Helping moms meet their breastfeeding goals

The EMPower Initiative is a quality improvement
program for hospitals that gives hospitals the tools to train their staff with the best
evidence-based practice on breastfeeding that there is right now. So, it’s really a curriculum that they provide
and our hospital can follow the curriculum to give our staff the tools they need to help
moms meet their breastfeeding goals. So, EMPower has been amazing because we’ve
had that chance to counsel all of our nurses on how to have conversations with moms that
maybe aren’t very comfortable. How to provide the same exact information
so that when our patients are coming to the hospital, whether at Tradition or at North,
it’s not like they’re experience is different just based on which nurse they happen to get. We want them to have the same exact experience
and the same opportunity to have education and support, no matter who’s taking care of
them. The program is funded in part by the Centers
for Disease Control because increasing breastfeeding rates is part of the national agenda right
now to improve health in all communities. So, it’s a one-year program that began August
of 2018. The goal for EMPower was to have 80 percent
of the staff trained in that one year, but we took it higher than that. That wasn’t good enough. Our goal is to have 100 percent of our staff
trained and I think we’re right about 98 percent of everyone’s been through the program. So, no matter who’s coming in to our hospitals,
every single mom, baby and family will receive that support across the board.

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