ah is it working it says the chat is ready to display messages but I don't see anything being displayed when you're feeling it when you feel it when you're feeling all alone in your room mmm when you're feeling a little bit of a doom and gloom yeah I ain't gonna do it sit back all I gotta do is realize all you gotta do is pull out a little treat yourself baby treat yourself baby treat yourself now treat a baby treat yourself with the body get the lube out it's time to get fucked up on a little God in my bloodstream it's all my penis my penis getting harder oh yeah I feel this I gotta think about a baby fantasize when it's over the workday is done it's time to shine got my dick out I got my dick out this time to lube up I got my dick feels good and his mother fucker baby Lubin my pony I'm moving up I'm in the shower and I'm moving up my body body with a motherfucking Neutrogena jail I got some booty body washes well I put it on my motherfucking physique I rub it all around my nipples and head and shoulders you know I'm doing pert plus a little bit of urban lessons as I'm moving up I don't discriminate on Luba oh there it is baby just and a refresh we had to refresh we had a mother but here come the chats everybody yes y'all wanna get a little welcome welcome everybody to the Sunday livestream baby we're just here enjoying ourselves people in the chat how are you it's good to see you now you're popping up Jesus Christ take it easy take it easy all right I've got a brand new callin system I've tested it at war it's working incredibly well I can have up to 25 people on hold at any given time and that's exactly what I have so we're gonna take our first caller and hope that this works let's go you made a baby you're on the line holy fucking how you doing mark you my dude how are you I'm great man how are you dude I am well oh yeah hey what's up girlfriend Hey thank you very much what are y'all doing on this lovely little Sunday we're gonna do stuff and then we saw that you get a live stream so we were just like this is what we're doing oh you know what I love that you had plans and then you saw that my stupid ass was gonna be on the internet and you decided to cancel everything everything give the table back to the restaurant let's go can't we cancel brunch we can't build lunch you know I can't I'm eeen you should definitely eat I don't condone starving yourself in the interest of watching me it's one of the new keto diet just do not eat and watch market Luba let me ask you guys something where you call from we were coming from sunny Los Angeles Los Angeles we are on opposite sides of the country isn't it a beautiful thing that we can just press a button and talk to each other in real time on opposite sides of the country very weird mark amazing that is pretty amazing it is pretty amazing well listen I need you two to put your minds together and give me something to make a song about yes it's so much too much pressure it's gonna be like about home like an all Lube diet Oh a diet song dieting oh I love that dieting that's great see this is why I need you guys on the phone because I can't think of this shit myself if I was left to my own devices I wouldn't be able to think I should do a song about dieting I need you people to tell me that and I'm I'm so glad you do hey Mark we're really excited this to you oh you are you coming to the Roxy oh yeah that's what I'm talking about baby I will see you guys there thank you for supporting me and thanks for calling in I hope the callin experience was accommodating and easy because I'm really happy with this new system was it good honestly I see it was the first time trying and we got in first and I feel little spoiled I know what a little boy you are a spoiled little boy and don't expect the same present every Christmas okay one year you might get some coal you got it baby okay well take it easy you two hate that oh go ahead congratulations and all your newfound success not a service but your rides is fun to watch and you really deserve it cuz you're a fantastic person and just a poopy guy around oh man well thank you so much that's very sweet you are – poopy people as well and I hope I give you a good song here and in the meantime you know have some good sex watch the stream enjoy yourselves and and I hope you have a great afternoon okay love you love you baby talk later bye oh this is the best dude I can't tell you guys I've been having such serious problems with my Colin system ever since I've had more than five thousand subscribers it's been a huge pain in the ass and now I can see the list of you on my screen who's calling how long you've been waiting this is absolutely beautiful before I start dieting the come back to our baby right here Marc Robbie a calm I'm still we sold out Atlanta we sold out Chicago we've sold out one or two la shows San Francisco sold out but get over there and buy tickets to see me you're gonna hear some shit like this oh I need to take it easy baby on a diet I know I need to take it