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the video has passed thank you ladies in general if I wasn't a Christian and if I didn't believe the things that I believed I would be pro-choice I would have gone to any length medically overseen or not to end my pregnancy what you ended was a unique genetic code that had eye color hair color how tall would be how much it would weigh its personality when you put between event abortion performed you eliminated all of that that's a scientific fact is Hollywood using its power to influence your political views find out on this episode of LED lives exposing darkness hello everyone you're watching LED live the show we used the light of Christ to expose darkness found in media and our culture today and today we're talking about Hollywood in politics all right so I'm excited let's get started okay so question for Scottie you used to work in Hollywood in California right I did yes um did your productions ever bring you out to the East Coast they did I worked on a couple shows that I actually worked in in New York for about a month or two so I got a chance to experience the East Coast and then in that sense nice do you guys know which city on the East Coast is considered the Hollywood of the south yes and that's because I mean Hollywood and and Georgia as a state actually have a pretty tight relationship I mean Hollywood dumps billions of dollars into Georgia's economy every single year films and shows have been produced such as to see the walking dead you have Hunger Games Black Panther currently has a box office over 1.3 billion dollars and Tyler Perry one of the most successful he is the most successful african-american in film history his production studio is based in Atlanta and then we have Marvel superhero franchise guardians of the galaxy you have ant-man spider-man all of these were made in Atlanta right now George is in the dog house last week Georgia's legislature approved the living infants fairness and equality Act also known as the House bill for 8:1 it's also called the heartbeat bill now hearing all those terms what comes to mind heartbeat bill abortion exactly exactly so basically it abandons abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected do you know how far into a pregnancy you can hear the fetuses heartbeat isn't it like a month it starts to have a heartbeat or give or take six six weeks okay it's over a month right okay but before all of this was happening jort it was legal for a woman enjoyed it to abort her child 20 weeks into her pregnancy that's about five months so you don't get five months versus six weeks it's a pretty big gap and it's interesting the the controversy that's going on not only in Georgia but Hollywood as well so I want to pause here though for a while and ask each of you what your stance on abortion is as an individual I'll go first I believe in pro-life I believe that that there is a miraculous thing with that baby's life is conceived if you look at some of the scientific research that's been done on when the sperm enters the egg there's actually a flash of light that happens right at that time and it is a to me it's like it's a life at that point and you know maybe there will be a struggle maybe someone will have a harder hardship but you know God can see some of those children through and and they can be a wonderful blessing to society yeah I guess I'll go next yeah I'm pro-life as well is preserve as much life as possible you know and and sometimes there's very sad situations where that becomes very difficult you know there are complications and the mother's gonna die or the baby's gonna die or both are gonna die but I just believe that we should try to preserve as much life as possible you know even in those hard situations okay so question when you say preserving as much life the life of the mother of what we're left with the child base of things that's I mean that's I I don't know how to answer that question I mean to me it's a it's not my decision I don't know what I would do in that case I mean that's that's really challenging and so for me I would just take this stance I'd you know whatever you choose that's between you and God and and I can't answer that question you know whether you choose that you know the the wife that you love or the child that you love that's that's on its way I mean how can you choose that you know I don't know how anybody can really choose that but sometimes people have to make those choices and that's really are you rare and specific they are that you kind of have to cross that bridge windows those things come to basically make a rule or a law off of that really kind of obscure one thing is I think where we get a lot of our ideas for abortion and skewed exactly I even from high school up till 2012 I was saying I'm I probably wouldn't do it but I think everybody has the right to choose and then I saw a documentary called 180 there's a 180 and it made a parallel between like how Hitler kind of brainwashed everybody into thinking well certain races aren't even really technically human so it's okay to exterminate them that's what we're being told about fetuses well they're not really human yeah they're like a fish I got the cells you can look at the you can look at photographs from abortion clinics and see that they have fingernails features they're not a glob of cells so I think there's a lot of disinformation on this subject like Scotty was saying they take it they take a sort of a a rare case in an exact like theory around that yes so whenever you bring up abortion it's always life for them another and all this but when you look at the statistics that's 1% I'll warn you right right the majority is convenience and you know in the rare case yeah in the rare case that the baby or the mother's gonna die I think that should be something that's case-by-case the doctor makes a decision you don't open some kind of drive-through