 😁.

  3. Jayden is so cute… I always associate it with a blue jay or a mocking jay, a beautiful bird, and it can also be gender-neutral. either way I'm sure you'll pick the perfect name!

  4. Straight female here but i also love unique and somewhat gender neutral names, some of the names my bf and i have talked about at Sawyer and Skylar/Skyler and i also like Harlow too

  5. It's funny that you mentioned the name Jordan. I'm FTM but when I was born.. My parents called me Jordan but everyone said that it was a boys name and asked my Mother why she called her baby girl that.. So she changed it to Danielle and put Jordan as my middle name instead. I find that whole situation ironic now since I'm FTM. I am greatful for the name that I have now because even though it was Danielle.. I always got called Dan anyway so I had no desire or want to change my name.. And I'm also glad that she kept Jordan in my name because i feel it has massive significance in my life. Good luck to you both on this journey.. Peace and love.

  6. I like Camden, Emery, Ezra, Remy, and Sasha

    I think they sound good no matter the gender and aren't super popular, but are still easy to spell and stuff.

  7. Some names for you guys!

    Orion (pronounced or-ryan)

    Just some ideas haha, im nowhere near the age of where I need to think about having a child of my own however I’m one for the natural, quirky, almost hippie baby names – so here ya go!

    Have a great day all! 🙂

  8. I believe this a gender neutral but still very much the both of you – Jayden, Jaydian. Also like Rhylee or Lyndian (Pronounced Lyndon).

  9. I have two things to comment about. First of all, two names that I have loved since I was a kid are Helen and Nelson. I love names because of the adorable nicknames that go with them. Helen could be called Lenny and Nelson could be called Nelly. Second of all, (a little personal experience story) I am ftm trans and just had a baby of my own. I came out while I was pregnant and decided to name my baby girl after me. I was named Ruth at birth and I have always loved that name. It was a name to live up to because it means faithful friend. The Ruth from the bible was an amazing person and the grandmother of David and part of the lineage of Jesus. I wanted to pass that on to my daughter. I chose my "maiden" name, Cooper, to be my new masculine name. I grew up a Cooper and was known my whole life as one of the Cooper kids. I was a little sad to have to leave that behind when I got married. I knew that I would always be a Cooper on the inside and I was proud to take my new husband's name but as soon as I was being called Cooper again, it felt so good. It was more then convenient to have someone else to take on my old name. It made it easier for some people to call me Cooper simply to avoid confusion. I would even not respond to the name Ruth any more or make a comment as if they were talking to the baby instead of me. One example was my uncle wished Ruth (meaning me) a happy birthday via Facebook in October and I responded saying that Ruth's birthday is in June but that I'd pass on the message. A lot of people still call me Ruth but most are happy to call me Cooper, even if they still see me as a female. I don't really care. I see it as my journey and I can't care about how everyone else thinks of me. My family is supportive and they are the only people who I really care about. Ruth is 5 months old now and I am so enjoying being her parent. It will be fun to watch her grow up with the name that I grew up with and see what she does with it. I haven't legally changed my name but I have realized that if I do, people won't know that she is named after me without first knowing that I am trans. I will have to out myself in order to keep my connection to that name. Oh well. It is her name now and she can do what she wants with it.

  10. I'd like to know your thoughts on children's toys and how they relate to gender. Not just like "we're gonna let our child play with whatever toy they want regardless of gender," but also how you want to handle other people giving the child gifts based on their birth assigned sex, or potential other adults/relatives/teachers/peers telling the child that they're not supposed to like certain toys because of gender and gender norms. For example I'm a trans guy, and from the time I was born my mom always told people who were getting me gifts "no pink, no disney, no barbie," because she didn't want that to be the only toys I knew (but any time I expressed interest in those things, which was rare, she was totally ok with it). And often if I did get gifts that were stereotypically feminine, we'd repurpose them for something more suited to my interests. For instance I once got a barbie beauty parlor set, and we paired it with some little animal figurines we had and turned Barbie into a vet. I'm not sure I can even totally conceptualize how much nicer this made my childhood as a trans boy, but I'd definitely recommend it. Oh, and my dad actually did the same thing when it came to just teaching me any skills he thought all people should have to be self sufficient adults, thus the reason that I know how to do stuff like build a fire, fish, do some basic woodworking and construction stuff, shoot a BB gun, etc.

    For the record, this kind of stuff is the reason that I feel odd telling people that "my parents were supportive from the moment I told them I was trans," because I don't think it's entirely accurate – they were supportive from literally before I was born.

  11. There are so many neutral names one our family used is Blake having said that I really liked the suggestion Jayden.

  12. I love Lucky:) I love you two also. Whatever name you have in mind already is most likely the name that arrived for you. One of my cousins has a gender neutral name – Akasa. The meaning is open air or upper sky. Maya 🙂

  13. I had to pick out a name for a project in college and I really love the name Charlie for a little one, but I also have a love for neutral names that are a little different or unique. Super gender-specific names never really made sense to me

  14. Some gender neutral names could be Taylor, Alex, Quincy, Cameron/Cam, Rae/Ray, Mason, Erin, Corey/Korie, Nic, Kris. And of course some of the names may be shortened nicknames.