easy take it easy like shit a little bit shit I feel a little bit like shit I need to go on a little die baby need to watch out I need to watch my health and the need to watch it I okay I need to watch a diet yeah it surprisingly really bad for you horrible horrible for you you eat it too much that's salt and you're gonna get you're gonna add salt and it's bad salt yeah well I did hear the too much salt was bad for you hey let me ask you something who's talking right now what who's talking right now uh you that's right me and I'm your goddamn doctor and you're gonna listen and then it is over fuck that shit it doesn't matter baby yo we whatever you want thank you that's the diet song that's the diet song hope everyone enjoyed that oh let's take a call yeah hey you're on the line baby hey I'm going how you doing thanks for holding nan I'm doing great how are you I'm good man I'm a you're on the line you need any technical support any passwords that you forgot billing complaints yeah I'm looking for a Social Security numbers credit card numbers anything you got for me sure no problem two four six eight nine six two four four that social date of birth October 1st 1923 of course home address one two three suck my penis Road perfect I'll send you lots of fan mail oh good good listen how's it going man where are you calling us from um a man who with Conklin Madison Wisconsin hey Howard how are things going in Madison that's a little rainy today but uh yeah overall not too bad okay well you got any plans for this lovely Sunday besides besides chillin with a stream here uh well I was going to go disc golfing but the rain put a damper on that so just watching your stream and doing some coding oh that's nice you coding or you dude you code for work kind of kind of for work kind of for fun okay you're working on a for fun project yeah yeah just before just a for fun project right now well that's nice anything you can tell us about it anything you're excited about yeah well I mean it's just just a little program that formats resumes oh cool you know working on working on some resumes formatting nothing too exciting dude that's kind of dope though I whenever I mean I have formatted and updated many many resumes and I really could have used a piece of software that that that helped me with that that's pretty cool yeah well good for you dude listen you got anything you want me to make a song about oh yeah well let's see here the plan from doom you know video game Doom earlier today wrong about that oh hell yes I love that I fucking love that doom you know I'm doing it the way I'm spelling it isn't it spelled isn't a capital D lowercase oo and then a capital M yeah I think wrapped crack yeah I feel like that's how they do it all right dude that's a great topic I'm gonna do a song about doom thank you for calling in and hope you enjoy the rest of the stream and hope you have a good time coding your resume formatting software awesome yeah have a good I might be in Chicago when you come up here you better get the fuck over there in Chicago there's a second show now for sale so buy tickets before it sells out no oh shoot all right I'll have to get them all right sounds good man I'll talk to you soon I have see it there and see ya bye I would a nice gentleman do deep in the dungeon of the hell Montana deep in the dungeon in the bottom of the hellscape battle white shout as the demons come and then yo marine guy is about to knock them all out yo he's got his backpack baby with supplies in it he's got some bandages and fruit roll-ups baby he's got a plasma gun and other guns but most importantly he's got a shotgun he's the [Applause] hell is coming hell is coming hell is coming hell is coming hell is here hell is here wach wach ow hell is here hell is here hell is here who's gonna stop us to die Oh yeah ah nice that was the doom song not an F doom but doom the video game although big props to MF doom metal face metal fingers doom just whipping up some hots amps that's taken some samp's and flipping them around King Ghidorah I'm talking about Victor Von y'all know what this is we're naming hip hop albums by a person you guys know what this is it's so stupid alright listen listen to me I'm taking a call now for those of you who have been on hold for a long time I appreciate you I'm gonna jump around I am going on hold I'm taking the calls of people who have been on hold the longest but maybe not the very next person I'm just going by numbers that I like and here's one you're on the air man I tell you what I've been listening to thirty straight minutes oh look at that ass and I am turned the fuck on I mean I am pregnant with octuplets by pregnant with more octuplets situation oh Jesus Christ there's been a rapid germination rebirth cycle that's happened all the time this is like a conception inception that has happened and it is your fault you put that sexy music on and now I mean damn now you're ready see that's the point now you're ready I am so ready oh my god I know