Hospital room/ Baby birth/ Contractions/Sorry I couldn’t go LIVE

because I'm recording this video from from the room I'm gonna be giving them birth and I've been transferred here recently and getting inducted because it doesn't really happen to be you know coming in and yeah I want to apologize I want to go life with this video for you guys but it just didn't quite happen because I don't know for some reasons YouTube doesn't let me go life unfortunately but yeah I still wanted to say hi to you and to say how much I appreciate your support and that you've been with me that you're watching me that you're liking my videos and subscribing and if you haven't just here to please hit that you know subscribe button over there and show me your love and your support guys so I'm hoping for my baby girl to be born tonight or maximum tomorrow that's what doctors say and I have been already given some painkillers so now I feel very lightheaded and very funny and yeah it's a very very short video I'm recording right now it's a very short vlog and I'm planning to see you sometime later guys I just wanted to give you some updates on what's going on and yeah just just see you later with the updates guys and I'll keep you posted and again thank you so much for being with me I love you so much thank you

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