Here's Your "Tea"

hi everyone today we're making raspberry hibiscus tea it's wonderful so good for you but it tastes really good too and today I'm making a hot tea and some iced tea so I stuck three bags in this little juice joke I figured that it was a good amount I'm a pretty strong tea drinker anyway I'll leave the entire cup in here while I drink it so I find that the benefits of the tea are quite a bit stronger like even I've used it for my time of the month I actually have quite a sensitive body to different hormonal stuff and whenever I've never been able to be on birth control things like that but anyway there's just like everything's screwed with my hormones so bad so I actually was told about this quite a few years ago because of full menstrual thing and now I actually will have a cup of tea say I don't know a week and a half or something like that before I'm ready to have my time of the month and it'll help me calm my hormones it'll help you know any breakouts that I might have say coming up to the time of the month whatever so I'm putting in some honey in here real honey this is another health benefit as well that we won't talk about today but these bees made those honey with all dandelion pollen so I'm getting quite the health benefits with this tea so I'm not sure how much fun I'm having here but I think probably a couple of those maybe I'll just put that all in there actually there we go I'm not adding any ice to this yet because that'll help honey dissolve in there and everything so one of the biggest things I guess that people talk about is how good this is for women just because of you know the women kind of things that it helps with like that time of the month your pregnancy helps with easier deliveries by strength and then the uterus and but every single one of these herbs that are in this tea are huge like loaded with vitamin C so you're getting pretty much your one cup of that you're probably getting your goal days in take a vitamin C but refer to my notes because there's so many health benefits of this to you there is vitamins A b1 b2 CD any iron zinc copper protein fiber calcium magnesium potassium and that's just to name a few like there's quite a few more different vitamins and minerals within this tea so you absolutely can't go wrong with it I I this here is a list that I just dropped it's a list all the good things that it does for you so I'll just name a few okay allergies asthma strengthens your stomach and blood vessels weight loss detoxification helps with digestion and it also acts as like a fat blocker it helps build your intestines and blood vessels within your body you know promotes good circulation it's of X bacterial antiviral and inflammatory antioxidant antidepressant it goes on and on it's good for like gout and herpes and dandruff and balding and I don't know should I go on and on depression yeah so you can use it for colds and flus it's like overall well-being and it really hydrates the body as well so this is just perfect for these nice hot sunny days that we're finally getting here in the center Alberta so I suppose that I should let that get maybe a little diaper don't you guys think I will I will stop right there okay so we're going to take those three bags out and you can easily add like your favorite juice or whatever you like to that too [Applause] like frozen barriers when I make any type of an ice cream so I just have some strawberries blueberries blackberries and raspberries just happen to be what I had on my new plan that I would probably get the raspberry do just to help come on but all of these berries that I put in here are equally as good for you okay here we go there it's our beautiful glass of wild raspberry hibiscus tea and seeing as how it's such a beautiful hot sunny day let's go with this one first hey cheers guys have a great day you

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