(Hindi) Why Twin Flames Take Birth Together? | Yogi Jnana Param

In this video we are going to discuss that Why twin souls take birth on earth at same time? Hi, I am Param from TwinFlamesCoach.com. We help in uniting twin souls. To watch previous videos and upcoming videos from this series, You can subscribe to our YouTube channel “Twin Flames Coach Chandigarh”. Link to complete playlist can be found in the description below. Let’s talk about twin souls. In previous videos we understood that every souls has a twin and we call them twin souls. And Usually, when a soul takes birth on Earth, its twin soul stays in the spirit world and provides guidance and assistance to this soul which has taken birth on earth. But now many of the twin souls are taking birth on earth at the same time. This means that while you have taken birth on earth, your twin soul has also taken birth on earth in same time as you. Some of you have might have met your twin souls in physical body, while other might be in the process of meeting them. 80% of the people who approach me had already met their twin souls and they had also tasted the divine love through this relation. In previous videos we had also discussed that taking birth on earth is a risk, as before taking birth a soul has to forget everything. So Why twin souls come to earth at same time despite all these risks? Risk of falling spiritually and risk of loosing their spiritual progress. Lets understand this with an example. Lets say god create many souls while creating universe and one of those souls were you. God also created few universes, lets say 4 universe, One of the universe is Human world and next is Spirit world and there may be some universes beyond, that we are not aware of yet. and each soul had to travel through all these universes and reach back to god. Lets say you are a soul which had completed all its karma, learnt all its lessons and finally merged with god by progressing through all the universes. Then one day, your were asked by God God: “My dear soul, we have to help humanity” God: “by inspiring and guiding them.” God: “Will you go on earth and become” God: “an inspiration for others.” You: “Yes, my dear lord. Your wish is my command.” You: “I will definitely go” God: “In order to understand what” God: “sufferings people are going through,” God: “you will first have to go through” God: “the same pain.” God: “So you will live a” God: “life similar to other people” God: “whom you have to inspire” God: “or guide in future.” God: “So you might be having some” God: “failed relationships, heart breaks,” God: ” dysfunctional family patterning,” God: “mistreated childhood or” God: “some other form of trauma in your life.” God: “You will incarnate into family with dysfunctional” God: “patterning – means a family where there are issues” God: “regarding love, self love and forgiveness.” God: “Souls in these families, who have” God: “been reincarnating on earth solely are” God: “not equipped to reach up into the” God: “unity consciousness of love.” God: “So are you ready for this mission?” You: “Yes My dear lord.” You: “I can face all challenges if you are with me.” And then you prepared for your journey to earth. As a soul forgets everything when it takes birth on earth, so to understand the pain of others, you lived a life similar to other people whom you have to inspire or guide in future. So you might had multiple failed relationships, heart breaks, dysfunctional family patterning, mistreated childhood or some other form of trauma in your life. Many Twin Flames incarnate into families with dysfunctional patterning – above all families where there are issues regarding love, self love and forgiveness. Souls in these families, who have been reincarnating on earth solely are not equipped to reach up into the unity consciousness of love. So, You went through these experiences to understand pain of other people, who are going through similar traumas. You “volunteered” as souls to come here and assist them. Lets say you lived the trauma, or had failed relationships or had abusive childhood or had gone through similar tough situations. But as you had gone through intense trauma yourself, so there is a possibility that you might feel sad and depressed and thus has lost hope of recovery and are unwilling to do inner work that can help you to heal and come out of your current state. This is why your soul split into two before coming to earth and took birth on earth at same time or may be at a difference of few years. Your twin soul, who has also come in human body, will come into your life when all hope seems to be lost and then it will inspire you to search for spiritual truths and thus get aligned with your inner work. After meeting your twin soul in human form will make you feel alive again as, meeting with twin soul in human bodies is special and intense experience. If you had not met your twin soul in physical till now, then you cannot even imagine its intensity. Lets assume that you had gone through a lot and had lost hope for anything good to happen. And then your twin soul came into your life and you two had a beautiful relation. As you are not spiritually awakened, so this relation with your twin will not go smooth for long. Once there are hiccups in the relation, you will start searching for answers and help for this journey. This is when you will meet a teacher or guru who can help you to understand the truth related to life and death, spirit worlds, universe beyond it and about twin souls. This is the start of your awakening. You will keep moving on this path and soon you will be awakened fully and will step into your role as master soul. The driving force to move along this spiritual awakening is the physical aspect of your twin soul. It means that now you know that you can only unite with your twin soul on physical plane once you do your inner work. You have no choice but to surrender as the love you feel for your physical twin is so much that their is no turning back and going into old way of living again. As all this is very intense experience, so its worth mentioning that only a spiritually highly evolved soul will volunteer to divide its self into two souls (i.e. twin soul) and then incarnate together in same time. They volunteer to come as twin soul to inspire and help other people by rising to their true Master Soul level. So if you and your twin soul are present on earth, then your souls are highly evolved souls, or we can call you a master soul as well. But as you had to come to earth by forgetting everything, so currently you are just a regular soul, living a regular life. So don’t be so happy that you get this published in newspaper or on social media that you are a Master Soul. Once you start your inner work and remember all your knowledge and wisdom, then you will become the real master soul. And then by uniting with your twin in Unconditional Love, you will become a permanent gateway to the higher dimensions and enable high vibration energy to spread from your system and out to others, benefiting not only yourself but anyone who comes into contact with you. So, twin souls take birth on earth at same time to facilitate the cosmic plan to cleanse the whole earth from the inside out to uplift the collective energies to a higher vibration of love, peace, unity. So if your twin has taken birth on earth then When and how can you unite with your twin souls in physical? We will discuss this in upcoming video. If you have any questions or comments then leave them in comment section. If you are seriously interested in union with your twin soul then make sure you watch the rest of the videos in this series. To watch upcoming videos, You can subscribe to our YouTube channel “Twin Flames Coach Chandigarh”. Thank you so much for watching and I see you next time.