abortion clinic like come on in like why would you make a whole thing for 1% yeah so interesting that Mikey said at one point you know he was pro-choice were you ever approached choice at any point I was actually I think in my earlier years I would have definitely thought you know hey there's there's cases and times when that person is gonna have a harder life if the child's brought into it but now that I have children and I've experienced that and I've seen that from a different set of eyes I look at life at a whole different way and and I mean I definitely am pro-life at this point but my earlier 20s I would have been pro-choice I was too and that's because I had a somebody in my family who has gone through that and somebody I really loved and and identified with and so for me it was hard for me to to put that condemnation on that person so to speak in my own mind and and say that well you know that's that's a wrong thing to do I didn't know I didn't want to place them in that that you know box if you will and I and I and I probably still wouldn't you know because I'm not there haven't been there but at some point you know it shifted right it's interesting I'm in my twenties and I'm if I had to label myself I would say pro-choice so I wonder hmm interest at a time I'm at that stage of life if it'll change and then I wonder too if the people that are out there picketing are they more you know I like if you just look at this this photo here it seems like a bunch of older ladies that are like hey I regret this decision I regret my abortion but then you see some younger 20 year old right there going oh keep it safe that's true all the way across the board yeah that's that's something to think about it definitely I'll say also a very controversial ad or something when I was a woman wearing a t-shirt that was like I had an abortion and she was like celebrating at home I was just like I just don't understand that I mean I could see I was in this situation I had to make a very tough decision I made it but to like celebrate almost just seems demented her okay so it really took time for me to discuss it with friends and really hash out this whole topic of abortion but I came to this conclusion right what is abortion abortion is killing of a child or a fetus inside a mother's womb it's killing so killing is against the sixth commandment which is thou shalt not kill and we know that equals sin sin is a transgression of the law therefore me as a Christian should be against abortion however that's my religious belief so what I had to come to terms with is just like with God I should not force obedience or before in the forcing of obedience really when it comes to true worship which involves the way we live our lives it's all about choice right so when when when it comes between a woman and what she decides to do with her body that really should be but a decision made that she makes between her and God and it shouldn't really have the involvement of let's just say the government we've heard all of your positions and you mixed kind of your religious beliefs with actual science backings but overall is your position more because of your faith or because of your belief of civil rights whether it is towards the mom or the fetus I would definitely say I'm looking at this through faith based eyes I mean my relationship with God has really opened up my my mind to a whole mess of other things I'm I'm probably gonna come at it from a faith-based point of view and this maybe not quite in the exact context this was written but in Deuteronomy it talks about God and he's saying I've put before you this day you know life and death and he gives him the answer he says choose life and not not trying to take that out of context for this situation but I have a tendency to apply that you know towards other things and say what does God want us to choose I think he wants us to choose life when you thinking of government there's really two sides or politics rather you have the pro-lifers which are more of the far-right evangelicals who are extremists in that they really want to abolish abortion but then you have the far left the the Liberals who are all for choice to the extent that we know in New York the reproductive health act just passed for people who don't know I think the bill actually broads this this if I'm not mistaken a health exception for abortions up to as you just mentioned 24 weeks that's that's up to nine months of pregnancy for age economic social there's a list on the website do I have that about right so you can have an abortion for any reason up until 24 weeks which is 6 months of pregnancy and then after 24 weeks so from 25 to 40 weeks so you know the date of birth right you could have an abortion for basically anything because they quantify it as health of the mother which can literally be anything so right if I'm feeling stressed that is impeding my health right if I'm feeling anxious that's a reason if my boyfriend ran out on me certainly that's causing the emotional distress so that's a reason so you can now kill a baby through the date of birth in this stage of music you can do that right so you're looking at two extremes so when I'm thinking about government should there be absolutes in government pro-life versus pro-choice so that's why I said earlier if I had to choose yeah would be pro-life but I don't like the extremism found on both sides and there really doesn't seem to be any middle ground I I would have to agree with you I I think that there is an extreme outer edge there that's a scary territory because even though they may be utilizing their law or their power in a certain way today you wait till you get someone super evil in that seat and all of a sudden you can see it can go the other way real fast I think a lot of our laws are written because some crazy example happens you know somebody goes into a church and shoots of a bunch of people let's