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Heh. So… “Now we don’t have time to unpack ALL
of that!” Nor do we have enough information John Mulaney, but we’re gonna
try to wade through it and speculate to the best of our ability. My name is Kiri Callaghan and we’re gonna talk about Hera. Hoo boy
so last time we talked about abuse and trauma and the cycle one can find one
selves in if they don’t get help… and I’d like to say today was gonna be more Starshine and rainbows… …but alas no. Let’s start with a base mythos because this is an adaptation and I like to know what we could potentially be pulling from. And
with adaptations you have the freedom to pull from as much, or as little as you
like from the shor… from the source material [affected] from the “shorche” material! Mrwaaah! and that’s what makes adaptations great, you never quite know what’s gonna inspire
what, and the way twists and turns are taken and I just– I love adaptations
because in my opinion if they are done correctly, you get something completely
new, but you can still sort of… it’s like all put in like a blender? It’s like a
creative blender. You’re like “Mmm that still tastes like the original myth but it’s something new!” and I love it! I love it. I love it! ANYWAY What you probably already know about Hera
is that she was the queen of the gods and she was married to Zeus and
historically she was kind of known for her legendary jealousy and wrath that
she would inflict on children from those affairs or his lovers, whether those
affairs were consensual or not. And let’s be honest, most of the time They. Were. Not! Zeus pretty much forced himself on everyone… including Hera! He tried to court her and
failed so he decided to turn himself into a bird. A cuckoo, for some reason, in
some myths, which just makes it weirdly inappropriately funny
just thinking of like a little cuckoo bird. Anyway, so he’s pretending to be
this injured bird outside Hera’s window and because she’s got this soft heart she’s
like “oh let me help you” like holds him to her breast and then he transforms
himself back into his normal form and takes advantage of her. Holy crap, it’s so messed up. And it’s actually part of the mythological canon that she married him
to cover her shame. Let’s take a moment to ponder that. The king of the gods
attempts to woo you and you were like “No. Thanks, bro but nah.” so he tricks you and
rapes you, and you feel so deeply shamed about what happened, you decide to marry
your own rapist. Yes, you get to be Queen of the Gods, but you have to marry
your own rapist! Oh, and let’s not forget you are also the goddess of marriage and
protector of women and that kind of really screws over your essential core
values to the point where that premise alone would likely be enough to give you
an identity crisis that would put your therapist in a place of wealth to own a
home in Beverly Hills like it’s cool now this deeply disturbing backstory is
enough to make the skin crawl but we’re gonna put pin in that for now because
lore Olympus is an adaptation it’s taking inspiration from the original
mythos and holding a lot of the truth themes but it is a separate piece of
work so we have no way of knowing if that
particular abomination is Hera’s actual backstory in this version but again it’s
important to know because it could potentially inform what’s going to
happen in this story oh yes there’s something about the fact that Hera has
become through myth such a wrathful horrible person they’re like oh she’s
jealous and I’m like yes but you’ve gotta like there’s so many layers here
of just like I’m watching my husband do to other women what he did to me
and he’s still doing it even though I married him and I’m the goddess of
marriage and this really kind of absolute it’s like a violation
on a deeper level like every time he does something like this you’re the
goddess of marriage which is supposed to be a union of love and consent at least
as far back as 200 BC I understand that prior to that it was also a bit more of
a business transaction but the idea of love wasn’t completely out of the
equation it just wasn’t the driving force for marriage per se but still
there was a lot of consent going on even if it was between your betrothed and
your father rather than you and your betrothed still not only was your own
consent violated like no one had permission he’s just the king of the
gods so he gets to do what he wants but you feel you violated the very thing
you’re supposed to champion because you’ve married your rapist and it feels
like both a violation to marriage but also other married women and like what
you’re supposed to be espousing but on top of that your husband doesn’t clean
up his act he continues to sleep around and in many many cases rape other women
just looking back at how Hera reacted in myth and looking back on what we talked
about in regards to continuing the cycle of abuse one might be able to make the
argument that even the hera of mythology is lashing out her husband’s victims
because she never really dealt with her own violation yes it might be just petty
jealousy because let’s be honest Greek mythology didn’t really give us
three-dimensional characters but stick with me moment because we sort of just
talked about this when we were going over projection last time Hera has shame