  15. Just wanted to mention that I wasn't put into sports as a child but I wish I was. As a child I never even thought about it really. I feel like if my mom talked about it more and maybe guided me to try a sport to see if I liked it, I may have loved it and kept with it… Maybe not. But I feel like I didn't get guided to have a choice in a way. So what I'm trying to say is…. I love your views on letting your child be who he or she is but also remember that a child needs guidance and sometimes even being told to try new things, because if you don't try new things you don't know what you really like. You know what I mean? ☺ I'm sure you both will be great parents 💕

  16. As a trans man who is an aspiring father in the future the names I've thought of are Alex, Charlie and Paisley. The name Paisley holds a great spiritual feel in my eyes and most people see it as a "girls" name but it can actually be unisex too, hope those names help you's out. Wouldn't mind seeing you two talk about spirituality within the LGBT community as that doesn't get talked about a lot.

  17. I got so excited about the title thinking your wife was pregnant! I'm 13 weeks with my first right now after a loss 6 years ago. We've had a lot of discussions about choosing gender neutral names and not enforcing gender roles on our kids. We chose a gender neutral name but we aren't sharing either. Good luck choosing a name!

  18. When I chose my daughter’s name I chose a name that she could shorten if she chose to that would be femme or masc regardless of what she chose and her middle name is non gendered. A cool name that I’ve found is Mikelle which is non gendered and translates to “miracle”…just a thought.

  19. Ashley, Addison, Bobby, Brennan, Brogen, Christian, Casey, Dakota, Drew, Emerson, Ellis, Frankie, Flynn, Grayson, Hayden, Izzy, Justice, Jesse, Karson, Kai, Luca, Loren, Morgan, Micah, Nolan, Orion, Peyton, Phoenix, Quin, Raven, Rebel, Reeson, Spencer, Sylar, Tony, Tai, Tarryn, Wren, Willow, Zane, these are all the ones I could think of 🙂

  20. My birth name was Christi, and after I transitioned, I started going by Chris. It made for a much smoother transition for my family and friends too.

  21. René was my middle dead name its gender neutral and I've always hated my first dead name as long as I remember and it was feminine and I tried to change it at a young age

  22. Hey you beautiful people😊

    I dont know if u guys r looking for a English/American Name. If not, the name SASCHA is a Boys and a girls Name too. U can also spell it SASHA. A combination like SASCHA-LEE or SASHA-LEE is possible too. Both names r boys and girls names. 😉 Greetings from ur Follower in Germany.

    Much Love to you.


  23. My name was Sam before transitioning and while I was growing up, the only thing about myself that I felt connected to was my name. Even though my body didn't line up with how I felt, I always had my name to fall back on to make me feel comfortable to an extent. When I finally came out, I originally wanted to keep my name and just change it to Samuel. For a little while, I still went by Sam and used he/him pronouns but when somebody would address me in a conversation, something would make me cringe and I couldn't tell if it was my name or my new pronouns. I changed my name to Caleb for a day to see if that would help and immediately everything felt like it was falling into place. I realized that I associated my "gender-neautral" name with being female. Because I felt this connection to my name, I kept Samuel as my middle name. And Caleb felt so right that it became my first name.

  24. My favorite names have always been Paige and Emma.but lately I love the name Noah as it can be used for multiple genders. Also, you can combine your names if you want to Jaden or Aylee.

  25. I just want to say that I love that you guys have decided to share your personal journey with us. It really means a lot to me as I have always had the desire to have kids but was unsure about the process in doing so. I am dating a trans man and you two have been an inspiration to me since Luke came out to me as being trans. Thank you, so much.

  26. So I totally agree with you and a few names I like a lot (most of them are from different languages but they’re beautiful) and that I think are unique are :

    Aranzazu (tipically for girls and is from the language ‘basque’)

    Elisa or Eli

    Pascal or Pascale (they’re both pronounced the same way, but one is for boys and the other is for girls)

    Gael (gender neutral and means powerful)

    Jude (I’ve never really understood if it was gender neutral or not, but it’s very unique)

    Noa or Noah



  27. My old name was very feminine (at least to me) and it took me ages to find a new name to go by, because I just was not comfortable being perceived as a male with that name. Due to my frequent searches online, I now think that I have a fairly long list of gender-neutral names as well as masculine ones. I do think that any name can be gender neutral though.

    Some examples: Max, Harley, Freddie, Sasha, Quinn, Milo, Jay, Bailey, Olly, Nico, Riley, Parker, Chris, Sam, Alex, Charlie, Elliot and Rowan

  28. My roommate's name is Skyler, but he goes by Sky. It could be a boy or girl's name. I also had a female friend in high school named Stevie. I don't know if it was a nickname for Stephanie or not, but I liked it for her.

