46 Replies to “Hilarious Bill Cosby – Natural child birth”

  1. The fact of him not cursing is always a selling point for feeble minded. If you have revulsion from common cuss words, realize you have no dominion of other peoples' mouths, or minds. Especially if they appear to not have the latter.

  2. Say what you will about Bill Cosby, but I still laugh hysterically whenever I watch him. Especially when talks about “Natural child birth”. I crack up every time I hear him do this. I mean———“Push it out, Way out.”

  3. What if the women of today, who rely on drugs and every other modern-day devise to help them give birth …didn't have these things like the tough women of yesteryear who had there babies on the trail going our across the plains.

  4. Now this is what I call real comedy. Talent is what makes comedy, not foul language, which most comedians use today.

  5. i am due 07/19/2017. This is awesome and hilarious. As labor scares me this makes me less like freaking out and more like laughing.

  6. I don't care what anyone says about Bill Cosby… this guy is saying a 100% true statement when in comes to children

  7. Omg this had me dying😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. I don't wanna think that bill Cosby did what they said he did. the lessons I was taught as a kid came from the Cosby show

  9. My daughter is about to give birth to her first child…..and my greatest advice to birth came from Bill.

  10. The $17,000 Ferrari? His kids were born in the 1960s, when that was a shitload of money. My parents bought a HOUSE for that figure in 1967.

    I'm still smiling at this even though my heart is broken by what we've learned about Cosby.

  11. #billcosbyisinnocent #cosbywasframed #cosbyhasbeenblackmailedbythose50women
    9:25 – 9:30 thats what I imagined bill cosby would say to those 50 b*tches

  12. I dpn't know what he did and if he did anything, but he is very funny. I like this slow comedy, I want to be able to think during the show and I also like this comedy with innuendos.

  13. I have always been a fan. I find his stand up hilarious, and always did. I don't know the truth about if he is or isn't a bad guy, and am not personally effected.. so I still like listening to his stand up once in a while..

  14. vivid memories of watching this ages ago with my older sisters on VHS. laughed ourselves silly😄😄😂 too bad Cosby turned out to be a major douchebag

  15. "we sat in the back seat of the car…. n i raped the shit outta her….. and 9 months later we had pudding pops" – bill cosby 1995

  16. one of the fucking best comidians in this world beside cris rock and Kevin hart
    so shut the fuck up about all this rapist shit

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