about her inability to protect herself from Zeus she then seems to lash out at
other victims of her husband who also had the inability to protect themselves
in fact many were tricked in a similar way with an animal of all things
let’s bundle all that up and put a pin in it for now because there
a lot of emotional baggage that the origin of Hera
in Greek mythology has now let’s talk about the Hara of lore Olympus Hara much
like Hades is in a toxic relationship I would even go so far as to say hair up
much like Hades is in an abusive relationship let’s go over what we know
you’ve been ignoring the potential of the original myth that we could be
pulling Zeus has some possession issues especially in regards to his brother
which given what we’ve seen there may be more than a platonic history between
hair and hades not that that excuses this kind of behavior but let’s go back
to episode 1 Hera has been with Hades for what 3 minutes let’s say and looking
for everywhere huh that’s interesting considering like you immediately
abandoned her for the rest of the party after this moment to go hang with your
brothers I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we can see Hades figure
in this shot and I sure as hell don’t think it’s a coincidence that Zeus his
eyes don’t seem to actually be looking at Hera in this moment ask for the oh I
didn’t see you there never in the history of ever has the phrase oh I
didn’t see you there been used sincerely it’s jerk code for you’re below my
notice which is hilarious because it’s often accompanied with like a ridiculous
show put on for that person like for instance Zeus being overly amorous with
Hera and then being like oh I didn’t see you there but I noticed you’re alone rude and manipulative as heck now there
are two possible reasons this might be given the information we have now number
one it’s possible at one point Heron hades did have something more than a
platonic relation before anyone starts kissing someone
doesn’t automatically mean it’s romantic some people just like kissing some
people just kiss people when they’re drunk and it’s not really a secret but
Hara has a possible pity spot for Hades so for all we know if there was a
romantic feeling it might have even just been on one side regardless the nature
of their relationship Hades comment about being banished even
further than the underworld gives his occupation a little bit more background
teller number two Zeus is a cheater and you know what cheaters are more
likely to do than anybody else suspect people of cheating because they’re doing
it so everyone else must be doing it as well right or it could be both both is
also a possibility regardless this first interaction before even knowing about
Heron Hades possible history feels very this is mine and I’m going to show you
that this is mine and I’m gonna highlight that you are nothing to me and
negate this idea that I am threatened and also point out that you are lacking
what I have this is my long-winded way of pointing out what we already know
Zeus is the West no seriously he’s the worst in the world speaking of
cheating hatest well there’s a lot of problematic racist undertones with Hera
calling mint nymph trash we also have to put this in the context that this is a
possible example of her doing her own projecting don’t get me wrong as we’ve
said before mint and Hades are terrible for each other
but it’s possible because Zeus is cheating on Hera with a nymph and they
both know it’s a thing because she even brings foetus up during a fight and Zeus
really violently kind of shuts her down about it
Hera is protecting her unaddressed issues with Zeus cheating on her with a
nymph on the nymph that her friend and possible former romantic entanglement is
now dating we have no way of ever knowing if Hera actually ever gave him
in the chance but given what we know so far it’s
unlikely so on top of these social bias she seems to be a part of against nymphs
she’s got her own underlying theme in her life and mine where she may perceive
that the men around her keep ditching her for nymphs
even if potentially in Hades case it was him moving on and she was not actually
interested in that way but there’s this weird thing we’re like some people
especially when they feel very insecure about themselves like having someone
fawn over them even if they have no intention of going that way because it
kind of validates them and their existence and honestly especially if
you’re feeling insecure about your appearance if someone’s like ha fell in
love with you because you’re so beautiful
it’s not unfortunately a completely wild idea to thank Hera might have if that
was the case enjoyed that attention and now resent minth because that attention
is no longer being given to her again because of another myth again this is
speculation I’m just delving into the in-between
some of this could be completely wrong I just want to give you this as something
to think over and mull over and consider that this is stuff that is probably at
one point going on beneath these characters psyches not that psyche
essentially everyone’s unchecked trauma is feeding into everyone else’s
unchecked trauma and you get what psychologists have expertly labeled a
cluster when I say romantic entanglement I do say this loosely because honestly I
