Hooking Up 1 Week Before Court Appearance (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

(DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Fisher v. Stuard.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Ms. Fisher, you’re here to prove that Mr. Stuard is your daughter Kh’aaliya’s
biological father. FISHER: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You state that your daughter has
a serious medical condition and it is imperative that you know
the father’s medical history, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Mr. Stuard, you claim that Ms. Fisher
was with multiple partners during the window
of conception and you have the proof. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You state that Ms. Fisher is trying
to pin her baby on you because she knows
you are a good father. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: All right. So, Ms. Fisher,
why are you here today? I’m here to just find out who is my daughter’s
biological father for the simple fact
it’s fair for her to know. I don’t want her to grow up
without knowing, and I also want
to be able to know if something goes on
wrong with her, I wanna be able to know what I can do to help her. You brought this action,
so you’re here to prove that Mr. Stuard is your
child’s biological father? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Why do you believe he is the biological father? FISHER: Because at the time
my baby was conceived, that’s who I was
having sexual relations with. JUDGE LAKE: Take me back.
What’s the nature
of this relationship? STUARD: It was just a sexual
relationship, Your Honor. Okay. So,
that’s enough to make a baby. Did you use protection? The first few times, yes. Yes, Your Honor, but… I mean… FISHER: He’s telling a lie. Come on, now, a week
after we started
messing around, you know, she come by
and she showed me a pregnancy test, like… I’m like, “It’s not my baby.” JUDGE LAKE: So a week… FISHER: He’s telling a lie. …after
you all started having
a sexual relationship, she brings you
a pregnancy test and says she’s pregnant? Yes, ma’am. Yes, Your Honor. So, you don’t believe you’re the father
of her child? No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Fisher, tell me what happened. Um, well, I woke up one morning,
I wasn’t feeling well, and I’ve been pregnant before,
so I can… I pretty much knew before
I took the test
I was pregnant. And you immediately said, “Mr. Stuard, this is your… FISHER: I showed it to him, his first reaction,
“It ain’t mine.” JUDGE LAKE:
That’s what he said? Yes, that’s exactly
what he said. Exactly. Exactly. JUDGE LAKE: Whoo. That is not the reaction you look for when you tell a man
you’re pregnant. JEROME: Not at all. JUDGE LAKE: So, he says, “It’s not mine.” And then what did you say? I just… I just really
just rolled with it,
Your Honor, because, I mean… STUARD: Exactly. …at the end of the day,
I got two other kids. I don’t have time
to be begging no man to step up and be a man. JUDGE LAKE:
After this is over,
did the relationship continue? FISHER: Yes.
He was just at my house, like, a week and half ago. WOMAN: Oh. STUARD: Oh, so… JUDGE LAKE: Oh. STUARD: I mean, I got bored. WOMAN: Oh. I got bored, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You got bored? Yes, Your Honor. When you get bored,
you go over Ms. Fisher’s house and have unprotected sex? Sometimes. That’s smart. STUARD: She told me
out of her mouth that I wasn’t the baby’s father. JUDGE LAKE: Explain. STUARD: She showed me
the pregnancy test
in her phone. I was like, “I don’t know
what you showing me for, that ain’t mine.”
She, “I wasn’t showing it… I wasn’t showing it to you
for that reason. I was showing it to you because you caught yourself
messing around with me when I start getting big.
I want you to at least… I want you to at least know
what’s going on.” So, you know, okay. Times go on,
we kind of lost touch for about three, four months, then we started back talking,
you know what I’m saying? Like, when she had
baby with her. And now, she told me
I’m her baby’s daddy. You know, this the first time
I really heard of it. She ain’t telling me
nothing like that. …were you around
during the pregnancy? STUARD: No. No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Did you go
to doctor’s appointments? No, Your Honor.
I was under the impression that it wasn’t my child. So, Ms. Fisher, when you gave birth, Mr. Stuard wasn’t there,
right? No, ma’am. Did you call him
and tell him the baby’s here? FISHER: No, ma’am.
He play a lot of games and I’m really
fed up with his games, so… STUARD: Really? JUDGE LAKE: Not too fed up, he was over a week
and a half ago. STUARD: Exactly. You like this game he playing. Mr. Stuard,
in your court papers, you stated that you knew
for certain that Ms. Fisher was sleeping
with other men. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: What do you know and how do you know it? Well, she named
another potential father
as the… as the biological father, and then on top of that, another man… Another man
signed the birth certificate. Wait a minute.
She named another man as the biological father? STUARD: Yes, Your Honor. Which man is this? Uh, Mr. Kern. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Kern? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
He’s in court today, but the second part
of your statement was there’s another man’s name on the birth certificate. Is this true, Ms. Fisher? His name is not
on the birth certificate but my daughter does have
his last name. Why is that if that’s
her biological father? FISHER: Because he chose to give her his last name. STUARD: Ah. He did that on his own. She just drag my name
around town and stuff, man. Telling everybody
that I’m just a deadbeat dad and stuff, man.