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  1. Sir main apko phn kiyethe magar Jaya baat Nehi Jo payi.sir ap kis samay free ho Bata dijiye.i need your help.aur ek baat apka number loss Ho Gaya .plz give your number onece again.

  2. you are doing a great job cause this is very important to know every person who is living causal life I'm in a twin flame journey I know it's not easy journey but I have faith in our journey
    Sir I'm requesting you to please explain twin flame stages that's why more people know what's actual twin flame relation is 🙏
    Thank You So Much ❤️

  3. Mujhe twin flame theory ke bareme pichhale saal hi pata chala tha par mai ye sari cheeze jaise is se kahi pahle samjhne laga tha . Mai nastik se bhagwan ko manne vala ban gaya maine miracles bhi dekhe hai life . Jisse mai pyar karta hu use mai 11/11/11 par mila aur pahla msg bhi 11:11 par kiya tha aur na jane 11:11 kaha kaha dekha. Mai chah kar bhi kuchh bura nahi kar pata . Mujhe puri tarah pata hai vahi meri twin hai . Hum dono ke to naam bhi ek jaise hi hai aur jaisa apne kaha vo mujhse thodi badi hai.

  4. Good job sir .twinflame journey is amazing. I feel every moment. Twin journey experience I accepted. I m twinflame n I meet him.mujhy last years 2018 November hi pata chala ha so I meet u sir .I m also living in Chandigarh

  5. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Absolutely true.. Trauma se gujari Hu true love ke liye.. Ab mila hai.. Bhagwaan ka bahot thank you.. Universe thank you so much. Thank you for this video Param Bhai. 🙏

  6. i met my twin in 2010 at the age of 11
    i came to know about twin flames on 9 april 2019
    meri twin mujhse 6 months age me badi hai
    born in same hometown
    studied in same school

  7. नमन 🙏। आज सुबह ही कुछ search करते हुए आपका channel सामने आया। मैं तब से आपकी videos ही देख रही हूँ। आध्यात्मिक पथ पर हूँ और बचपन से ही बहुत सारे सवालों के जवाब ढूंढ रही हूँ। पिछले कुछ सालों में बहुत सारी बातों का बोध हुआ, बहुत सारे अनुभव हुए, सारा जीवन बहुत संघर्ष और पीड़ा में गुज़रा। पर जब से अपने जीवन का उद्देश्य पाया, परमानन्द की स्थिति में हूँ। आप बहुत ही सुंदर तरीके से ब्रह्मांड के इतने गूढ़ रहस्यों को इतने सरलतम रूप में सबके सामने ला रहे हैं।
    कुछ समय पहले ही जीवन मे कुछ ऐसा घटा है कि लग रहा है शायद…… I got my Twinflame……We both are looking forward in the same direction. Roaming on the same path with same missions…..
    Nice to connect with you.

  8. I wanna meet you as soon as possible… I have written a book -"Twin Flames, GOD is a Great Engineer" and I think you may help me… You may watch the book documentary on youtube by typing "GOD IS A GREAT ENGINEER"… Please Share Your Contact Details…

  9. Superb video
    This is exactly what happened in my life
    Still on this journey since 5 yrs
    Still not United
    Lots of love and blessings 💕

  10. Whatever you said is truth indeed..I never intentionally read books on spirituality or twinflames but whatever you told I realized and understand the same through twinflame journey…my twin brought me back to God…now I have deep connection and love with God…my twin is my trigger…Jesus is my Guru and God is my Beloved💞💖💕

  11. Twin flame jab sath rahte h tb kya wo ek dusre ki habits ko follow krte h aur twin flame minimum kitne time tk sath rhte h

  12. Hello sir pls make n vedios on how to do inner work to increase soul vibrations,pls inform all the means ways of doing spiritual work.

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