Holistic Medicine for Lactation & Postpartum Conditions

hello everybody this is Plainfield chiropractic I'm doctor Chris Smith and this is doctor Mike Smith naturopathic doctor here at Plainfield chiropractic and the question is today did you know chiropractors and naturopathic doctors can help treat postpartum women with many different conditions specifically I'm going to go ahead and talk about that strong postpartum back pain that develops so with this postpartum back pain it definitely goes ahead and it slows down mom when she has this young baby now how does it develop first authors there's quite a few things that can cause this lower back pain to develop first off if they had a spinal condition prior that's something right there that can go ahead and exacerbate symptoms with lower back pain as they go ahead and go through the pregnancy but then also the delivery also along with that when we go ahead and mom has unfortunately a bad posture which isn't uncommon considering now you have to go ahead and you're carrying around a baby carrier and on top a tattoo when you're breastfeeding you're having to get into different positions that make it comfortable for the baby you almost seen anything about yourself you have to have a proper positioning proper posture so your back pain doesn't get exacerbated so I want that too another thing is looking at wait wait something else too that needs to be addressed because still if you continue to carry on the weight you have from pregnancy that can continue to linger with this lower back pain that you have so there's so many things that were able to go ahead and address chiropractically we can go ahead and address this too through what through chiropractic adjustments manipulation taking pressure off the lower spine in terms of the nurse and then along with that too we could also go ahead and through diag and traditional changes that's something else that we can go ahead and address to dr. Mike is here who's also going to go ahead and now talk about everything that he can do naturopathic Lee to help with these postpartum mothers yeah so one of the first things that I think about dr. Chris with postpartum moms is there supply breast milk production this is something that new moms are always concerned about is very very prevalent so it gets talked about a lot and for those moms that you want to do everything naturally right yeah this will weigh on them heavily if they feel like they're not being able to produce that that nutrition for their young so it's important to support them and let them know that this is common and that there's things that we can do before we get to the formula and supplement so one of the first things I think about is hydration simple easy making sure that you're taking in enough water typically half your body weight in ounces is a good place to start good with them the second thing that I think about is different botanicals to actually increase the breast milk supply there's a lot of different botanicals but it's important to take botanicals that are going to be safe in lactation because there's many botanicals that are not safe and lactation so that's the most important thing the top three herbs that I think of that actually increased about the breast milk supply are fowl then you drink and hops the three best and then there's some other ones that can support a hormone production as you continue on like bluebird bein chased your berry things like that so other things that I discuss with new moms and then of course one of the other things that is also prevalent with postpartum moms is those mood disorders right the baby blues yeah it is very prevalent as well some studies suggest up to 40% of women will have some sort of postpartum depression fatigue feelings irritability things like that and it can come and go and can wax and wane over the course of that first year those first 12 months and it can linger on past those first 12 months too so one of the first things I think about it's important to take care of your physical body so that you can support your emotional health as well so eating a colorful Whole Foods is the first thing that I think about of course hydrating yourself properly the next thing is having your community having your support network around you to either take care of your other children that are screaming and running around or or you know scourging and getting some child care so that you and baby can have some some bonding time some alone time to each other to bond because that's very important and then sleep of course is the most important thing and new parents just do not get enough of it so having family around having your support networks someone who can take baby for a little bit so mom can get an hour – this guy right here knows exactly what I'm talking about and then the other thing that I think about is stress reduction techniques so different breathing techniques is what I think about specifically slow and diaphragmatic breathing the diaphragm is that large respiratory muscle that sits over the top of our abdominal organs and it's directly connected to our parasympathetic nervous system so that's that rest and digest resting relaxed nervous system so that's the key is slow and diaphragmatic breathing and then a couple of things that I think about when it comes to the fatigue with postpartum depression b12 great supplementation to help with that fatigue another one that I think of for postpartum depression is essential fatty acids those omega-3 is pretty well studied it tends to be very very high dosages so 10 to 12 grams per day so pretty high and then the other thing that I think about is nerve I NURBS and adaptogenic herbs – one calm the nervous system and to support the adrenal glands in that stress response so that's what I've got for it today all right well we want to thank everybody for watching today again political chiropractic here in downtown playing field in the corner of James and Lockport Street is where our offices as you have done myself dr. Chris and the doctor like who's over here we just want to say thank you so much for watching our video like us to love us share us comments if you if you had any questions what I think going you could also PM us or happy to address anything that you want to go ahead and talk about in terms of any conditions also with the obviously postpartum all right you take it easy have a great rest your day bye bye

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