you've given birth eight times in the last half-hour but how are you doing I mean I'm doing okay I mean the babies are very sexy so you know it works a little babies the sexiest fetus I've ever seen look look at the way that fetus is developing damn I mean uh where are you calling us from my dear where where where do you hail from I hail from the beautiful state of North Carolina Oh Oh beautiful gorge gorgeous North Carolina it's lovely I'll tell you what but I am planning right now a trip to France is that right I am and leave in the beginning of August and so I'm checking out all the stuff I'm gonna be there I've never been to France before and I'm pretty excited about it well that's very exciting I hope you're going to the countryside and not just Paris because it really is some of the most beautiful countryside on the planet I am I'm actually taking a it's about a seven or eight day cruise down the Canal du Midi don't uh you're gonna love it you are gonna love it I know I am shout out to shout out to all your international fans and I you got a time no huge shout out to the international fanbase as a dual citizen of both the US and France I say welcome to you and it's good to have you all here yeah how's North Carolina today is it a sunny little day it's pretty cloudy but I feel like I'm getting a lot of sunshine here on your oh stop it stop that I know look what do you want me to make a song about I'm all yours okay I think I'm gonna need a song about sexy fetus and maybe like a little of it in French like a little bit a little bit in French I'm gonna need it to be in French and I'd love to see like a fight break out in the chat about like people who can't decide whether they're like no he shouldn't we don't want him to ever abort a sexy fetus and that other people like no that's you should have the right doesn't matter how sexy that beat it is you know I love this this is the first time someone has has given a suggestion to the live chat help you know and and you know what you're doing that by forcing me to make a song about a sexually attractive baby you're really doing that okay I'm sorry a fetus you're right yeah at what point does it become one ma'am I don't know we're gonna find out in the chat okay okay the chats gonna tell us the chats gonna lay down that very important legislation and I'm excited listen I can't thank you enough for calling in this is a fucking great topic and thank you for your enthusiasm and for giving birth and you as well my dear talk soon bye Oh baby see you coming to the door Oh baby looking happier than before Oh baby oh I ask you what's going down hey you tell me you're pregnant baby goddamn is great news baby honey you're pregnant oh oh I'm so happy – Greg Greg is it Greg yeah that's Ben that's my name your husband correct Greg oh I'm so happy about this we're gonna have a child together it's what we've always wanted oh boy so where is it is it if you're is it your stomach yeah that's it my stomach it's right here I mean we can't see anything yet but they call it a fetus and it said it's right in there oh can I'm gonna put my ear up next to it yeah put your ear up next to it you can hear a little something okay let me see honey what's that oh man I got to tell you something what did you hear something I sure did but even more than that I saw something what did you see I saw something sexy what did you see that was sexy it's something about your famous something about your penis something about your fetus something bout your fetus something I can see baby hey yo your fetus yo I see your baby and I think that is sexy I can see with my motherfuckin x-ray vision when I'm looking at your stomach and I see it see your little fetus love your little fetus love the way to feed his curves all up and down endless fluid fluid baby fetus you'll be swimming in the fluid like the way it's looking when it's swimming in the fluid yo do you mind if I take your fetus out baby for a shrink oh I'll bring it all myself I got a whole day I got a whole day I got a swing there I say give me your feet is I think it's too sexy give me your fetus Greg are you ok I need your fetus and I need it now I'm not fucking around Judy hand me your fetus I don't know what you want me to do it's inside my body well imma have to go inside your body yo I take my hand and I punch your stomach I open up your motherfucking stomach get my hand in there and then I pull out your intestines yo I throw up over in the sink I'm getting closer to the feet I said I need cuz it's sexy let me wriggle around and find it oh I see little thing and it's clear and it's weird must be the mother fucking fetus y'all okay sexy fetus thank you oh boy that was fun next caller you've waited for 43 minutes and you're on the air oh hello hey how's it going good man how are you doing what's shakin oh not a lot hanging at home with my girlfriend hey what's up y'all you watching tuned in to the old stream there oh absolutely we always do you beautiful beautiful people you are why I have