believe Hades in Hera above all things are good friends and the nature of their
relationship is ultimately platonic at least it is now these panels give me
pause that perhaps Hades proposing to mint is not the first time he has almost
proposed to someone this is heavily weighted with unsaid
things and works it’s possible before Hera married Zeus whether it was out of
shame love the one a power or combo of all three
Hades felt more than a friendship for Hera right now no you don’t have to
worry about it I don’t think there’s any rekindling of
that feeling right now I don’t think hair is ever going to be
competition for Persephone and this unfortunately wouldn’t be the first time
good friends found comfort in each other through romantic outlets as a result of
turmoil and abuse in their own romantic relationships I’m not saying it’s right
but it’s not uncommon I also feel like there’s a lot of charged information
behind her flat-out admitting Zeus and I have been fighting a lot like the care
that has taken before her saying that there’s even a noticeable pause in Hades
his expression is very interesting in this moment he looks concerned but also
possibly surprised and not sure if it’s because Hera doesn’t normally vocalize
this sort of thing but when we’re giving pauses like this so much he’s going on
deliberate silence tells us a lot about what isn’t being vocalized when I find
really heartbreaking in this moment is that Hades doesn’t address it he
actually kind of dismisses it because he’s not really great at talking about
things especially when it’s his own stuff yes it’s it’s dismissed in a very
sympathetic manner but it is changing the subject and it’s not helping anyone
it’s sort of like if you had a bad day and your friend came to you and admitted
hey my marriage is having a lot of trouble and your response lists what
today’s awful let’s go get drinks no no wait it’s not that’s not sort of like
what happened that’s almost exactly like what happens
and then Hades brings her back to her house that she shares with her husband
that she’s fighting a lot with I get wanting to distance yourself from
someone else’s drama I do understand that because we don’t want to insert
ourselves into other people’s lives and ultimately it’s not our circus or our
monkeys I get he doesn’t want to be pulled into this moment and Hera you
definitely shouldn’t have made that move that you did because a whole lot of bad
decisions are often made that way and I’m sure he’s wary of it like she wants
to make more bad decisions because of this fighting thing but it’s almost like
self-preservation is overriding this very vulnerable moment that we have not
really seen here I have a lot of and the reason this breaks my heart is I think
she genuinely may have been reaching out for help and I don’t think her friend
really hurt her it was backtrack for a minute there’s another part of the
Hera’s ooh Smith but I feel we need to talk about it and the more I read lore
olympos the more I feel a version of it will be revealed and that’s Hera’s
revenge and the Greek myth holding a lot of Rage against her rapist husband Hera
drugged Zeus and convinced the other gods to revolt against him binding him
up which frankly was probably not the hardest thing to do because in all the
mess he’s pretty much a tyrant who raped everyone’s children and wives and
priestesses but the gods quarreled over who would take Zeus’s place and during
that time the stood called brie arias I can’t pronounce his name he’s a giant
who’s got like 50 heads in a hundred hands and he helped Zeus defeat the
Titans anyway he feels indebted to suits and so he unties Zeus and Zeus is like
yeah I’m free I have my Thunderbolts and all the gods fall to their knees and are
pleading for mercy but Zeus takes Hera and he hangs her with these golden
chains from the sky and she’s up there crying in
paying for like a day and no one can help her because no one dares to defy
Zeus and after about a day he can’t sleep because he’s making terrible
wailing cries of pain sorry for your beauty sleep
sorry so he decides he’ll let her down if she promises to never go against him
again and with very little choice she agrees now I don’t know if that part of
the mythos is being used but I would like to direct you to episode 29
she has a crisscross scar over just her stomach that looks an awful lot like a
way you might host someone up to hold them somewhere without you know telling
them like with her neck or whatnot and I thought maybe at first it was from
Cronus eating all his kids but based on her reaction to injured Hades back in
the day I don’t imagine that’s the case given her screaming squeamishness around
blood at the time and maybe I’m wrong maybe those scars aren’t from Zeus but I
would also point out that Nicks or at least the nicks in Hades head refers to
Hera as that little golden traitor in the way Hera reacts to the scar is when
we first get a good look at them first there’s this critical eye and then
there’s sorrow and then there’s this very dismissive like it attack with this
and then we immediately cut to her interacting with Zeus where she proceeds
to flip him the bird yes we are still carrying rage from the brunch talk where
everyone was being led she except Hades but she didn’t really know that at the
