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  1. Nice video! Yeah, you look a little pale in this video! Not bad, just a little under the weather! Glad you got it taken care of though! Baby Penelope will be here before you know it! She will be here like Santa Claus at Christmastime lol! She's going to be a Valentine's baby! Sweet girl! I hope you have lots of goodies for her at home! She'll need it! Well thanks for sharing! Have a good rest of the day!

  2. I’m so sorry hun, that is one of my worst fears , I’m 35 how old are you if you don’t mind me asking ?

  3. I had horrible swelling! Then developed HBP at 33 weeks which got even worse and developed into preeclampsia at 35 weeks so I was put on bedrest and had to deliver my son at 37 weeks! Congratulations since I now see your video that you’re in labor!

  4. I also had my urine test last week and it had protein in it m only 14 weeks pregnant.my first baby died inside me at 37+ weeks bcz of high blood pressure and placental abruption.
    To avoid high blood pressure:
    1-Try low or no sodium diet
    2-no sugar or processed food
    3-try eating raw garlic daily as it helps keeping bp down
    4-lots of water
    5-keep feet elevated
    6-take no stress at all
    I have made these changes to bring my baby healthily in this world .pls pray fr me u all

  5. You look great Stephanie glowing as always. I can’t believe Penelope will be here so soon. Did you get your maternity photos taken and do the belly cast?

  6. My blood pressure was 215 over 110 right before i went for my emergency c section.. yes 215. Hellp syndrome

  7. When you said Jacksonville area do you mean Jacksonville Florida? I live in Jacksonville Florida and I’m also in the home stretch for my baby girl. 37 weeks 2 days!!

  8. I hope your SPD eases up and when Penelope (love her name btw) comes that it will be a wonderful and safe delivery.. I will be praying for you all!!!! Love your videos

  9. I know you’re over pregnancy, but remember, this is the last time you’ll ever experience this. Baby will be here soon, I am pregnant with my 6th and I am pretty sure it’s my last and even though I’m tired of being pregnant and so over the extreme symptoms, I’m trying to remind myself I won’t ever have a baby in my belly again.

  10. Hi! I just wanted to say that even borderline anemia can really mess with you. It happens to me every pregnancy. It affects my breathing and I get pica- even though I'm just borderline.

  11. hey i have seen your videos on autism. i was wondering if anyone could help. my son is not diagnosed with autism i dont think he is. but hes 2 and a half and only says dada and yeah. he gets angry if i sing to nursery rhymes or even if i say 1, 2, 3 so i can't sit and taking to him he has a tantrum. what do i do? is this normal? he does understand more if i say give something to me or if i say eat your dinner…

  12. I fan girled so hard when you read my question 😂😂 the movements are my favourite to and the little hiccups ❤️❤️
    Edit: BOTH MY QUESTIONS! 😭😂❤️

  13. When I was pregnant with my son my blood pressure was high and I had my son early I had him at 39 weeks and my BP was over 200 and ended up with a emergency csection.

  14. What are your kids' middle names? I know you've said Liam's is Joseph and Penelope's is Jo so I'm just curious about the other kids 😊

  15. You and your family are my favorite you tuber's right now. Every time I turn on my phone I have to check your channel for new video's

  16. How in the world can a pregnancy go by so fast? I know it probably didn’t feel like that for you but it feels like you just announced it not too long ago and now we are here! 😀

  17. In PR people believe passion fruit juice helps lower blood pressure. My mom made me drink a lot of it during my pregnancy. I still had preeclampsia and had to get a c/s. It did help with the blood pressure a bit though. Could be a coincidence? People here believe in old wives tales and you pretty much follow their advice xD also keep your feet high cause it helps.

  18. Thank you for the suggestions on maternity clothes! I'm 13 weeks and needing to pick up some things, but maternity clothes are so expensive!

  19. With all my kids I had high blood pressure with my 1st baby I let it go I was miserable in pain hot swollen like an elephant no way I was gonna do it with the other kids I went to 150 over 90 it was bad doctor said we need to induce u I didn't think twice for baby safety and mine I am a winny with pain but funny thing is I had no epideral I'm a crazy lady idk

  20. I love you and your family Stephanie!! You’re so real and absolutely stunning!😍 Good luck on the birth of your little girl👶💝

  21. I don't know if your SPD will allow it but since you lost your mucus plug try sitting Indian style as much as possible, if you can because she is already low and trying to thin you out and it will help. I know it help me once I did it for about 2 hours my water broke.

  22. I am the mother of 1 and my hubby and I are talking about having a 2nd. Our first was very planned and of course so will the next. My question is how did you handle the feelings going from 1 to 2? I'm not even pregnant and I'm feeling sad that my son wouldn't be my baby anymore. Is that normal?! I absolutely love your channel and your transparency!! Thanks for letting us all be a part of your life ♡

  23. I always have +1 protein in my urine the last two weeks of pregnancy and my midwife says it can be a sign that baby is coming! Best of luck I can't wait to see your little princess ❤️

  24. Not long to go Steph! Wishing you all the very best for a fast (not too fast) and safe delivery 💖 I can’t wait to watch the baby shower!

  25. I cant imagine someone in the UK being told they are 3cm dilated and being so chilled out about it . Im sure here we hear we are dilating a freak out haha.
    Best of luck – We cant wait to see your newest addition 😊

  26. My legs swelled up after i gave birth i looked like squidward when he ate all the kraby pattys in the vault literally 😅

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