a job thank you well we're looking forward to when you come to Denver we already got ticket oh shit I will see you there I love playing in Denver it's a great city with an amazing crowd energy so I'm really looking forward to that yeah we're punk that's beautiful man well what else what do you got planned this Sunday besides besides hanging out with me well we're drinking some drinks watching the live stream and I'm watching my lady build IV kits right now on the ground whoa wait Ivy kits like intravenous yep the intravenous not like the drug dealer stuff but she does a little hormone replacement if you would oh really and not like not like the sex change like chicks getting dick type of stuff but you know you're a chick and you need a wet vagina are your do do you want a hard wiener that's what she does oh really so okay so explain how that works huh huh how do you get a wetter vagina with hormone therapy well she does appellate insertion in your but she not like stuff going in your butthole like I can't get the ball hole song in my head after that holding you yeah I'm sorry about that doctor though so she put something into your butt cheek and and and yeah you wait a while or what how does that work yeah I get you wait a couple weeks then all of a sudden you're walking around with a hard-on all of a sudden and you don't know what really happened you're just walking around with that dick out just you're just a rekt as a skyscraper absolutely absolutely wow that's a beautiful thing it's a really nice thing maybe yeah we need to have more sex you know what I mean I think I feel like I read some study recently that said that people at least Millennials in general are having much less sex you know then then history did and I think we need to be having a series right yes we need to be doing it more and that's what she's doing well she is doing God's work and and we all thank her for that what what what do you want me to sing about my friend well ooh could you do it could you do just a song based around having hormones and getting them up and having happy boners and what vagina ah absolutely these are man I am getting great fucking topics today thank you guys absolutely we we love you well thanks man and I hope you guys have a lovely afternoon I hope those IV bags get made easily and without without a hitch and I appreciate you calling in calling again anytime awesome great talking with you we look forward to seeing you in Denver thanks man I'll see you there have a good one you too bye all right bye hormones all right [Applause] Oh hormone the fucking hormone better hormone yo I got my dick up a hormone hormone yo I got my dick up a hormone hormone yo I got my dick up a hormone hormone know what got my dick up hormone yo what got my dick up hormone yeah what got my dick up a hormone hormone yo what got my dick up hormone know what got my dick hormone know what got my dick up a hormone know what got my I got my I got my dick up a hormone know what got my hormone know what got my dick up a hormone know what got my dick up a hormone know what got my dick up a hormone know what got my dick up a hormone know what got my dick up a hormone hormone know what got my dick no one got my dick no I got my picked up I got my dick up I got my dick up I went to a hormone therapy and now I got my dick up I'm walking all around downtown I'm walking all around downtown erect penis baby I walked over here I walked over there I walked in at the bodega I don't care because I'm hard and my penis is ready baby I'm ready to fuck sir sir please put your penis away Jesus Christ excuse you ma'am okay I just got hormone therapy and I am fucking feeling it oh you did you just got hormone therapy yes I did that's so funny because I just did and I'm dripping wet I said I'm walking all around let's fuck baby okay baby hormone who let me fill up with a little bit of water here oh nice isn't that just nice I got to tell you I thought that this hold line that people would wait for a little while and then and then then get off oh I guess some people are you can see where people left the line but there's there's a few callers on the on the road who have been sitting here for 57 minutes and let's see what they have to say you are on the air hello yes hey what's up what's happening you're on the air baby awesome hey what's shakin what you doing with my buddies were watching your stream oh good yeah turn the video down because there's a delay you know oh yeah turn the old volume down on the video there yeah we carry about fantastic so what's what you guys doing on this lovely little weekend you know just drink some twisted tea you know hang out a twisted tea I I could take a guess as to what that is but what is that just pee with beer and booze a little bit of that Tory well cheers to that what what do you guys have planned for this coming week anything exciting going to work going on vacation what's happening just work and working and fishing enjoying life you know oh that's nice man you