just change all the gun laws then and and then now of a sudden it's like you're probably not gonna take the guns away from the criminals and they're the only ones with the guns now and you know does that solve anything so III think that there is definitely a boundary where we should allow our government to make those choices but then I also go you know as a pro-choice ER with God then society really needs to sit down and think about that and when society gets to the place where it's like you know not thinking on any sort of like religious mindset then we either have a choice to leave or isolate yourself or you know I'm thinking about wife and Jesus makes you know several statements says I come that they may have life and have it more abundantly you know in other words he wants to save as many people as possible and just where you draw those lines I mean Bible says there's a wisdom and a multitude of counselors and I'm glad that at least in this country we are set up with some checks and balances and a lot of people that are hopefully doing their job and looking at those those laws when they make those decisions and saying this is you know maybe the the parameters that we should do it around and not trying to go to extremes in one way or the other it's unfortunate that those things happen but to just say that I don't know that it's the answer that we should just not protect life okay it's interesting you say that let's go back to the government's involvement you know okay this law is passed but what does it accomplish okay less abortions and now you have babies being born but at what point does the government's involvement stop because if you're gonna force someone to have a child wouldn't it be right to say you should force I mean you should help them in the development of the child and I'm talking about health care education housing so there's there's multiple scenarios there and multiple options there's a lot of people to have children and realize I'm not capable of handling this and they like everybody this is like every panelist and and there are other options where there are people you cannot have children mmm I just can't like it's biologically not possible for them to have children but they have the means and resources to take care of a child and so this idea that it's like you know again I think we're taking extreme viewpoints and saying well if you're forcing somebody in that situation it's gonna be a strain on the system it doesn't have to be you know there are many options available out there where people who would love to have a child and care for that child and love for that child and provide for their education and provide for the health care and all kinds of things so maybe we as a society instead of looking at it like well it's just gonna drain think of it on the other side of the fence if we have this large group of unwanted children coming into society what can we do with them how can we then plug them in give them you know a better situation how could we make the system work for them to have a better existence and and give them the means I don't know maybe yeah I think it's a little bit too challenging to adopt I mean we know people that adopt and it's cost tons of money and all these funny hoops everything I'm almost sympathizing with the politicians because it's like maybe we should make it easier but then you make it easier and you got psychos adopting children it's like wow there's a lot to think about well there's a difference between screening people and expense upfront you know definitely we should screen people just like you should screen people who are getting guns you know you don't want to just hand over our gun to anybody but no need to necessarily make it so expensive exact people who are screened can can do that and not burn a whole bunch of funds that they could use in taking care of the child I think a really good way to to deal with a situation like this is with information I appreciate these kind of conversations I think we need to have these kind of conversations just to basically cut it off and everybody gets up in arms well you know this is my side of the thinking or this is my side of the thinking this is how we as a society come to grappling with these kind of topics and come to some conclusion to it and and we need to discuss them more you know the countries that have a war on drugs if you've ever seen any kind of like documentation on how effective act actually is that war on drugs there's some countries that just say you know what we're gonna embrace it and we are going to instead of war against it we're gonna we're gonna allow the drugs to come into the country and we're gonna just use information to teach people the dangers of drugs and stuff and they are actually much more effective than than the countries that just say if you do drugs we're gonna throw you in jail so David chose to attack that problem with information I think we can do the same as well we can we can choose to dump and flood our society with information look if you have children or you're sleeping around you know that a child can come out of that and you know we can give information on what to do from that point out and try to attack it from that at the end of the day it seems like you're getting that is can we force people to make decisions or choices and you know is that God's model it's certainly not God's model but it seems like any model that God set up whenever you made that choice and he allowed you to make it there's always been consequences to that and for society to say well we're not living a theocracy anymore and there's consequences but you know we're not going to help provide the environment where those consequences can can happen because people learn through consequence you know it's like your child if they lie to you and there's no consequence what's the idea they're gonna keep lying to you you know so I think there should