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  1. Nature cannot think, nature always needs knowledge to exist 1st that can make of the things made so can nature exist with of the things made. Nature cannot make rules it is the knowledge that made the things exist so can nature exist with the rules of that knowledge that made it exist. As in mankind the knowledge that made mankind to exist. Has made (What Mankind is Made In) can tell us more what God thinks on abortion then Hitchens thinking it's of nature. God made mankind In His Image so what God is we get His image. God is All Knowledge, Love & Freewill so mankind is made of knowledge, love & freewill. So these 3 God made mankind is of God important for mankind. So Freewill is what God wants for mankind. Just in the fact of men doing of rape & mayhem on women 24/7. A woman may not want to have that baby. God gave mankind freewill so man has freewill authority over his & her body. So God is going to let that woman have freewill authority over that baby inside her body Not YOU. So whether she right or wrong you let God judge her choice not of man who think we are doing God a favor by making laws that take away her right of choice. While doing of evil 24/7 in goverment thinking God will over look evil of them. Best new book on Who is God: THIS IS THE BOOK OF ALL KNOWLEDGE on Amazon/Walmart books a must read.

  2. Until near the end of the second trimester, when the neural connections are developed that allow for consciousness, there is no person. So I reject the starting point here, that a fetus is a human being.

  3. What a babbling brook Hitchens was. Could never answer anything straightforward. Nothing but circumlocutions and beating around the bush. Who’s listening to him now, I wonder? Who is his audience now that he is gone?

  4. The thousands of women that don't want the child and forced to full term.
    A minimum of 500 unwanted birth per day, where do 182,500 unwanted births end up, who pays for them.
    Religious morons, will they all sign up and give free child care services,
    Their answer; NOT MY PROBLEM, I just wanted to be an asshole

  5. He's saying that it's cool to kill a small number of children as an individual but if God does it to a massive amount of people it's some how wrong. LoL

  6. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy that RESULTS IN the death of an UNVIABLE fetus. Who are you force a woman to remain pregnant. If your life is contingent upon me to give up one of my two my kidneys I have the RIGHT to say no. You are granting special rights to a fetus if you force the woman to be pregnant. Do you know what they call a late term abortion? a Csection that RESULTS in the fetus that survives!

  7. It's always men putting their filthy, perverse hands and ideologies inside a woman's vagina. You never hear women, Catholic or otherwise, trying to protest the practice of vasectomies. We're not telling men what to do with their bodies.

  8. The problem here is that Hitchens is far too polite. He could have put the shoe on the other foot and asked if God regards all (human) life as sacred, why did he murder so many children in the Old Testament? And what moral lesson should we learn from it, either then or now?

  9. A fetus is NOT a child. It merely has the potential to be one. It is a growth within a woman's body that should be (like any other part) under HER decision as to what to do with it.

    Religion has poisoned people as far as population control by opposing birth control and abortion. BOTH should be FREE upon request.


  11. How is it possible that a lot of people follows this idiot ego centrist, that thinks he owns the truth on every stupid thing he says, those guys must be idiots to believe and follow this crap talker

  12. At the end of the day. Religion thinks that life is so sacred that it’s worth suffering, the rest of us think that life is so sacred we need to minimise suffering

  13. Abortion is a horrible part of existence, but I have heard nothing else but worse ideas to address the problems of not having an abortion. Because the religious texts are so I’m moving it does nothing to allow for our deeper understanding of what is going on in the modern world when there is a problem with the mother or with the child, never mind all the other social knock on effect like poverty. The way to stop unwonted pregnancy is it is to promote sexual health, education and contraception alongside medicine. To increase the chances that somebody who is getting pregnant is getting pregnant because they want to be. There are no easy answers however in the cases of difficult pregnancies. The church has no response for this and would rather see a mother and child or die rather than the existence of one or the other or see them both live in poverty and suffering

  14. Myopic Hitchens basks in the Humanist after-glow of Christianity's Moral & Natural Law and claims moral parity with the word of God. He cannot see that the House of Enlightenment in which he stands was built on the very foundations on which he seeks to debase & destroy. He's like a child ordering his parents to leave his home so he can have unmitigated freedom… that's until the bills mount up & the house is repossessed… Hitchen's Humanism has not made the world a better place. Abortion is now the #1 cause of death by a considerable margin

  15. The answer will be determined objectively once we know when consciousness is formed. We do know that the neural plate is developed at week 2. So until we understand consciousness better I think the woman has 2 weeks to terminate the pregnancy. But the only direction this number can go is up.

  16. I absolutely respect CH … his demeanor, his style of debate, and his logic. However, this is one of only two times where I feel he was on the wrong side of logic (reparations, because that pandoras box would touch virtually every race on earth if it were ever opened) and here where he faltered in consistency of logic/argument … both are very out of character for a brilliant logician with a long track record of excellent thought.

  17. "… as for blowjobs, don't get me started." That is a WICKEDLY great and humorous statement. If I read it right, when handjobs are genocide, then so with blowjobs, it would be a cannibalistic genocide. A part of me wishes that Hitchens had taken up stand-up comedy instead of what he chose to do, because I suspect he would have reached and affected a lot more people had he done so. Hopefully I'm wrong.


  18. Nature has always dictated you aren't alive until you survive the birthing process. Saying a fetus is alive goes against billions of years of evolutionary precedent. That said, Roe vs. Wade has already arrived at THE correct solution. Abortion is just dandy when done before the fetus is capable of surviving outside the womb ON IT'S OWN. Once it's capable of surviving on it's own outside the womb, THEN it's a person. It's not all that hard to understand…. Related comment, if the Church (and all those god fearing fetus lovers) REALLY wanted to minimize abortion they would be 1000% for birth control. But they aren't, which just proves they don't give a shit about the unborn. They just want to keep women down, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. And the father's down too, making them have to work to support an ever increasing brood of kids. Poor and enslaved is just how the Church wants it's flock – so it's easier to control them. And the sheeple eat this shit up… Sad really…

  19. The largest provider of abortions is mother nature (or God, as this guy would call it). At least 25% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. What would he say to that?

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