26 Replies to “Her Mother Aborted Her But She Lived to Fight Abortion – Amazing”

  1. What a voice for the unborn. So sad we will never hear the voices of all the aborted. 1 in 4 women silence their babies…cowards😡

  2. Here are some terrorist Organisations in descending order of successful murders commited:

    1) Planned Parenthood

    2) ISIS

    3) Al-Qaeda

    4) Boko Haram

  3. Sigh. A bunch of old fashion, arrogant people. There's a dark history of Abortion since the 50s that no one talks about but just do some research. Back then abortion was looked down upon so it was done underwraps

  4. Talk about surviving attempted murder. The story about the little baby boy in the utility closet left to die broke my heart.

  5. I dont understand why people at planned parenthood are for abortion because if it was legal back then they would have been one of them.

  6. Abortion and euthanasia: the only medical procedures considered successful when death is the end result.

  7. WHOA, three words come to mind:

    What an awesome testament to the depravity of abortion and the unstoppable might of the Pro-Life cause. Roe, we’re coming after you! Science is on our side, truth is on our side, and most of all GOD is on our side. Your days are numbered…

  8. "Men have no say when it comes to abortions, how can they dictate what a woman should do with her body?" And yet they get to decide if a child should die or not? Guess what, those babies aren't YOUR body. Your body helped that baby and kept it warm and safe but it's not your life.

  9. It's sad what this world has come to. Innocent lives of babies are taken daily, why can't they just put them up for adoption or something? There are organizations and stuff, abortion makes me cry I admit. I'm a Christian and see every life is planned and given a purpose, those 1.5 billion children from the last 50 years will never be able to take their first breath. I am only thirteen, but I am determined to make a law to stop abortion once and for all. I want to be a motivational speaker and author, and this will be something I will work on. I want to help people out of eating disorders, self-harm, anxiety, depression, other mental illness, those with a past, and those who feel they have no future. And no matter what, I will do my best to stop abortion. It is my dream to achieve world peace and spread hope, and I will start with this.

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