be consequences that are a lot of have a lot of eyes on it and a lot of people come together and agree without infringing on other people's rights you know privacy safety but certainly there should be consequences and at the end of the day yeah you can make that choice I'm all for people making whatever choice but they need to think through it and say what is the consequence what is the long-term situation gonna be if I make that choice you know hopefully that's what we're teaching our children to do is look you're gonna go out into the world you're gonna have choices to make if you want to be lazy you can make that choice but you're gonna struggle because you're not gonna be able to get a very good job being lazy you know okay well we're talking about Hollywood in politics and I say we're all trapped really really interesting Alyssa Milano so she's an actress in Hollywood and she's now leading the charge in Hollywood against this legislation we're talking about the bill that was passed in Georgia about abortion she and 49 other actresses talking about Amy Schumer Alec Baldwin Gabrielle Union Sean Penn these are big names signed this letter against the bill saying and I'll read it quote as actors our work often brings us giorgia we've always found your state to be populated with friendly and caring people however this dangerous and deeply flawed bill mimics many others which have already been deemed unconstitutional listen carefully as men who identify as small government conservatives and now we're seeing the extremes again we remind you that the government is never bigger than when it is inside a woman's body or in her doctor's office I want you to pay attention to the language in this last piece we want to stay in Georgia we want to continue to support the wonderful people businesses and communities we have come to love in the Peach State but we will not do so silently and we will do everything in our power to move our industry to a safer State for a woman if HB 481 which is the bill becomes law now notice the language she's she's saying that if this bill becomes law they will be forced to move to a safer state now my question is what about this bill is unsafe yeah going back to talking about how the government is really trying to protect society and the people living in it when you think about it just looking at the science no the longer a woman is pregnant but actually progresses through the trimesters if she decides to go through with the procedure of abortion she is more at risk than early on so saying the cutoff time is six weeks is actually helping the woman wouldn't you agree yeah I think it's interesting how Hollywood tries to really muscle their weight around you know not even discussing the the implications of that it's just there like if you don't do what we say then we're just going to you know pull out somewhere else how many of them actually go through with this stuff how many celebrities are like if Trump gets elected I'm moving out of the country and they're still here I mean it's still the best country I mean that's true they they're gonna they're gonna throw their popularity around as a as a commodity but so are they really gonna say from here on like oh this blockbuster movie you're gonna get millions of dollars I've become the Georgia no we're not gonna go see them yeah I think this happens a lot in Georgia actually because Georgia probably has a lot of people that are more you know conservatively minded maybe and so these bills make their way you know up through the chain and then when it gets to the top then these bigger industries take notice I mean Delta's in Georgia Coca Cola's and Georgia you got some big businesses in Georgia and if they're trying to please the loudest voice maybe not even you know the right voice or the voice of the representative people but the loudest voice then they're gonna you know take their their concerns to the people at the top and use the almighty dollar – yes weigh their votes I think the celebrity is gonna take the hit harder than Georgia itself and all that they have going for them I mean they're gonna be the one missing out on the opportunity to act in a sort of movie or whatever okay well in summary this letter which was posted on Twitter surprise surprise threatened a boycott if the bill becomes state law but actors are not the only ones against the bill we have the Writers Guild of America East and West which are label unions that represent TV and film writers so they also took to Twitter and posted a letter in opposition to Georgia's abortion ban legislation calling this band quote a blatant attack on every woman's right to control her own body in their post they said this draconian anti choice law would discourage people in our industry from working in Georgia and could harm the state's vibrant film and television industry now they continue in the letter saying it is entirely possible that many of those in our industry will either want to leave the state or decide not to bring productions here now let's think of the magnitude of this we have three to five thousand jobs scheduled to be opened in 2021 you have billions of dollars that Hollywood is dumping into Georgia's economy it's thriving off of what Hollywood is doing and now Hollywood is saying we're going to with the draw from you if you put this bill into law now do you think what do you think about this situation where it is literally stepping outside of the bounds of just producing entertainment and to using its power to to sway government's decision-making I think art is meant to affect the viewer they're in the business of affecting society in fact a lot of our ideals are shaped because of these productions that they're putting out there the the dialogue that's put into movies the way that those characters interact with each other the storyline between the people that you know they're making movies about that are okay with