time about Persephone but there are layers here it’s sort of just like
insult to injury like I have a lot of reasons to be angry at you take all of
what we know about the potential origin of Zeus in Haris relationship what that
mythology has given us as the potential past events you are the goddess of
marriage and a protector of women in childbirth and whatnot you felt forced
to marry your rapist probably at a young age but that’s speculation
who has continued to be unfaithful to a point where everyone seems to know it
UH one of his brothers has proven to be no better than your husband and if he is
even a little better it’s probably because he doesn’t have the same amount
of power and that’s it and you seem to walk in on all three of them including
the one that you have a kinship towards in a strip club talking about the 19
year old daughter of a friend of yours no mentally where does that leave you
another thing to consider in this moment is the laws of the world thanks to
Haiti’s little moment with photographer we know we’re pulling from some ancient
Greek law divorce in ancient Greece was not that uncommon and had little of the
stigma that it would later have in Christian civilizations women did and
often would frequently remarry in Athens which most of Greece tended to follow
unless you were Sparta because Sparta was like screw Sparta the best we do
what we bought mmm if the marriage didn’t go well a husband could divorce
his wife simply by shutting her out of the house uh a wife who wanted a divorce
however had to obtain permission from the government in order to end her
marriage but the government in his case it is her husband in some readings it
clarifies I’m assuming based on size of your city because obviously the ruler of
your city is not gonna have time to deal with petty domestic squabbles that part
of government could be whoever deals with marriages which in this case would
also be Hera but then you run into another dilemma Hera has another kind of
golden chain to worry about and that’s her power for as unhappy as
she might be in her relationship with Zeus she’s still queen of the gods one
power is one heck of a drug too you can also do a lot of good with it
and I do ultimately think that’s what Hera wants to do but she’s also limited
by Zeus influence I do believe any of the gods would have
had to stop as Zeus directly commanded them
but seriously go back and read episode 29 with all of this in your head it’s
uncomfortable also him purring Lee asking what the harm is as he calls her
bunny and like holds her chin and her being like uh the age difference also
gives me the impression here I might have been quite young when she and Zeus
got together I’d also like to point back to episode 58 when she flat-out asks
Zeus what he thinks about Apollo and not only is she dismissed and shut down
despite that she had a vision and visions are not the same as a hunch but
I guess that doesn’t matter when you’re the king of the gods she’s given the
same disgusting rhetoric we hear from judges in our own world all the damn
time his reputation would be ruined even if you were right why are we so worried
about ruining the reputation of rapists well given the mythos I can understand
why Zeus is worried so what we have seen of Hera is her having to work more off
the grid which is why Persephone is an intern in the underworld
even before the Olympian intern program swap has even started by the sound of it
which is why she shape-shifted as a reporter which is why I’m sure that
Persephone just happened to be coming over when she invited Hades in for
dinner I ended up delving into all of this because I had a few people asked me
if I could make a video explaining why that kiss happened because they were
lost and the truth of the matter is I can’t really explain it I mean I can
speculate and I feel like my hunch is probably pretty spot-on but we really
don’t have enough information yet I mean it could come up that I am actually way
off base who knows but that’s kind of the fun of these videos right we get to
open this discussion we get to talk we get to pose new ideas what I can tell
you and what I can speculate on at least is based on what we know about herons
this is really Sheb what we’ve seen in the comic what
we know about the source material the reason that kiss happened probably the
same reason it happened every time before Hera is not okay
Hera doesn’t really have anyone to talk to she has her husband who is the
problem and won’t listen to her when she tries to address things anyway she has
her children who are way too young to help her out and there’s some
uncomfortable bleed happening as a result of her not having anyone to
really talk to and then there’s Hades but at least right now Hades is just
unfortunately a little too lost in his own abusive relationship to really be of
much help to her so I just don’t know if she’s gonna get that someone to talk to
anytime soon maybe it’ll be Persephone I don’t know that poor girl seems to be
she’s got to be an empath because so many people just decide to open up to
her bless her heart what are your thoughts and theories about Hades in
herre his past what do you think lies ahead for Hera if you enjoyed this deep
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and until next time stay curious

