hello everybody we are in the van on our way to go have a lion I'm driving because I won't get to drive for two weeks yes I would not let her make her drive on the way to have allies but she wanted to drive so we have a long and wonderful and glorious day ahead of us and we will be tuning in I'm sure with the birth of our side that we've been waiting over two years for allies age alright guys we appreciate all the love and support and we'll check in with you later thank you for following our journey we really appreciate it you you're worth the world to us we appreciate it [Laughter] pancakes and bacon Elias hey he looks like an Elias swinging well it look like a scratch okay one more time you want to put this up a little bit children should they turn it off well does it need to record the whole time I mean because eyes open he's gonna be he's gonna be a sleepy or something he's frying I keep his eyes open but he's not now much yeah [Laughter] yawns he's had a big day first he went to get the other two boys his brothers first it's okay we'll just have the sister that way that's okay that's true [Laughter] yeah you'll get more of you so you'll get more of your stuff up any better the more you do it right and we're home enjoying his mana row hey guys so I am doing my birth blog one week postpartum all that good stuff but first I'm gonna introduce to you two allies Hayes he was born exactly a week ago hi Minnie oh I've been trying my best to do this video because I've always loved watching other people's videos and it helped me get prepared for like the last couple weeks of pregnancy and for labor and everything well I thought I was gonna go into labor but I ended up having a c-section on October 4th and he was born at 4:47 my appointment was at 4:30 so that just goes to show how quickly it all happened if he has been a complete dream and Josh and I just least still I can't believe it there's moments where we just like just look at him and cry because I just really can't believe it that he's here and when we were leaving the hospital I cried getting pushed out of the hospital and then I got in the car and then Josh and I just took a second and cried and he said we did it babe and it was just it's just so emotional especially when you go through infertility and you never think it's gonna happen and then you just worry through your whole pregnancy is something gonna go wrong so yeah what ended up happening was we went to bed at like 9:30 we ate a big meal my mom took us out to eat we a big meal then I went to bed at 9:30 and then woke up at 5 in the morning went downstairs and I made breakfast but my nerves like were shocked I had such a nervous stomach that I could barely eat which sucked and then I woke up we woke back up around 10:30 and then I took the dogs over to my mom's and we went for a nice long walk and you know I'm just trying to calm myself and pay attention the dogs because I knew that they wouldn't get as much attention once he was here and then Josh ran a couple errands and then we went to the doctor's the hospital around 4 or not 4 sorry – and then they prepped me and everything and I guess I was born at 4:47 so he has been awesome and I love him of course so much and we just been kind of kicking it my ideas of my first time I ever had a c-section and irony went to the ER the day after we got released it wasn't even 24 hours because I was having spinal headaches but they couldn't do a blood patch on me spinal headaches I don't know if you guys know it's when they do the epidural or the spinal tap and they puncture it and there's like leakage in your spine so it gives you these horrendous headaches that I can only describe as like a migraine and a hangover like all in one so I was you know in a lot of pain I'm just gonna share I was in a lot of pain and but they couldn't do anything because I was on blood thinners and I like come back in 24 hours but they did hook me up to IV and they gave me something that I forget did something to my blood vessels are opened them up or I don't know some sort of medicine and so I was really ticked off and I was upset and crying because he needed a nurse and I didn't know if I liked I pumped before him but I didn't know how long I'd be we were there for four hours only to be told that they couldn't do it so it was really frustrating and I had planned on coming back the next day to get the blood patch and they said just wear your body binder your stomach binder really tight and then with that with the whatever they pumped in the IV must worked because I felt good the next day and him felt great but I felt good and ever since like I banging less and less vinyl headaches and now they've completely one week later it disappeared so I'm glad I think go back and get that blood patch because sometimes it doesn't even work and it's scary like it's scary they what they do is take your blood and they put it into your spine so yeah there's been that scare and then yesterday went to the doctors because my incision has been burning so I just want to check it out to make sure I didn't pop it over and open or get it infected or something like I said I've never had c-sections so I know I don't know what to fill but everything worked good and you know I've we're going to California next weekend I'm shooting a wedding so I'm thinking I'll be back to normal by then one week out I'm about I feel about 70% myself so I'm hoping within another week I will feel about a hundred percent but yeah he's the good first couple nights we had to wake him up to feed him he's like we had to feed him and yeah he's been doing really good with the nursing you know we've kind of had our nights work it was like it's right there it's in your mouth but he didn't take it so that was frustrating but he's been good and I've been kind of pumping because I don't want to get mastitis again that was a nightmare I've got it with both boys but I never used to pump I used to just exclusively nurse so not much more to report I'm super tired but he did sleep from around 4 o'clock until 8:00 this morning which was nice but yeah I'm I'm tired so that's how this video was going but if you guys want you can follow me on Instagram or snapchat my name is Lindsey Michelle LV I post videos and pictures of him all the time so Jameson's birthday is also this weekend so Josh and I are kind of like not that we forgot you know I just snuck up on us fast and at first we just talked about getting James a really nice gift but now we're like no let's do more so we're kind of last-minute an idea for him but we're pulling it all together so we'll do that for him his birthday's Sunday he's gonna be 11 boys are doing great with him some sometimes they are like into it and sometimes they're like he doesn't do much so you know that's to be expected but James was so cute the first day that he saw him he was like touching his hair he's like his skin is hey everything so soft and you know just kind of looking at him like he is a toy a little toy and then Jack he's he's doing good Jack brings him this this toy that plays music whenever he buses and then when a Josh's friends came over and he's like did you wash your hands you need to wash your hands before you hold him and he's like hold his head hold his neck when you hold him like it just instructing him so hi are you searching are you searching want to open your eyes so everybody can see how pretty you are he's been called a girl many times so which is fine I don't take offense to it he's a pretty boy so I many many so jealous don't jealous aren't you used to be my baby I can't believe it's order you like middle of October but here he is we're gonna try to do a pumpkin patch this weekend Jameson's birthday go to a Halloween store still we'll see we'll see how much we can get done but he's my little buddy he's my little buddy and I don't want him to get older it goes so fast ready to celebrate an 11-year olds birthday this weekend and here I have a new baby it's just it goes fast so I love that he was born on October 4th because Jameson's birthday month is October and Jackson's birthday day is the 4th so I love that he has both of the voices birthdays like in his birthday it's awesome but God isn't he just so precious so stinking precious anyways I will talk to you guys later my next video will be more uplifting hopefully but I just got all the fields all the fields for this mama tired I'm happy I'm you know just everything so alright guys don't forget to Like and subscribe and I will talk to you guys later bye love you


  1. 💋Lindsay, I cried so much watching this video! I honestly have not felt this excited and emotional since I had a C-section with my son. I was awake during my c.s. too. It is defiantly an experience, getting the epidural and your lower half going completely dead numb, then the whole laying there with your guts open. LoL but it is beyond worth it!!! He is the most beautiful baby boy I have seen since my own was born! Perfect in everyway! I thank God everything has worked out and he is here. I Love you All! U are a Champ for real Mama. Continued blessings…Love and Light 💖Carli

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