abortion and stuff those are having an impact in society so it doesn't it doesn't shock me that they're using their influence to you know get what they want in in politics I mean they're in the business of shaping people's minds ultimately I think you're you're saying you know well I'm okay with the fact that if I was that child and that mother I would not exist you know you have to be okay with that decision the child doesn't get any say you know everybody's making the decision for them and it's like you have all these people that are that it's already had a hard enough time to get where it's at and then before it's even born it's got like all these people that are like against that child you know coming to full tournament and being born and it's like I don't know just place yourself in that child's shoes you know everybody's making the decisions for you you don't get to choose you know it's a it's really a miracle that it's gotten this far and it's in its lifespan and and it could be snuffed out so quickly okay well let's let's go back to Scott I remember you talking about information you know how information should be put out there to kind of do the problem and people should be able to choose and also the dialogue in Hollywood can really influence a lot of people it's interesting because a movie was released last week March 29 called unplanned so it's a Christian film by the same producer of God's not dead it's a movie about Abby Johnson who becomes the youngest clinic director in history of Planned Parenthood then a life changing changing experience turns her into an anti-abortion activist happy Johnson is in the other room here our first order of business is to present Planned Parenthood's Employee of the Year award Abby Johnson this is Abby she's our newest volunteer escort Abby this is Cheryl Alessandra I'd be the youngest director in Planned Parenthood history you'll actually be in charge of the abortions at your clinic I have a chance to make a real difference the only thing that's changed is you Abby you even hear yourself talk right now about these procedures these are little babies I'm not going to apologize for doing a job that helps women in crisis they're still part of me that isn't sure but the one thing that all experts agree on is that at this stage the fetus can't feel anything sorry to bother you but they need an extra person in the back room are you free I saw it was like twisting and fighting for its life we commend the souls of these hundreds of children and Lord we pray to end abortion I really appreciate what you've done for us I'll not forget it 22 even covered rough day at the office your dad and me you are our baby from the moment of conception we are paying you to be a perfect instrument of corporate policy we are an abortion provider I can't be part of this anymore everything that they've told us is a lie don't underestimate the repercussions of this you got to be careful let me tell you what's gonna happen if you bail through that door congratulations you can make an enemy of one of the most powerful organizations on the planet this film is is a really honest look as to what happens in abortion clinics so it's an attempt to make the idea of abortion more tangible so someone can make a more educated decision but I want to talk about Hollywood's response to this film because it's not really what do you think pro-lifers were really shocked and confused when the motion picture associative Association of America MPAA gave this movie an r-rating part of the issue has been that this movie got an R rating which a lot of people thought was ironic that young women who in most states could go have an abortion without their parents involvement couldn't go watch the movie hmm another interesting they don't want kids to see it basically mm-hmm were you anticipating that were you surprised what's your response to that Hollywood is about politics it's not about making movies it said it's about propaganda with Hollywood and you know we are pro-life guys in a pro-choice town and so we are not like and the movie is not gonna be like so to expect that they would give us a fair reading okay not gonna happen so we kind of knew that we wished for the best understood that the worst could possibly happen and that when we got the are didn't surprise us I live in a country where my daughter can go out at 13 she can get an abortion without parental consent but she can't go to see this movie okay wait wait so this into my mind for a second they gave it an r-rating why oh yeah we're gonna get into that because of the violence so not only did they give it a our rating Hollywood blocked advertisements so you wouldn't see this on TV except if you're watching what is it Christian Broadcasting Network you see it on there but not on the regular Channel well another interesting thing is they had a Twitter page this movie had a Twitter page with thousands of followers and it got shut down and reopened a new one yes dan this is just one of the most recent examples of censorship bias on Twitter what's your thoughts well I mean the Twitter is consistently the worst of all the social media outlets there is no pretense so I mean you know this is not the treatment that liberals receive Planned Parenthood move or abortion movies don't get shut down their accounts don't get shut down on their opening weekend you don't have people who try to follow the account and it automatically unfollowed you yeah I mean there's a huge uproar on Twitter and Twitter's response is always the immunity oh yeah okay and they move on if imagine the media outrage if this happened to some sort of left-wing account it's simply the way it is Twitter is no way shape or form a neutral platform the Conservatives see you know that tells me they own the machine right they're blocking the information you say something gags you say something against what they believe then they're gonna just cut it off