Hospital bag | Part 2 – Mom with Planned C-section

so part two of what is in my hospital bag this is stuff that I brought for myself and keep in mind I am packing my bag going in with a planned c-section I'm sure all of this would apply to a regular vaginal birth as well I don't know I've never done one so I'm going with what I know and what worked well with for me and what I remember was helpful from last time so while you're at the hospital you definitely are going to want something comfortable to either lay in bed and breastfeed if you choose to breastfeed it's going to be easier to have something that opens in the front so this is just a big not really long gown it comes to right above my knees but it opens in the front and it's super soft super lightweight so I don't get really hot this is a good option to bring and then you can also bring this is just a dress that's very lightweight but it has a large opening in the front can you see that so has a really large opening in the front and basically I just wear the sports bra that I have it's a nursing sports bra and I'll show that to you in a minute but I wear that underneath this dress so then I can just open the clips and start feeding baby from there but it also gives me the option for the skin to skin then if you might potentially get cold it's just a pair of extremely loose pants that aren't going to mess with the incision they pull up right above the incision so just you know long comfy pants and I brought to avi's their nursing tank tops but basically that way you can just walk around in the tank top just your regular tank top but then it pops down right here and then you're exposed but um funny thing is I thought these were going to fit I wore them with Addison and they do not fit I am a little bit bigger this time so I'm not wearing those so that was kind of a waste to take but it was a good idea also same thing nursing bras you'll want to take a nursing bra as well and what I did these nursing bras I actually bought a couple months ago and had been wearing them as my regular bra because then you get more use out of it but it's the same thing where it just clips down and opens up but these are super comfortable you get a minute motherhood maternity and they're like 20 bucks but very very comfortable probably the most comfortable I've found so far and then I also have a long dress and it's just a cotton dress but it ties at the neck so then you can also untie it drop it down feed baby and it's not anything that's going to rub on the incision so those are all things that I have brought for myself the hospital will give you the socks with the no slip on the bottom so you can wear those if you want as well if you want I have flip flops in here for the shower and then just you know that's that's really it for students you're not going to be wearing a lot of shoes just to walk up and down the hallway if you want but one thing that I learned from last time to this time in the hospital they will give you these panties okay so they're just you know a stretchy mesh panel and then you put a pad in it and you can double those up going side to side or long ways whatever is comfortable for you but a more comfortable option I found don't laugh it's legit is depends built-in right here built-in pad nice stretchy comfortable Panty and it doesn't bother the incision either if it does you can kind of cut around it or drop it low or pull it up higher but these are extremely comfortable and you'll want to wear something that's comfortable because you're going to be going to the bathroom after they take the catheter out you're going to have to get up and go to the bathroom and this is not just for when you're in the hospital it'll be good for when you're at home too so those are the main things that I think super important for you

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