Historias de TERROR reales en español para no dormir 2018

The case of Felicity Marmaduke.
The unlikely event happened in 2010 in the US state of Missouri. When Felicity Marmaduke was arrested and charged with desecration of dead and necrophilia. The woman, who by then was 38 and working in a morgue outside Lexington, was in working hours when the deceased apparently had an erection while being bathed as part of the funeral preparation, Woman straddled him and mounted him, until ejaculation occurred. A few weeks later, while attending a routine medical examination, a pregnancy test confirmed her condition. In fact, the woman had become pregnant with a dead man. With some nervousness he confessed the circumstances to the doctor who, in turn, gave notice to the police, who proceeded to his arrest. But there the question does not end and paradoxically, at the time, the woman stated her intention to sue over the property of the deceased to claim the support of her son. Felicity was confident in such a fact because a genetic sample would prove the paternity of man.
Amazing but completely real.

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