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  1. Justin u are wrong
    Welsh corgis are great dogs!
    I have a Pembroke
    And he is very chilled and great with kids.
    It’s how u raise them
    Ur next dog will be like beau
    Corgis are awesome dogs

  2. Can you give us a quick tutorial on how you do your hair like that? That signature Rachelle ponytail thing?😂

  3. Hi wish you all the best house ever! The essentiel oil: I would bye the best quality , you breath that in your body and your health is a great gift ….😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  4. Shelties (Shetland sheepdogs) are small to medium… VERY EASY to train & very loyal…
    GBY ALL ❤💙💖🐕🤗

  5. Perfect! RETURN "Emma and Justin are TWINS so I could never question if he was her father ~~~~"

  6. aghhh… you got to gst a Corgi! We have a pembroke Corgi and Beau would absolutely love him/her. Check out my instagram I believe its happymomma007.. We did icsi 16 yrs ago. . Still have 5 remaining.. thinking of the snow flake foundation. Will see… huge part comes into play as our beliefs are very Christian based.
    I think you both are sweet people and thank you for allowing us into your life. Thanks

  7. You guys give me such hope. I have PCOS and been basically trying for a baby for over 3 years and gives me hope if we have to go the IVF direction in the future. Thank you for being so great and open with your life and experiences!

  8. We had 12 embryos left over once our family was complete & we donated & just had our first ED baby. Definitely been an emotional rollercoaster but so beautiful to help a family, who has been through the same struggles. Its almost like it helps heal the pain of our journey at least a little bit. I was fully against it at first, but my husbands huge heart really helped lead the way & I couldn't be happier ❤

  9. I love these! Also love the carseat question. I'm hoping to rearface my daughter until she is 4. I just wish my state would get on board with bumping it to at least two years.

  10. Okay I’m honestly so impressed at how fast Rachelle is saying no at 14:40😂 that’s incredible hahah! Love y’all

  11. Neither my sister or her husband have red hair. They have 4 kids . 1 came out with red hair and still at 12 have red hair lol.

  12. I'm SO happy you said you'll rear face Emma for as long as possible because it's safer! Not very many parents understand the dangers that can happen when they switch their baby forward facing too early. My daughter is 3.5 years old and is still rear facing comfortably 🥰 she's 37 lbs and her car seat rear faces to 50lbs so we are definitely taking advantage of it! Car seat safety is not a parenting choice, it's literally life or death. It only takes 1/4 of an inch for the spinal cord to sever which causes internal decapitation. Their bones, spine and head are protected 5X more than forward facing children. Thank you for answering this question!! Gotta spread awareness when we can ❤

  13. My husband uses his GI bill & luckily he only needs to take 2 classes to get BAH (we are in Tx).
    Hawaii is our dream & so is Ireland. We might do 1 of those in 2021 for our 10yr wedding Anniversary .

  14. Definitely get a small dog! We have a Kelpie and a Manchester Terrier and they get along so well. Both are good with children but the Kelpie is big enough to knock a toddler over (accidentally). Also having two dogs means Beau will have someone to play with and keep company.

  15. At 4.20 the female way with problems is to just be heard and to share their problems. Men’s way is to find a solution.
    Justin is great and as u said Rachelle , he is amazing, and such a kind person. ( u are too btw Rachelle , so sweet),
    I really so hope u conceive and have another baby, hoping hoping so much and wishing u two so much success with IVF.
    Hugs and hope and love. 💖🙏🏼😘🌈👍✨xxxxxxxx

  16. Ya'll should get another aussie! we have one currently and want to get another were looking at lone star aussie rescue or socal aussie rescue

  17. Hello Justin and Rochelle I am going through a rough time at the moment and really wish I had someone like Justin by my side my fiance is the main root cause and would love him to be like Justin
    Emma is so gorgeous
    Best of luck to you both and love to Emma x

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