Come on. I ain’t saying nothing
about you. You the one be
walking around (INDISTINCT). Man, that’s what you just… That’s what you just…
That’s what you just… I heard you say it
that I’m a deadbeat… At the end of the day,
if you’re her daddy, (INDISTINCT) step up. I won’t do nothing for her. I ain’t got nothing…
Man, come on, man, kill it. I ain’t got… JUDGE LAKE:
So what your point is it… Wait a minute. Your point is, she’s dragging
your name around saying you’re a deadbeat dad but she gave the baby another man’s last name which furthered your doubt that you weren’t the father? STUARD: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And you also said she had another man that was a potential father? STUARD: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So, you believe that you are just a part
of this equation, but because you have
no definitive answer, you believe she should not
be running around town… STUARD: Yes, Your Honor. …talking about you basically… Exactly, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:…and putting
your name in it? Okay. So, Ms. Fisher, Mr. Kern, who we’re gonna
hear from in a second, let’s talk about
your relationship with him. Were you intimate
with him as well? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: Were you intimate with him during the time
you were also intimate with Mr. Stuard? FISHER: Yes, ma’am. Was this during the window
of conception? Yes. Did you use protection with Mr… FISHER: No. STUARD: (EXHALES) So, why are you so sure
Mr. Stuard is the father? Mr. Kern was just
a one night, one thing. It wasn’t like…
And I was having… It was a couple of times. …intimate relationship
with Mr. Stuard repeatedly. Oh, no. JUDGE LAKE: So… Okay, well, we know
it just takes once, right? FISHER: Yes, I know that. I got three kids. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. But you admittedly slept
with Mr. Kern during the window
of conception? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Well, that lends credibility to your testimony,
Mr. Stuard. STUARD: Exactly. That’s why I don’t believe
I’m the biological father. JUDGE LAKE: I’d like to hear
from Mr. Kern. Jerome,
would you please escort Mr. Kern into the court room? (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) KERN:
How you doing, Your Honor? JUDGE LAKE:
Hello, sir. Mr. Kern, thank you so much
for joining us today. You know we’re here talking about the paternity issue
as it relates to
Baby Kh’aaliya. And it has been brought
to this court’s attention that you also were having
a sexual relationship with Ms. Fisher during the window
of conception. She’s indicated to the… to the court that you
could potentially be Kh’aaliya’s biological father. Were you aware of this? Yes, ma’am. I’m not denying that I’m not her father. I’m denying because… Ms. Fisher, she always been lying to me, you know what I’m saying? Because we already
went through this one time with her older child. What do you mean? KERN: We start inboxing
each other on Facebook. It always starts
with Facebook. Don’t it, Jerome? KERN: Yeah, we started
inboxing each other, you know what I’m saying?
Then we got real corny, you know. We decided we wanted
to do something, you know what I’m saying? So, you started
to have a sexual relationship? KERN: Yes, ma’am. And this happened before? Yes, ma’am. With an older child? Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: And then, when the child was born, you thought it was your child? KERN: Yes, and I was
taking care of the child, you know what I’m saying?
Me and my mom. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Fisher, you told him
it was his child? FISHER: No, that’s not
what I told him. I told him the same thing
we’re going through now that it was a chance. So, wait a minute. This is your second child
that you’re having a paternity issue with? FISHER: Yes. Uh-uh, Ms. Fisher. WOMAN: Uh-hmm. JUDGE LAKE:
No, no, no, no, no. Uh-uh. All I got to say is… JUDGE LAKE: Don’t you all shake your head
because you in it, too. You still sleeping with her, you can make another
paternity issue right now. You was just with her
a week ago. And you was with her
for this baby and had the paternity issue
on the last child. None of you all should be
shaking your head. You’re all in it. WOMAN: Uh-hmm. You’re all guilty. WOMAN: Hmm. So, Mr. Kern, you taking care of this baby. You think this baby is yours? KERN: Yes, ma’am. And then what happens? KERN: I took a test. And it turned out
I wasn’t the father when I went to work,
and I was devastated. I was crushed about it. JUDGE LAKE: So now, there is
the paternity question as it relates to Kh’aaliya, another baby. Were you intimate
with Ms. Fisher during the window of time in which Kh’aaliya
was conceived? Yes, Your Honor.
Without using protection? Yes, Your Honor. This is just ridiculous. Were you all
in a relationship? Were you commit… What was it? Man, it was just, you know… I know you listen
to songs, right? You know, it was
one of them songs… Oh, Lord. KERN:
Nothing wrong with that. FISHER: Oh, my goodness. Seriously? I advise you to
not listen to that song again. (LAUGHTER) That’s what
I advise you to do. (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) Now, Kh’aaliya
is two months old, and, Ms. Fisher,
you say she has
a medical issue that is important. It’s imperative
that you find out who her biological father is so that you can understand
this issue more. FISHER: Yes, Your Honor. Explain. The doctor says she has a hole right in the middle
of her heart and she has too much blood going through her lungs. And so, in two months, they might have to do surgery if the hole doesn’t close. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, my goodness. Do either of you gentlemen have heart issues? No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You don’t? KERN: No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You don’t either? And so finding out
who her father is important to you, why? Because she deserves to know.