and and that that channel is not gonna be able to to be open to this type so I believe in freedom of speech and these people try to claim that's what they believe and we won't accept as we want a voice with we want representation but yet we don't get to have that side we're always silent pro-choice we want you to be able to choose anything but choose something that's different than us data that's crazy so um what's quite comical about this r-rating you guys remember the movie venom yeah you know that was rated pg-13 of course right it's crazy because he's totally demonically possessed anyway that's that's that's way less than killing babies was there any violence in that they were killing people but you didn't see any actual blood it was black it was real cartooning something like that every Marvel movie pretty much every Marvel movie in comparison in terms of contents to this movie is worse yet almost all their movies is rated pg-13 while this one is rated R let's look at some examples last year it contains instances of torture and impale a black panther very popular movie contains stabbings gunfights and UFC type fistfights came out last year contains more than 70 course words and I say course instead of curse because you know there's different words that are not considered really curse words but you wouldn't want your like seven-year-old son action film live free or die hard about 100 course words in Titanic remember 1997 movie had cursed a wait were you born then curse words sexuality and nudity all of these phones are rated pg-13 PG I knew it was and we haven't even started on broadcast television regular shows Abby Johnson in response to the MPAA rating of unplanned what you know his rated R she released an open letter addressed to parents making it clear that this film contained no profanity no nudity no sex assuring them that the film's tone runs a full range of laughter and tears and a detailed she details the specific scenes that basically triggered this rating in particular so I'm gonna share it with you two and then yes that's it out of our two-hour movie Wow so this is another instance where you don't need to see the movie in order to make an educated decision whether you should watch it or not so this is what she says one scene shows what I saw on the ultrasound screen when I assisted in the abortion procedure that convinced me of the humanity of the unborn you will see what I saw a baby on an ultrasound screen in black-and-white 2d you will see the abortion instrument which looks like a big straw in real life and like a dark line on the ultrasound introduced onto the screen you will see the baby struggle against it you will see the baby first slowly then quickly disappear into the instrument as it does what it is to do Johnson stresses the footage is not of an actual abortion and it was necessary to keep it in the film because it tells the truth of what our culture keeps trying to insist is a right and a freedom the second scene recreates my awful experience with the abortion pill including some blood in real life I hemorrhaged so badly I thought I was going to die Johnson writes adding that the film captures her experience without being gratuitous or gory Johnson concludes that she cannot make the decision for parents themselves but shares that her own twelve-year-old daughter will see it and other friends who have seen it plan to do the same our children are of the generation who is being lost to abortion this is personal for them too she writes yes it's a movie about abortion but even more so it's a movie about the truth of forgiveness repentance and redemption because that is what the story of my life is really about we were just looking up the statistics on the age of people of woman who go through abortions and you see that it's 15 to 19 that's 10% and over 20% is ages 20 to 24 these are the people who should be exposed to this information and know exactly what's going on in the clinics any comments on this yeah I've heard a lot about I think it might be the company or the organization choices but they go around with a truck and they're fully licensed and everything and they just want to give women ultrasounds before they have a an abortion that's all they want to do we just want to show you the baby and they get run off all the time by the abortion clinic people like we don't want you here and so why aren't they wanting the women to see the baby and it's really ironic that this got an r-rating probably by people who are pro-choice but we okay so what we say is okay we don't want to see on-screen why would you stand for something that you don't even want to see I think it's also a testament to the power that media has because they would not react in this type of way if it wasn't going to influence and obviously put it in our rating he's gonna put that decision-making that is able to view this early enough to like before there's an actual abortion or a problem they'll make a decision I think those decisions are made at 13 14 15 so if they put those numbers you know that you can't go see this until this high I mean it really minimizes that I think that's a testament to how powerful media can be I mean it can influence because a huge discrepancy here you know because we're saying this is rated R for two scenes and you're basically putting it on the same level as something like Deadpool it's rated R you know which Deadpool by the way had a curse word literally I think every minute yeah or half a minute out of the thing there was a hundred and something curse words in the entire production weight and sexuality right and and and yeah and and not to mention the the gore and violence in it you know so you know there's a huge discrepancy and then and you take some of these pg-13 films and we say well this is not as bad as that I mean it's fine for your kid to see something like that but right I mean well despite Hollywood's efforts to block