live in a place where you can do a lot of fishing oh yeah we live in Ohio oh nice a lot of good fishing there huh oh yeah what's the biggest fish that you've caught a 34-inch still headed one of our buddies out here whoo how much does that sucker weigh 30 pounds you said ma yeah 30 pounds god damn it that's a big boy huge that's a big old boy there the big old fish yes sir well listen man anything you want me to sing about and he tell you you got to get hit me with the topic oh I love I love bread can you make a song about bread Oh bread absolutely we can make a song about bread oh yeah for sure all right let's do bread I love it good topic my friend thank you well listen guys enjoy your twisted tea enjoy your lovely lazy little day and I hope you enjoy the song thanks for calling in oh thanks guys all right I'll talk to you later okay bread bread we're gonna do a love letter to bread Oh Oh you breath [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] a long time I just want a little baby give me with some pumpernickel a packaging baby I need to see you yo I see the baby give me a slice yeah you know I want you one sandwich baby with a little bread bread stupid and I mean stupid in the sweetest and most complimentary way let's take a call and before we do yo the comeback tour I'm talking about oh wait I can make like a marquee hey guys I just wanted to tell you about the comeback tour look at that I am traveling around the world specifically the US Canada and Europe I am going to be there tickets are available for many of my shows in these places go to the goddamned mother-loving website buy a ticket come watch me fuck around on stage for an hour it's it's a wild show and we might take our shirts off it's gonna be a lot of fun let's take a call well hello you're on the air hello hey what's shakin oh wow nothing I'm just hanging out at the house watching you oh nice well that sounds like a fun and ridiculous afternoon well it's even more ridiculous by it my 22 month old daughter is dancing to all the songs is that right and yep we've got a we've got a four month old as well and I was feeding her and listening to you as a double time oh that's adorable oh so you're just being a dad and and hanging out with the kids yep yep absolutely that Sunday man that sounds nice that sounds really nice it's got its perks and benefits and drawbacks I work all the time so nice to be home today but I'm I'm usually out about oh yeah what do you do for work if you don't mind me asking I do anything that involves a pinball machine really so I picked them like yeah fixing myself I have an arcade called the pinball lounge so anything you just make money with pinball on the ball that's awesome dude I have her tell me if I'm wrong but I have heard that pinball machines are some of the most intensely frustrating machines to keep in working order yeah they can't be the biggest thing is maintenance just easy and clean and keeping up with everything but but yes that's why you saw a whole bunch of video games become popular in the 80s involve static this was out oh I see but coming back big time back huge I even saw you wearing a pinball shirt the other day on YouTube you're goddamn right I did a show in Indianapolis and this guy has an amazing pinball place they're called pin vault that he opens like twice a month and he led us in and just gave us beer and we played a bunch of pinball it was great I love pinball you you can't lose that's my Friday night hey dude that's awesome like aside from your shop do you also like contract out your services to to arcades that need help yeah I've got a couple arcades I deal with in town and I'm in people's houses oh what a week as well damn dude it's weird mark it's all kinds of different people if it's rich people with poor people at quarters and neat freaks every kind of person you cannot run into might have involved Wow can you tell us about an interesting customer encounter anonymously of course I I can um well we'll kind of make it kind of interesting well if this is a short one I was I was repairing some video games but you arcade game yeah yeah but I was repairing video games at this house and the guy called me up and you know I walked in there and all they are all the smoke detectors for beeping you know change the batteries I'm trying to create then we go upstairs and you've got all these video arcade games I'll stay and I had to get into the back of this machine and I split it out and there was like cute everywhere oh dried-up old freakin puke oh you know I had to get him like all my knees to work on this thing I'm like dude you know although why that was the first thing that came to my mind was puke on the floor about four years ago but that's what it was Oh God so you did your work in the midst of just puke you're a goddamn professional my friend I feel you I definitely feel your pain I was playing a show in San Antonio once and this guy in the front row was clearly fucked up I come sort of to the front of the stage to start