what's up everyone I'm Sierra Dallas and welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna be doing a postpartum workout video and also show you my postpartum body it's been two months but two months essentially since I find my beautiful Capri oh my god ctp bear I like look naked but I'm in my bra and underwear my Calvin's better run for your money Kendall I'm coming to steal your job really so during my pregnancy I gained about 50 pounds actually it was exactly 50 pounds I was 122 when I got pregnant and I ended out 172 it was wild I really thought like there's no way I can gain more than 30 pounds like I am such a small like small person to begin with like gaining 50 pounds I'm not eating wild well that was a lie because I ate wild I ate whatever I wanted I did not hold back and I did not work out at all during my pregnancy like I went on our regular walks but I didn't like strain myself I don't know why it was just too hard for me to work out some people can handle it and some people can't and I was definitely the one that could not handle it I was like huffing and puffing I would get lightheaded so and plus I had the percenter previa so the doctor said like no more working out just like regular walks which I took full advantage of you're only pregnant like once or twice maybe like ten times if you're mrs. Duggar but it's not really nine long it's like not the old days you know babies are expensive and you really can only afford like one or two it really does suck that you can only afford one or two but you know I'm most likely only gonna have one more baby so I lived it up and I gained 50 pounds which is totally fine when I had my baby I had a c-section if you haven't seen that video I will link everything below I had a c-section and honestly like the recovery was kind of hard for me just they literally slice you open is major major surgery so the doctor says that you can't really do anything like no activity for eight weeks not even sex sorry boots so eight weeks you can't do anything and honestly like you just have to listen to your body and make sure like are you ready to even work out I do feel like I am ready to work out so I haven't worked out until this point I'm saying alright I worked out yesterday for 45 minutes on the elliptical and then tape before that thirty minutes on the elliptical because I was like oh my god am I really ready I didn't want to film this video and like pass out I'm just a second ago I probably should have like I would have been funny if I passed out like as long as my camera was there like I would have had millions of views I'm done I should totally pretend to pass out just like gone with the wind if you don't know who that is back to you what I was talking about when I had a c-section I instantly lost 20 pounds within the first week of having Capri it's crazy how your body crazy and amazing how your body just like goes back to like normal within a short amount of time like I swear instantly it was like I'll obviously she was seven pounds seven ounces so it's almost eight pounds that I lost and the rest is just like the extra blood the extra water weight just I was swollen it was amazing 20 pounds I was like wow I did not have to work for that but now I have the 30 pounds to lose I'm not so concerned with oh my god 30 pounds like that's not what I'm looking at I just really want to get my stomach like oh like flatter if that makes sense because I want to have another baby and I want to have another baby next year and I just want to make sure that my body is not going all out of whack like you're working out and like really like I was really really fit and then all the sudden gaining like 50 pounds and then losing it so fast I just can't imagine like gaining it all back to have another baby is really good for yourself people do it all the time but I just like mentally and physically I was not ready and I'm not ready to have another baby so I definitely want to lose like the 30 pounds I'm not gonna be hard on myself I'm not like oh no like give me all the cookies and a lot of people lose weight with breast feeding I'm not breastfeeding as much as I wish I would or it could so I don't think that I'm like burning as many calories as everyone else's but it's okay so I'm gonna show you my body first and then I'm gonna go into just like a fun workout if you're not postpartum and you want to do this workout it's really a good workout just to get your body back into shape if you haven't worked out in a long time or if you haven't worked out ever and you're like I am determined and I am motivated and I want to get fit fit by Sierra if you don't follow me on Instagram that's my workout Instagram and then obviously my personal is Sierra Dallas anyways I hope you enjoyed this video don't forget to Like and subscribe and yeah well first let me show you my body I gotta put her in her swing so hold the phone here's my princess this outfit is seriously so cute I'm gonna be doing an Amazon haul I'm not gonna strap her in because I'm gonna be right here with her the entire time and yeah I don't need to strap her in for all those mommy shamers like you can get a second I can't play music on YouTube because then they put like a copyright so she's used to like a lot of noise so hopefully she likes sleeps during this workout but yeah let me show you my postpartum body you find a place to put my camera all right so here is my postpartum body here is before I got as you can see my arms are much smaller my legs are much smaller everything on me is smaller I'm 50 pounds lighter right here but now let's just get rid of that because this is my body now and I love my body and love myself and I love my daughter um oh she just woke up she's ready here just like in it I gained the most weight like in my legs obviously my stomach yeah but the belt the baby was there so that was expected but my legs gained it so much and my butt that's where I have a lot of my weight still I have like some extra skin and pounds to lose in my belly I have in my arms right here like there definitely a lot bigger I always gain weight in my arms my legs in my butt I think that the really reason why I came weight in my stomach was because the baby goes there but that's not normally where I came any of my weight I do gain weight like back here you can see this line like right there so I gained weight right there and picking a little and my cheeks but that's okay Brent's all photo me the other day and he's like oh my gosh this beforehand Capri he's like oh my god you look so skinny like you look sick elack babe that's not even nice because you're just so used to my cheeks right now yes so that's it I had a c-section I have laser hair removal by the way if you haven't seen that video you have to see it it's pretty funny and I'm not exaggerating like it's funny and it hurts so much but I have laser hair removal all over when you get pregnant your hormones are black and you like and get a little bit of hair right there I'm gonna show you my c-section scar it has a few like hairs popping out of it attacked me but here's my scar my incision it's pretty much fully healed except for like right here I still have a scab on it now that I showed you my post partum body I just want to let you know if you are a mom out there who just had a baby don't be so hard on yourself sometimes we can get in our head and a lot of times we see people on Instagram they're like oh my god two weeks postpartum my body is back to normal well that's not normal it might be normal for a lot of people but a lot more people that does not happen like my body did not go back to what it was before and I'm glad it didn't because these are just stages of pregnancy stages of life and I'm not mad that I still have 30 pounds to lose to get