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  1. I love your discussions of lore Olympus kiri. It makes it feel like a book club that's totally awesome. Hope ur having a wonderful day today.

  2. I…never knew about Hera’s origin story. Kinda got glossed in any Greek myth studies I had 😰

    I honestly think the Hera and Hades thing was just a comfort thing since they both had been through a lot of trauma. I feel for both of them because they are in such horrible situations.

  3. Also let’s recall that scene in episode 29 where Hera is walking away from Zeus but then he commands her to stop and she reluctantly does it… as if she doesn’t have a choice.
    Maybe that’s because he’s the king of the gods and even she has to obey him… or maybe it’s because she made a promise to never go against him.

    Either way being in a marriage where you’re literally incapable of refusing anything to your husband is not a recipe for success.

  4. Love it! On your note about attention being deviated from Hera…I know we don't like to put too much stock into what Zeus says but when Hera is totally going off on Zeus about the thought of Hades and Persephone together (this is in the strip club) Zeus states that she's "just mad cause nobody is talking about [her]" – so she may enjoy and prefer being the topic. But that's the only time it has been (somewhat) talked about

  5. I agree with your speculation that the kiss was Hera attempting to reach out. Pretty much all of the relationships in LO are DEEPLY dysfunctional and the idea of having a friend to talk to might as well exist on the dark side of the Moon.

  6. Another great video!! Your video provides so much depth into the story it really makes me appreciate them more! But damn I feel so bad for Hera knowing all this

  7. To be fair to Hades he did just literally snap out of a mental break. Being able to support your friends is important but sometimes you just can't.

  8. I never got to read about Hera's origin and now knowing that it just makes me dislike Zeus even more, I've often had this little theory/point to bring up when I talk about the Greek Mythos myself; it's that Zeus is the youngest of Cronus' children(from most sources that i read), I equate him to a senior jock in High School who became prom king. That still doesn't excuse his behavior it's just something I thought I should bring up here since he is, pretty much the worst. Can't wait for more of these im always intrigued to hear what you have to say Kiri!!

  9. It's upsetting to see how Hera being rightfully upset of Zeus has negatively affected her character and portrayals. Like of course 99% of the mistresses and 100% of the children don't deserve her wrath, but I feel like for centuries Zeus has been getting off scott free for being literally the worse.

  10. these videos are so wonderful, it makes me feel so much better (and a little closure) after I read the shakier chapters, especially since Your words and thoughts are so well put. You’re crazy good at reading between the lines!

  11. Kiri, our most beloved bard, I literally caught up on this yesterday. So, I was looking forward to your views! Wading through it was an apt description. It was a veritable SWAMP of potentials and problems. Sidenote; speaking of sparkles and rainbows, I love your makeup. 👍😀 I'm seriously caught up in this story. And, while I had some familiarity with even lesser known aspects of the mythology, your in-depth looks at individual characters truly make me rethink each episode.