  29. Boy: Jax, Zander, Wyatt, Kane, Ryker, and Zane (gift from god in Hebrew) I don’t like many girl names so all gender neutral for girls: Sage, Morgan, Teegan, Ryker, Shawn, Carter, and Rowan. I’m trans FTM and my birth name is Shawn I love it. Also had a great girl friend named Ryan she still loves her name. With you two as parents they will love themselves not matter what. Don’t worry 🤙🏼

  30. Here are most of my favourite names Cara, Dáire, Oisín, Caoimhín/Caoimhe, Javi, Tadhg, Aoife, Saoirse, Cathal, Ciarán, Dáithí, Donnacha, Eoghan, Pádraig, Tomás, Ruaidhrí.

  31. I absolutely LOVE the idea of witnessing/guiding a child during their development and life instead of forcing views and expectations on them. You guys are going to be great parents!

  32. You guys are gonna be such amazing parents!! And my favourite names are Kobie/ Koby, Ari, Eden, Avery, Asher & Ellie 🙂 (and they’re all gender neutral)

  33. Xander= defender of mankind. Very gender neutral…
    Verona, justice, JAIDEN LEE… Both yer names together And is gender neutral!

  34. Wellllll, as you know, I’m Jamie. Funny enough, my folks nearly named me Jordan and my grandmother stopped them. I’m actually happy because they picked Jamie and I was able to comfortably keep my name. Keep in mind with a name comes nicknames, which can be awesome or not. I had a ton of nicknames growing up, some I still have and many were masculine in nature, even though I was living as female because of my personality. I definitely had a lot of the same thoughts and feelings you mentioned when deciding if I was going to keep or change my name. It was surprisingly easy to choose, but harder to accept, If that makes sense. A little over two years later and I couldn’t be happier and prouder to have kept my GN birth name. As for names in general, because of my experience I’m definitely biased in appreciating GN names. For a very long time I’ve intended to name my future children GN names. You’re so right that they could still change it, but I do think it shows thought and effort. Naming your child with the thought and care you’re taking certainly shows and I think would be especially meaningful to a child if they were to transition in some way. Now for names – Rayden, Riley, Blaze, Blaine, Devon/Devin, Xander. Have fun 🙂

  35. You guys are going to make such great parents! I wish all parents had the same mindset as you guys. You guys actually respect the baby's life as its own which is amazing.

  36. I’ve always liked Tristan, it’s pretty neutral. Some others that I’ve looked up are: Casey, Devin, Blaine, Brennan, Charley, Dallas, Logan, Eli, and Adrian

  37. Hi! Just found your channel. Clicked the subscribe button so fast. Here are some gender neutral names: Parker, Rylan, Riley, Dylan, Dallas, Jesse, Camden, Taylor, Morgan, Corey, Payton, Lex, Bex, Dex, Texas, Dakota, Drew, Ashley, Jamie, Caden, Eir.

  38. Since I really believe its going to happen for you two this time around (and just really hope it does!!), that ya'll are going to get pregnant soon, I am going to throw out some baby names I've always loved and many of them are gender neutral because I always loved the idea of girls with boys names. OK, so : 1. Everett is one of my all time favorites (and not overly common) 2. Charlie 3. Gavin 4. Kiley (ive seen boys with my name for sure) 6. Aubry

  39. Ainsley, Blair, Chass (pronounced chase), Hadley, Haven, Averee, Kai, Kendall, Lane/Layne/Laine, braelin, Orion, Paxxton, Phoenix, Emree, Raine, River, Rowan, Rowen, Sparrow, Schuyler (pronounced Skyler), Wren, Asa, Aysia (pronounced Asia), Denali, Echo, Fable, Emerson, Addison, Aarya, Finley, Harper, Harlee, Oakley,

  40. my partner who is Trans and I are looking forward to this process as well in the next couple of years. we already have 2 neutral names picked out, Danny and Avery. the middle names being family names. for you guys a unique name…even tho I know this video is old..I'd say Rocket.
    much love! <3 Sarah

  41. For me, I was given a very clearly feminine name so when I transitioned, getting my name legally changed was one of the first things I did. But if I were given a more gender neutral name, I feel like I still would've wanted to change it because I would associate that name with my old identity/life.

  42. Devin/Devan/Devon, Derian/Darian/Darien, Jay, Lou, Haley, Zoey, Brady, Sam, Jesse/Jessie, Aven/Avan, Charlie/Charley, Lyric, Remi/Remy, Finley, Skylar/Skyler, Wren, Arbor, Abbryan/Abrien, Adrien/Adryan, Lachlan, Arlen, Kavan, Kaynan

  43. What about Joel or Joelle? Then they could change their name by adding or taking away a couple letters if they want to.

  44. I like gender neutral names they are also popular I gave my son a biblical name Matthew David it means gift from God and I liked what it meant I thought I was sterile I tried since I was 20 and didn't have him till I was 31 so he was truly a gift from God and your baby is a gift from God my baby is a blessed gift from God wait until you hold your baby for the first time you will feel love so powerful it will overwhelm you it did me you know at that moment you will give your life for your child and it will be that way for you Ayden parenthood will make you feel glad to be alive

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