She doesn’t deserve… I don’t want her to grow up four, five, six years old looking for her daddy,
and I don’t know what to tell her. I have more questions
about this medical issue. Uh, Mr. Kern, you’re excused. You can stand over at the
defendant’s podium, please. Jerome,
could you please escort our medical expert
into the court room? JEROME: Certainly. Doctor Brown-Parks. JEROME: Go to the stand. Go up to the witness stand right next to the judge. Sure. Hello, Doctor. DR. BROWN-PARKS: Hi, there. Thank you for
joining us today. Uh, we are here discussing not just
a paternity issue relating to beautiful
Baby Kh’aaliya, but her mom, Ms. Fisher, has explained to this court that she also is faced with a very serious
medical challenge, which is she has
a hole in her heart. Okay. What exactly is this? So, it all depends
on where the hole is, but I’m assuming,
from what I’ve heard, that the hole is
in the septum, in between the right heart
and the left heart. So, if you take the heart and you divide it in half, you have a left
and right part, but you also have
a top and a bottom. The top being the atria, the two holding chambers, and the bottom
being the ventricles. So you can have a hole in between the two atrias or in between
the two ventricles. Every time
that heart contracts, the lub and the dub, you are pushing blood from the oxygenated side back to the deoxygenated side, so the bad blood. That blood mixes
together there and you end up
with too much blood going back to the heart. It can overstress the heart. It can put her at risk for certain types
of infections. JUDGE LAKE:
Well, this is serious. DR. BROWN-PARKS: This can… Tthis is very serious. DR. BROWN-PARKS:
This can be very serious. And so right now,
she indicated that the doctors
were trying to determine whether or not a surgery
would be needed. So they would put a patch
over that hole and try to keep the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood
from touching. JUDGE LAKE: How is it
genetically linked, if at all? So that’s a difficult answer. There’s lots of factors that come into play. There’s toxins
that can be exposed… The child can be
exposed to in utero. There’s familial issues, but more,
it’s important to know who the father is
so that we can get a complete
family medical history. And you know,
fast forward 16 years, and this little girl
wants to run track or play basketball, we need to know that
so that something more catastrophic
doesn’t happen. JUDGE LAKE: So this is…
The stakes are high. This is… This is…
This is serious. (SIGHS) Mr. Stuard? STUARD: Yes, Your Honor. I see you looking at this picture, and I can see that
there’s a level of emotion in your eyes, I see it. When you see the baby,
what are you feeling? It’s just mixed emotion,
you know. I wish she knew
who her daddy was, and it’s just a shame,
you know. It’s a shame
that you’re running around having sex with no protection and making babies
and still doing it, where you could potentially
make another one, and be in the same position
as this one. This is not a game. Ms. Fisher, when you hear this and you talk about
wanting your child to know who her biological father is, do you understand now
the part you have to play in that lack of knowing? Yes, Your Honor. When I look
at this beautiful little girl, I can’t imagine having
a brand-new beautiful baby and them needing
an answer from me that I can’t give
because I was irresponsible? And now her health may be
affected because of that? That’s not okay. And the reason why
I’m going so hard on you all is because
you’re still up to it, and you admitted it
in court today. You’re still
doing the same thing. There’s only one way
to move forward and try to get
the answers we can for this beautiful
little baby, that’s to get the results. Jerome, I’m ready
for the envelope. JEROME: It goes all the time. (SIGHS) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case
ofFisher v. Stuard,when it comes
to two-month-old Kh’aaliya, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Kern, you… are not the father. The next result
ofFisher v. Stuard,when it comes
to two-month-old Kh’aaliya, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Stuard, you… are not the father. Phew! KERN: Oh. JUDGE LAKE:
Don’t clown. Don’t clown. Don’t you dare clown in here. Ms. Fisher,
there’s something going on because you’re just
giving your body away for free. You’re just making babies. How many other children
do you have besides Kh’aaliya? Two. Two. Do they have the same father? FISHER: No. Okay. So that’s three children,
three different fathers. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: The third father, we don’t know who he is. Do you know who he is? No. Okay. That’s why we’re here,
to be honest. This is difficult, because right now,
your daughter is faced with a very serious situation. I know you’re in a difficult
position right now, but I can see
from this pattern that there’s something
going on that I want you to address. And we have counseling
and resources here for you because I want you to start trying to get down
to the bottom of that. Mr. Stuard and Mr. Kern, before you all go, you may not be
the biological father today, but you will be someday if you keep this up. Your behavior, just having sex, not using protection, you will be in this courtroom or another courtroom where they tell you,
you are the father, and you will be responsible
for a child. Think about what you’re doing. And that’s not
just with Ms. Fisher. That’s with any
sexual relationship you enter into. Be responsible,
you understand? Yes, Your Honor. With that said,
good luck to you. Court is adjourned.

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