32 Replies to “Hilarious Pregnancy Reveals | Funniest Reveals Compilation”

  1. “Can I have the pink one?”
    “Can I have the pink one?”
    “You can have the pink one…”
    ”YEY :D”

  2. My mother was pregnant almost 4 years ago and I have twin brothers a boy and a girl, I was surprised and happy when they were born. I have a big sister and I'm waiting for her to have children too

  3. 2:29 she put it in her mouth and that think tells you if you are pregnant after you… I mean… But… Never… Mind…

  4. Me: I'm pregnant
    My parents: Do you want to keep it?
    Me: Of course I do!
    My parents: Then it's okay.
    (I'm adult and married not a teen who accidentally felt pregnant.)

  5. Dad: are you pregnant?
    Gurl: yes
    Dad: nooooooooooo!!!!
    Mom: yeeesssss (screaming like Michael Myers is chasing her)

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