this from the public view unplan unplanned as of now has a box office of seven million dollars so the word is getting out there people are going to see it on traverse it can be a good thing sometimes exactly exactly yeah if they go you know they won't let them play it here or they're not promoting it in any way shape or form in the public so only Christian radio stations and things you know that should make a lot of people curious yeah I'm curious I didn't know like what did they say in this thing well don't really go Hollywood knows me to my next question as Christians in regards to this biographical film because it is about her life she'll be watching should we encourage other people to watch it you know I think I think there is a place for film I really do and I think in such an important conversation piece like this there's there's a lot of different varieties of how we can share information we can share information with a book we can share information with a documentary some people maybe aren't going to go and read a book or be exposed to you know digging around on the Internet but they will sit down and watch a film so I think God is in the business of saving people and III think he's using whatever means he can and these guys are using the tools that they have at their hands they've they've clearly gotten very good at it and you know this is potentially a film that that I will actually sit down and watch yeah I think that they are thinking of the same way we do what we do it's a information war we're trying to it's like a spiritual war we're trying to show you the reasons why you should watch certain things so I think they're doing the same thing well if people are gonna watch movies anyway let's see them something that's good and informative yeah you know III think for any of our listeners out there if you guys know of anybody that is you know in this age range where they potentially have gotten pregnant accidentally and are really contemplating this I mean I think everything begins with prayer sit down ask God what is it that you want me to do and show me the information convict my heart and those things I believe will lead you God will lead you he's not gonna ignore you to the right pieces of information so that you can make a good and well educated choice but you know if you if you give that choice to God God what do you want me to do I guarantee you he will keep knocking on your heart that little small voice will be loud and clear in your mind and you know I think he'll help you out I'm gonna say at the end of the day I'm with Mikey here you know if you're gonna say that you're pro-choice does that spill into other parts of your life I mean shouldn't you be pro-choice that people see something like this you know information you know let people make their own decision you don't have to shut something down necessarily because you don't agree with it you know do I do I believe there are certain things we shouldn't watch or do absolutely but you know at the end of the day you know you have to let people make those decisions for good or for bad we'll do our best to influence people you know for the right way and I might say yeah you know there's this you shouldn't watch it Deadpool and here's the reasons why but at the end of the day it's your choice and you know I'm not gonna necessarily go out and pick it at Deadpool and you know and try to shut down their twitter account and all that and you know it's like you have to choose you're the one that's accountable to god so I say if you're pro-choice you know let people choose don't thank you guys so much for discussing this topic with me and thank you for watching LED live we really appreciate your support don't forget to Like comment and definitely subscribe share this video with as many people as possible to get the word out that LED live is here or something bye

15 Replies to “Hollywood in Politics | The Abortion issue – LED Live”

  1. So let me get this straight. You don't think its your place to step in and force your hand on a mother that wants to kill her child on the basis of here right to choose to obey this moral right because God let's us choose and doesn't force our hand? So when a child outside of the womb get beat over the head and bruised because of a heartless mother or father we ought not to step in? And what's more, a child in the womb is even more helpless than one already born. God in His word hates when injustice is practiced towards the innocent; when judgement stands afar off, when truth is fallen is the streets, when equity cannot enter! What about the rights of the baby in the womb to choose? Its biology chooses every moment that it wants to live as long as it is growing and developing and we are wrong to say that we ought not to force the women to have the child. She has no right to take a life that isn't hers; she has no right to abuse that little body that is not hers. No bitterness here. Just truth from God's word. With much Love, God bless.

  2. A person has no choice when it comes to ending someone else's life. I agree that the extremism is not right on the "right" but honestly there's no choice to murder, Jesus would not be ok with that.

  3. The pro-choice argument from the girl is insane, for example, yes God let us the choice to murder people or not, but it doesn't mean we have to legalize all murders as a society. I hope she'll rethink about it.

  4. Life is transmitted from parents to children. What vast multitudes of living beings perish without ever seeing the light, i.e. , without ever being born. Yet they had life. And so life exists in that which precedes embryotic existence.E.G.White, DBC 15.4

    Ecclesiastis 11v5, Psalms 139v13-16

  5. Set your mind on things above and live your life according to God's Word. Do not make an idol out of anyone or their beliefs, especially people in Hollywood.

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