what ugly family so today guys um guess where I'm at you guys probably don't know why I'm at but I am at the hospital okay so yeah guys we're at I'm at we're at the hospital um right now actually I'm in the car as you can see we have the birthday away with this the you know it's there you know guys I was in lying when when I said we're having her tuba so it is on July 15th which came last night guys she was feeling numb she was feeling pains all day just all day all day yesterday oh yeah I say yesterday because it's the 15th day but like I said all day she was feeling all the pains and like really constant – were like she's so strong I'm so proud of her right now it's 5:00 in the morning guys I came to vlog because here let me actually get some right because so she's way too bright so anyways guys Oh Mike came down here to the car to get the camera because I like them but I don't blog this when I suppose here I'm gonna be so mad but yeah guys um we came she was she was still one centimeter dilated when we got here when we got here like around 10 probably 11 we got hurt like at 11 p.m. and right now it's 5 a.m. so yeah guys I'm tired I don't know if you guys can see my eyes are kind of like like low I don't know I haven't been slept since at all you know I don't think I'm gonna sleep because I'm just too excited you know I can't wait to see my baby girl but um yeah guys you guys see me crying look away okay cuz I get really emotional you know just seeing you about right now she's going through all that pain is just just hurts my heart you know I just I don't know what to do but um yeah there's probably people looking at me right now Angela what really got doing what's coming flashlight in the car yeah guys it's 5:00 in the morning um I'm about to go get me some Starbucks just like I said I'm not gonna sleep too excited and then go get me some Starbucks I'm gonna get you bitch mom some sandwich so I say tune guys i'ma walk to the hospital I'm gonna show you guys around okay hopefully they can let us lock you know block the whole delivery and if they can you know already know what's gonna have me alright well we'll see we'll see you guys right now okay just go like that and they just record as okay trying to take a non-person rabbits know what I cannot say because I'm wearing anyway about to personally put it up seeking up are available then the camera almost doesn't have any we try setting you up just a little bit a page that try to interview to wake up though we don't want you going to be a see more than 10 little bit so this is what I've been talking about anybody just got really sleepy this looks like a laser beam I want your movie to be a little bit more weight work with the techie making what wanted oh those it the trick point of lighting so guys so in Banyan is 10 okay this next contraction we're gonna push okay how are you feeling are you gonna meet this cute baby all right the baby's being great five six seven eight so in your body two three four – those were perfect pushes whoo you're doing so well no one warns you that looks like we related to MIT worked out it really is especially after a big eventful day Clarkson that's great every day next one you can really see baby's head and so I think that'll actually help you push when you see that movement down absolutely working hard for this little thing I think a couple more contractions with good pushes like that bitch good story time with Yvette and that oh she's mad she's pissed off icky no you're good go you know I know does Travis all right what a leaf family so guys so I just want to go pick up the the mama rule for my baby head to bow right now um the reason I'm doing this video though is um I'm gonna explain like how the delivery in the vlog okay basically how it went down but yeah I just went to Target right now and then just cop the mama rule cuz we're home now it's actually Wednesday we had had to bail on Monday so she's two days old now time flies by so fast guys but you guys probably gonna see this too all right anyways so guys so how I went down let me tell you guys alright because it was pretty crazy pretty crazy pretty life-changing but this is how it went down guys on Sunday night like we'd like we said before Yvette was having contractions really bad so we went like around 11 p.m. we stay there all night we didn't sleep she um she got actually the what's it called she got the that one shot the epidural yes what she got but yeah guys and she's so strong she did it and I'm honestly so proud of her she got that maduro I think when she was 2 2 centimeters dilated that's because she just couldn't handle the pain guys so yeah guys she got that with duro and soon after that she got it so yeah she got the draw I 2 centimeters dilated but the doctors told us some really bad news guys like so scary I was just um we were just there right and we just heard like some beeping noise and some blue lights just go off and on and we were just tripping when I went ahead what's going on you know and the doctors came in and like seven eight other nurses and they took that to Baba you know he bet and they were like head to Bell home might have to be done with c-section and when she said I was like what I was like no why but it's cuz her heart stopped beating guys for four minutes so yeah they gave us another chance basically they're like we're gonna try this one more time to give her like a little air like how do you say it's like a little hole and he had it on it's kind of scary she had like it was for oxygen to compatible more oxygen but I was so scared guys and after that I was just like down I got took articles I got so scared you know like frou-frou like I didn't know what to do you know yeah Howell is scary but luckily you know what I did I went to the bathroom cuz I was just praying you know the whole town went to the bathroom I went to go because while she was pushing I told you guys will see in the video I told the doctors I was like can I go to the bathroom quick cuz you know it's like breaks during contractions like 30 second breaks I was like I need to go to the bathroom because I really needed to go guys like you know a joke you know and I wanted to be there when has – what was boring I didn't want to like wait till last minute and then you know ended up having to do with actually myself but nah and then so I went and I came back but but when I was in the bathroom I was just praying to God I was like please please please let this be a healthy pregnancy and it was a really long journey actually it wasn't that long because we started a place like around like 140 like 130 140 p.m. and then head to ball was born uh 316 yeah so like an hour 15 not an hour and a half yeah but it was crazy you bet couldn't feel nothing though she was saying that she was pushing but she couldn't like push nothing it was where she was like numb and I just it's funny you guys will see in the video I mean you guys already seen but don't make fun of me I was like one two three oh yeah guys I don't know I'm so happy it's the best feeling in the world to have a little baby girl right beside you right now I'm taking really long you can see I just went to Target but I'm so happy guys and I can't wait to show you our journey it's crazy I wanted to do Marty's you know before she was pregnant and do another attorney photo shoot but now she couldn't she was too big she she was getting to do time you know and I should have realized that because she was getting really big but yeah guys she's two days at most two days old already I gotta go I gotta go to the house that's kind of a little story guys um a little more deep story before um you know I'm not really with you right now so we can't I can't really tell you the whole deep bleep story but so yeah guys that was our delivery slash birth line okay don't forget to Like comment and subscribe okay Lee family out


  1. Congrats to both of y’all !! 🥳🥳😭 it’s crazy how you have gotten this far I remember I started following you & you would say how u didn’t have no one this and that & now look at you ! 🙊 all boo’d up with a babygirl 🥰 cute cute !! 💕

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  8. Please take good care of Iveth during this time of recovery. Help her out as much as you can. Get up to feed the baby during the night and let her rest for a few hours. Help change the baby’s diapers now and then. Make her something to eat if she can’t get up. Make her feel special because she’s gonna be sooo emotional for a while. Make sure she’s good physically and emotionally ❤️❤️❤️ Congratulations to the both of you! You got this! 🙏❤️

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