back to my original weight and who's to say that I even have to lose them I'll lose them when I want or if I want it's on my time and I'm just not going to be hard on myself so I hope you're not hard on me and I hope you're not hard on yourself and if you're not pregnant you're gonna have fun doing this workout too it's a really good just lightweight work out a nice little pump maybe for going to Vegas and you're trying to get a nice little pump in your hotel room you're like yeah gotta get my abs on gotta get my mouthful to this freakin video and you'll thank me later it dries oh he drives me nuts when like their heads start to turn she's mine so I'm gonna put this behind the headrest and kind of proper head up so I have my beautiful white green shoes on ones that I've made slip ons oh how embarrassing look at that that's so disgusting they're my favorite and I'm not getting rid of them I always forget you could throw them in the washer machine I should but I always feel like it like leaves it looking ugly not white anymore like I know they're not white right now but putting her in the washer machine brent knew that I was gonna be filming this video and he knows that I want to start working out because he knows that I've been going crazy not being able to work out not because I want to lose weight but more so because it's my sanity like I love to work out I feel better about myself I feel better about my health just overall it's really good for me so he went to target and got me a yoga mat it's so cute and he loves Tiffany color so do I so he bought me a new one which honestly he's so good to me I hope every one of you whether you're a guy or a girl you find yourself a Brett you don't want to find yourself as here because yes at two wild oh ok she's really waking up so let's see how this works so I'm gonna be using a yoga mat and I'm going to be using two five pound dumbbells again remember this is like my first workout back and I'm assuming yours maybe not but if it is we're gonna do a light full-body workout do not put so much pressure on yourself to be like the best you can be I'm not trying to do the same workout so they did like before I had a baby I'm taking it slow and easy I'm gonna try to do as much as I can and I'm trying to just get back into it slow I'm not gonna put pressure on myself if I can't do reps of ten wool if I do reps of six or seven that's perfect it's my body listen to your body does all the advice that I can give to you this was like a big one so it's like a exercise mat it's not really a yoga mat but we have tiles like one of them an extra so for jerks get young it's getting on the couch you saw my last video it was my morning routine and this is exactly what I was talking about so man I'm gonna move my camera right now but Legolas Chuck why I just vacuumed and look there's already hair huh get down Chuck get down get deep down dickwad let's work out Wow that didn't work out like a fling I'm not sure I like this map it's nice and cushiony but it's all folded whatever kind of really eat it you're only gonna be doing like you know after balling recaps maybe some dip dip dip okay let's just look at my dog Jax get down Jax seriously ibudan s– if you saw my last video my clean with me my morning routine you would understand the struggle is real this dog will not get off my couch Jax you look comfy and all but you need to get down get off get off all you guys want to see something funny before I do my workout um Brent's little cousin she's turning six and her parents were like she loves stuffed animal dogs but she doesn't need any more because she has too many so you definitely shouldn't have told me that because I try to find the biggest husky I could find look at that it's huge it this box doesn't do it justice but it literally is like almost three feet tall maybe two feet but the head goes higher than two feet for sure blocks well you don't have any weights you find things at your house that are heavy or you don't have to do any weights at all you'll feel burn either way ready okay so usually you would warm up I mean I haven't done the jumping chart forever I want a hoodie my bad okay so let's just do 50 yeah I definitely don't like how that feels so I'm not going to do that I did just like a walk around my house a little bit you know around this area so just you know take a nice little stroll warm yourself up let's get it go yeah maybe let's go side side let's get it my doors looking at me like she's falling asleep so doing something right now and I'll be the best but just warm up you know this doesn't hurt me but review nice thing else warm up you're almost ready I look I'm an old school workout video like it this is what they didn't like and move okay we're warmed up I'm gonna pick up my dumbbells right now five pounds we're just gonna do some bicep curls and everything is in reps of ten eight nine in Ted Oh feel that fur okay now we're going to hop huh I'm gonna have to do voiceover spend this video okay yep I'm gonna have to do voiceovers cuz honestly I'm like drawing a blank right now and kind of forgot like all of the workouts what they're called like that's so bad okay why not kind of put your feet apart don't lock your knees and we're gonna go maybe I should go back don't forget to squeeze those eight okay earlier we did a bicep curl like this but now we're gonna do it like this ready alright one more set let's put these down for 30 seconds oh okay 30 seconds left now let's get back to it bicep curl ready let's do 10 1 2 3 4 oh my gosh imagine five that be so fun 6 I shoot a workout video have it oh I fill it with a burn 8 9 10 okay I feel the Bern I am feeling a little bit where my incision was or is but it's not hurting me I think I'm just like sore there a little I'll let you know if it hurts me but I'm going to continue doing it and if I can't do three reps it's totally fine [Applause] I'm so cool to pretend campus wagon in my turn Derik it was versus cover books they'll be read a small I could just eat you up you're my princess and you may need to work out you ready to wear yellow beanie not okey let's go this is the very first workout okay mommy's already sore let's do a little and things you liking it girl it's okay you're gonna really make 10 pounds down there any color we read well guys that was a great workout I hope you enjoyed this video I'm about to go and sit on Nos it I'm going to work out on my elliptical my father-in-law uh Bowflex that he pretty much he is only like three times and I was like he can I have it and he said yeah so I was like okay and you said yes so I'm gonna go work down on that for about thirty maybe if you're feeling lucky like if I'm feeling lucky and I'm feeling pumps and I feel good I'll do 45 but most likely I'm only going to do thirty because I don't want to ruin my makeup because I am going to dinner and yeah I'll probably have to wash my face anyways so I hope you enjoyed this video don't forget to Like and subscribe and all of my previous videos like morning routines night routines as a couple and be doing like an Amazon haul with like baby clothes I did a maternity Amazon haul it's all on my baby melissy playlist if you guys have any like questions or whatever believe me a comment I always read your comments and I like to like them and comment back I hope you guys have a great workout and we got this I hope you guys tune in to my foot by Sierra account on Instagram also on my youtube channel this one I'm gonna be posting more workouts because I'm gonna get bit yeah look at that stomach I'm gonna get fit because I want to get fit not because people out there want me to lose weight or say I should lose weight no I'm gonna get fit because I want to be healthy and I'm trying to get skinny trying to get it


