Here's What Causes Postpartum Hair Loss & Shedding

a common and frustrating part of pregnancy when you're expecting your hair feels thick and glorious but then you have the baby and it starts falling out so is postpartum hair loss normal and can we do anything to stop it Fox medical teams Beth Galvin is here now to talk about this that's good a good morning at least and yes it is normal they say about 90% of new moms experience some level of hair loss and it usually happens about the two or three month mark after the baby's born and lasts up to six months sometimes a year but it's one thing to hear that all of this is normal and it's another just seeing your hair filling up the drain that's one Cobb County mom learned can you touch her big great ear amelia van mary a mother of four says all of her pregnancies were pretty easy but when her hair started falling out by the brush full afterwards that was hard after showering and blow-drying my hair I would look around the bathroom floor and just be in shock of how much was on my bathroom floor and that I still had hair on the head so after her now 10 month old daughter was born the 37 year old executive assistant got help from veteran stylist and hair loss practitioner Debbie Williams of changing faces hair clinic in Marietta hair loss through pregnancy it's very common it's very normal and so what I do is I start a hair treatment program with them while they're pregnant because they're going to lose the hair after the baby williams says our hair grows in three stages the anagen are active growing stage the catagen are kind of in between dormant stage and the telogen or shedding stage when a woman is expecting her estrogen levels are elevated so her body stays in the antigen stage throughout the entire pregnancy she's healthy her hair is thick it's growing because it stays in the antigen stage and once the baby's born a woman's estrogen levels drop pushing her hair into the telogen or fallout stage if you have been here already it's going to be very noticeable but if you have thick hair really only you will really know what's going on about two months ago Melia Van Mary began undergoing natural treatments with Williams to strengthen her hair follicles using things like collagen rice water and manuka honey and she switched to a hair healthy diet of foods that are high in zinc biotin protein and omega-3 fatty acids it's been really really helpful I I do feel like I have a plan now with not only just mix up laments and just with the treatment but the diet that I didn't think of before a new moms with long hair like Amelia may notice quite a bit of fallout after their pregnancy and if it seems to be extreme or it's really lasting longer than six months you may want to talk to a dermatologist or see a hair loss specialist like Debbie ELISA yeah pretty interesting yeah yeah to hear her talk about this know can you explain what hair tourniquet syndrome is and why new moms really do need to pay attention to this so this is interesting so hair tourniquet syndrome occurs Wynn usually with women who have long hair and you know how the babies always up in your hair grabbing your hair sometimes the hair from the mom can get wrapped around a finger of a new baby or the toes of a new baby and it can cut off the circulation that's why they call on hair tourniquet syndrome and so it's important that if your baby is crying or distressed and you just can't figure out why check the baby's fingers check the baby's toes to make sure that the circulation hasn't been cut off by a piece of hair very easy for that to have yeah yes and that can be you know something that needs medical attention no doubt about that something to keep in mind I'll see you here about supplements like biotin so could they be helpful for for this so Debbie says they can be helpful but she would prefer that women get the nutrients that they need like biotin from the food that they're needing that's really the best way to get sort of the the vitamins and things that you need instead of the supplement the exact what you're staying all right giving us some help this morning back thank you really appreciate it

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  1. I have thick hair but have noticed i have been loosing a lot of hair, told my mom but she didnt notice 🤷‍♀️

  2. DEBBIE!!!!!
    You go girl xx
    I Make all your stuff today i made Aloe vera shampoo
    Never thought I would spend so much on honey! But its worth it
    I live for rice water xx
    Jacks from London

  3. WAAAAAAW thank you so much for this video. It is exactly what I am going through and have been going through for the past 6 years on and off… I've made videos on my channel with what I went through and what I am currently doing to make it help… I'm also using BKACK rice water… Again thank you Debbie

  4. I had a head full of hair because I was taking prenatal pills 💊-but after I 🛑 stopped taking the 💊 pills, my hair started falling out after my son was born!!!

  5. I never did have hair loss with my two girls but of course oh my God I had a head full of hair if I lost any I sure didn't see it not I didn't have any problems at all. Lights camera action.

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