19 Replies to “Historic abortion bill to be debated”

  1. Please learn from history, child sacrifice doesn't bring empowerment. There is a reason why the Aztec and Inca empire fell.

  2. Poland has the 'Windows of Life' program in which unwanted babies are placed in the care of the state who are then adopted, strangely enough the UN want this program stopped in favour of killing ethnic Poles.

  3. No thank Q. Stand up for those that can't defend themselves.
    If anything, there should be a Heart Beat Bill, at the very least. Once there's a heartbeat, it's hands off and bubs coming into the world, like it or not. Still gives plenty of time for those that want to choose, to choose, due to whatever circumstance that happened, e.g. rape/incest/physical illness that could result in the death of both.

  4. Fighting for the right to kill those who cannot fight for their rights.
    Eugenicists have so much in common with slavers and communists.

  5. A fetus has a heartbeat as early as 5 weeks into a pregnancy.

  6. Aborted babies are used to make vaccines & insulin. With so many people too lazy to eat properly & people going to work when they're sick; the insulin & flu shots are in high demand. So the pharmaceutical companies need more babies to harvest. Whoever votes in favour of this bill, follow the money because you'll know their lobbyists will be pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, Johnson & Johnson & Pfeizer.

  7. Well given that it's the left-leaning that rejoice abortion and will gladly take advantage of it, maybe it's not such a bad thing. If they want to self-cull our gene pool will be better off.

  8. Let's hope that everyone who votes on this Legislation, remembers that their Mother didn't abort them, so they each had an opportunity to live their life – instead of being murdered in the womb!

  9. Conservatives are not standing up on these important issues anymore. They are too scared of the Leftist lynch brigades.

  10. Funny how liberals will fight to keep violent convicted felons from the death penalty, but they can't wait to kill a defenseless innocent baby

  11. If we can kill babies we can kill off much of our violent prison system too, and let's look at repercussions for treason

  12. So have any legislators got the balls to stand up against the woman’s choice narrative versus fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves?

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