  12. When she picked up that cup of (I assume coffee) and started going "this is mine…" I felt that on a spiritual level.

  13. Just to say, the "golden traitor" thing may be a reference to Hera being one of the "Six Traitors" of the titans, as opposed to a traitor of Zeus. Though it could be pulling double duty!

    And yeah, that potential backstory makes Zeus' remark of "[Apollo] reminds me of a younger me" even more awful. Yeeerrrgh

  14. Have you ever heard of comfort foods when dieting? Or have you ever had a meal after being sick of your stomach for two or three weeks? Sure, it's not that scrumptious double bacon cheeseburger with vanilla milkshake or your fave stew made by grandma… but… it's something…? I did know that Hera (aside of being… ya know… Zeus' sister) was raped by Zeus at some point, but I didn't know about him hanging her from the ceiling D: but that's beside the point. Maybe Hera and Hades have (or had or… I dunno) this… "unspoken accord" because… we see them kissing when Hera is healing Hades and Hades himself admits that they agreed on "stopping doing it on the 80's". I guess they were each other's hot chicken soup after eating jello and tea for three weeks or the veggie chips you eat instead of normal chips 'cause you're dieting. They used to have something, that's for sure and this kiss was the usual "just one more won't harm" after all "Hera was feeling nostalgic" uwu

  15. Your analysis are amazing!! I love them!! What I also love the most is that you also take into account the original myth!! SOOOO many people don't know how Zeus and Hera got married… Hopefully it won't be that horrible here too… I know that this doesn't have much to do with the topics you discussed here, but you mentioned her children being too young to be there for her, Hebe is only 8 and her mentioned older sister may be just a bit older, but then what do you think about the fact that Eros is Hera's and Zeus' grandson… meaning that his father Ares is old enough to have a son. Hera does mention that she had two single sons to Persephone, though I doubt Ares is one of those sons since he is most likely either married to Aphrodite or at least sorta together with her (and probably also the father of all of Eros's siblings)… Well what I want to say is that it's possible that she has older kids that could be there for her and/or most probably have at least an understanding of their parents troubled marriage… Plus Ares has always being portrayed as one of Hera's closest children and openly preferring her over his father… Do you think that it would be possible that their older children would play a bigger part in whatever happens with Hera and Zeus's relationship?

  16. I think, about Hera’s and Hades sudden kiss, and knowing from experience of pain and fear and helplessness.

    Hera and Zeus have been fighting; Hera is feeling lost in her own relationship/life so she’s throwing herself into other people’s. As for why she’s seeing Hades directly could be because, aside from what happened with Minthe, is that Hera is hurting, and frightened, and Hades has been a constant, stable positive thing in her rather rough life.

    Searching for that constant rock in a raging sea that you know will be there is hard to NOT do, because you know it’s there so why bother searching for other rocks.

    Hades and Hera’s kiss seemed like one out of desperation and comfort, desperation for Hera to find comfort in something other than anything else that she’s going through in the moment, and it’s something that she can control.

    I have a feeling that Hades has never been the one to initiate those instances; I think Hades has been the unwilling participant who goes along with it because it is Hera and in some ways he does love her even if it’s not romantically.

    Hera does it because it’s something she chooses and having any choice over any instance in your life when you’re stuck in an abusive relationship is very freeing, even if they’re bad choices.

  17. I knew the basics of Hera and Zeus's marriage and relationship but this deep dive just made me so so sad for Hera this whole video omg HERA CRY

    In other news though I love how in-depth your videos always are 🙂

  18. I thought the kiss and the flashback were connected. I think Hades was her first and true love. She chose Zeus for power and I think she regretted her decision ever since cause she know Hades is the better man. Hades would have treated her a lot better than Zeus. I believe the feelings were mutual. Hades even said Hera was his first choice for a wife but Zeus showed interest in her so he backed off. Idk that’s what I got from the reading.

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