a bit and he just vomits all over the stage like just all over the front of the stage and you know you just got puked on in San Antone listen man you just you got to keep doing your job you just got to keep doing your job absolutely absolutely you're doing a fine job sir well thank you my friend I'm sure you are too it sounds like you're thriving and what are you what do you got for me you want to hit me with a topic well I saw you wearing that pinball shirt I think pinball severe top pinball I love it pinball oh yeah okay pinball it is my frame and I yeah the other day I saw you place the suite three people and organ on one of the videos hmm that sounds like an incredible organ work my friend I didn't know that you were into that oh thanks man yeah I'm in a longtime fan of modeski Martin and wood and for my money John modeski is as good as any human being with a Hammond b3 and so I've always really loved that sound and also just sort of like gospel shit in general I am I that shit just gets me it gets me in the in the stomach you know yeah we actually in town here in Sanford Florida where I live we have a place called keyboard exchange International and it is like the hub of hammond b-3 in the u.s. there's we're house here and they've got like you know 100 or something oh that's cool Wow yeah yeah yeah man yeah oh well listen I'm gonna make a song oh thank you so much for calling in dude I hope you have a lovely relaxing Sunday afternoon with the kids and I hope work goes well this week come on with it thank you very much all right brother have a good one hey you too thanks all right bye-bye man this Colin thing we've had almost 5,000 people try to call in I'm very sorry listen I said I'm only I have 20 calls on hold at once because I don't want if I have 50 calls holding at once I'm never gonna get to you I don't even know if I'll get to all 20 of you so like you know I just it would make no sense to allow more than that amount of people to be on hold at once I think so this seems to be working and and that makes me very very happy pinball Bing bong bong bong Bing bong yeah yeah it's like it's like pumping pool it's like when you got a pen and a ball and a pin and a ball when you got a little pin in a ball yo you're gonna need more than that to make the pin ball happen more than that to make the pin ball laughing yo you need a thousand pins and a few balls you need a more than a thousand pins you need a series of metal circuits and wires and lights and your baby then you need some metal balls I said it's time to pinball it's time to pinball just time to get the ball baby time to pinball I'm gonna break that pinball machine and then I'm going insane I'm taking the metal balls out I'm gonna throw the balls I had some hormone therapy a yo my dick is hard and I feel like throwing balls at pedestrians I'm going crazy pig balls yeah I'm taking revenge baby I'm taking pinball just a little bit of pinball there baby I'm talking baby the church I'm taking your Sunday church up taking Boober taken baby Sunday in church oh yeah oh baby y'all worship Him that holy thing oh I got a hole yeah ah yeah we're gonna look out please give me money so we can praise Him or you know I gotta [Applause] our one true God Nic Cage if you feel that just believing I'm talking all praise be to Nicholas Cage the great powerful Nicholas Cage all praise be now hey I see you praising in the chat well done hope everyone's doing well in the chat hope your days are lovely we're taking a call you are on the line Oh how's it going hey what's happening how you doing are you I'm good I'm good I'm just just running myself into the ground trying to make you people happy you're making us very happy oh well I'm glad to hear that we're up where it goes Jesus I just burped sorry where are you calling us from so I were in Cincinnati Ohio hey what's going on Dublin I love Dublin how's it going brother you out yeah doing well man doing well just taking it easy here on a little Sunday sweating it out and making some music what about you guys what's your what are your Sunday plans we serenade us and hanging out with each other drinking beers enjoying a lazy day oh that's my favorite isn't that just the best a lazy Sunday yeah yeah nice that's what I'm talking about what are you drinking what are you drinking on right now some Yingling a little jingling I'm drinking something from across the pond I'm having a nice light refreshing Peroni hey will cheers to you both chin chin listen well you guys you guys want me to sing about something you got a topic for me I do my poppy is international lovin me and my husband have been laid for almost ten months we had a like courthouse wedding kind of thing we don't have a wedding song or anything yeah okay so you said international wedding or international loving there's no level Oh international lover nice oh yeah I love it international lover oh okay you got it you got it that's awesome well I'm happy for you guys congratulations elate congratulations on your