  1. Thank you! For this a 6weeks c-section and that motive me๐Ÿ’• i feel better, it hard went you see your body so difrent. But we need to love our self and body's girl because we create a live with it.

  2. The fact you're up to working out, wanting to move around so quickly after your baby?? I have so much respect!

  3. I actually love this. You are truly yourself and are staying true to you throughout your journey. Youโ€™re so fun, loving, and amazing. Definitely going to use this workout ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ’›

  4. โ€œNormal to only have one or twoโ€ I have four siblings ๐Ÿ˜‚. Guess we arenโ€™t normal ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚ and we definitely arenโ€™t rich๐Ÿ˜‚.

  5. Sierra, I just had my baby a month before you, April 6th of this year. I also had an emergency c-section and I completely relate to the post-partum body. My baby, Olivia, made me gain 83 lbs! Lol but anyways the reason I wanted to comment for once was because I heard you say in the video that you want to have a baby some time next year… I'm not sure if anyone at the hospital spoke with you or your OB, but it's recommended that you wait 2-4 years to have another baby after a cesarean. Talk to your health care provider please!

  6. Iโ€™m like impressed how you can smile ALL THE TIME thatโ€™s so awesome!! Even doing a workout ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  7. I LOVE how youโ€™re ALWAYS laughing at your own jokes!!! Just because youโ€™re laughing about it I have to laugh about it โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚ love ya

  8. Iโ€™m a mommy who just had my son on the 6th of July! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™ I love my mommy body and my son ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜

  9. This might sound strange but I never changed during my pregnancy I only gained weight in my belly and then once I had her I was exactly back to how I was before and I kinda wish I had a postpartum body

  10. I LOVE your energy, Sierra. I hope I have the same mindset as you when I have my first child. You look BEAUTIFUL!! Keep it up ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  11. I love this video and your baby is so beautiful! I hope you achieve goalย  but you look beautiful and amazing already girl…..ย  I love you sierra

  12. So many YouTubers and people in general have a baby and constantly bitch about not looking the same. Like, um, hello? You just had a baby. It is so freaking amazing that you are spreading body positivity. You look gorgeous af and this is a prime example of why I fuck with the Dallas' so hard.

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  14. Iโ€™m 4 months pp and still havenโ€™t gotten but 5 pounds off since having a c-section. We created beautiful little blessings with our bodies, of course our bodies are effected by it and we should be proud. So so worth it allโค๏ธ

  15. Girl you are so pretty like this and before! Your booty popping lol! Love youโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  16. I had my baby boy 5 weeks ago. Also lost 30 pounds but I gained 65 from being pregnant. Also was skinny but I must say I do love my mom bod now and I got a beautiful baby boy out of it! You look amazing! & you baby girl is adorable! ๐Ÿ’•

  17. Your beautiful! I love your attitude about losing weight youโ€™ll do it if and when you want to and you love your body good for you! No body should be body shaming you!

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  19. I love your energy, it makes me happy. I want to be as confident as you when the time to have a baby comes.

  20. This was the best post partum video I have ever watched!! Loved every second of it ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ currently 24 weeks.. can't wait to see how much my body changes! ๐Ÿคฐ๐Ÿ’™ thanks a million times Sierra!!

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