Hormone balancing foods in Tamil – உணவு மூலம் மாதவிடாய் ஹார்மோன் பிரெச்சனையை எப்படி சரி செய்வது?

29 Replies to “Hormone balancing foods in Tamil – உணவு மூலம் மாதவிடாய் ஹார்மோன் பிரெச்சனையை எப்படி சரி செய்வது?”

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  2. Mam menses time la over ha excess bleeding aguthu, enakku pcod erukku so menses sariya varuvathu ella and naan pregnancy ku try pannittu erukken pls reply and solution

  3. Sister enaku periods 4 month ku once than varthu pcod problm iruku.. Deit plan sollunga sister.. Enaku weight gain ah iruku nenga sonna symptoms ellam enaku iruki

  4. Hi, how do you know if you are ovulating?
    I’m currently on birth control to regulate my period and my doctor never told me all these information. I wish I had known this before. Thank you so much for the knowledge.

  5. God bless you sister.. Nowadays no doctor giving such a wonderful food list .. Simply writing medicine… Pls continue uploading I also suffering from 7 yrs wid pcod.. It's killing me

  6. mam gens ku fsh level reduce pana ena foods edukanum ean hus band fsh level 16.83 iruku athu 10.01 irukanuma epdi reduce panrathu rply panunga mam 3and half year baby ku try panrom sperm count romba low a iruku mam

  7. Pcod problem erruku sis yanna ku, 3 masama date varala ,, otanea date varathuku athaavathu tips solluga…plz ,,

  8. Hi.. thanks for your information… But if we have PCOS means, we have severe hair fall.. like androgenic alopecia… Wt to do for that… Front side hair thinning is the very big problem..also unwanted hair growth in face and body… Because of PCOS ( hormones imbalance) how to rid it … Thanks in advance … Waiting for your reply…

  9. Mam eanaku marriage agi 4 years aguthu pcod irukku na ippo babyku try pannitu irukom intha timela na morning batham ,pista ,muthiri,try grapes ,atthipalam ,dates saptrean apdi sapidalama wait podumnu soltranga pls replay mam

  10. akka enakku maatha vilakku 5 maathamaaka varavillai.enakku pcod itukku . enna seivathu enru thetiyala .

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