wedding I hope yeah of course I hope you have a lovely rest of your Sunday drink – a little too much for me and and enjoy the rest of the show hey thank you very much and come out to see me if you can I don't think I'm coming to Kentucky this oh hell yes oh you get the fuck over there it's gonna be fun alright y'all take it easy talk to you soon love you okay International lover she was she she was an international international she was my Swede oh man my voice is starting to go she was my sweet little girl from another part of the world she was my sweet little girl from another part of the world bump bump bump bump bump – boo-boom boo-boom boo-boom boom boom doo doo doo doo a ya doop doop boop doop do doop ba doo doo doo yeah let's do that you you Oh babies are you cross the way Oh baby yeah I had something to say oh you look so fine just wanna make you mine baby come back across the water with me gonna need for coffee ever trained we find I'll be forever baby so have it be my be my be my my bar love love national of B by B bye-bye be my be my be my national am i skipping around baby give it all the time skip it go above all the bubbles on the straight national love [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Hey sorry that took so long to get together you know it's just it's a series of chords and I wanted to make sure I was playing them right and there you have it little international love ohh okay I'm gonna take maybe one or two more hand and then I got to quit this is this is very energy-intensive 46 minutes later and you are on the line you're on the line hello yes hey how you doing man I'm good how are you doing good I'm good just having a little hang what are you doing oh well I'm not doing anything too exciting cleaning my house Oh cleaning your house well that's something that's necessary and that and that usually needs to be done is it has have you been putting it off I'm sorry I'm not getting a good signal I can't hear you oh okay I was asking if you've been putting off cleaning your house oh definitely it's in it's in a state of me now yeah yeah I feel feel like I'm not as cool as your other callers you know they're all having friends over watching you and they're I'm just you know vacuuming my rug very sexy well you know what it doesn't have to be sexy not everyone can be sexy all the time and I'm sure that you're just conserving your sexiness to bust the fuck out and paint the town red where right now you got a vacuum your carpet that's right yeah you you're absolutely right I know I am no listen dude do you you have anything you want me to sing about you got a topic for me I do my wife is actually pregnant oh she would love it if you could maybe do a song that announces to the world because we've already told our family we're looking for a you know just a way to tell the rest of the world hey so if you don't mind what's what's your wife's first name Katie Katie Katie ie yes Katie's pregnant oh man well that's lovely that congratulations that's great news well thank you we're looking forward to having a baby that'll be a mark ready a fan from day one haha well you just cross your fingers that I can keep this charade going long enough to last into her her adolescence his or her I'm sorry I assumed gender I didn't know I don't know do you guys know yet no we don't know yet okay well that little human being I'm sure will be a delightful delightful thing to have on this planet and will give me one more ticket sale at my shows yeah for sure where I'm actually in the Dallas area so we're gonna go to your show and next month I think is what it is oh no way yeah I'm not next month but in September I think I'm a trees yeah yeah yeah man I'm excited about that Dallas is my home and I love it very much I mean it's my my original home and so it's always really nice to be able to play there yeah we tried to make your last surprise show how did Deep Ellum yeah we missed it and we passed by there's like a line going around the block man and we passed by the front door and all we heard was this guttural sexy growling coming from side and we thought oh shit we're missing the best show of our life well it was a lot of fun but there are many more shows to come so definitely get your tickets four trees it's going the fuck down yeah I'm looking forward to it man all right guys well listen congratulations I'm gonna announce your pregnancy to all of my viewers and and I hope that everything goes off smoothly easily and just get ready to get very little sleep in the next little while all right well we'll look forward to in pooping on it every day thanks my friend have a great rest of your day and I will talk to you soon all right Thank You Man all right bye all right Katie's pregnant everybody excuse me and so that's why yeah so that's so if we look at Mesopotamian ancestry and we can see certain similarities between the rock formations in that part of the Middle East and of course if we go a little further south you'll see there are other civilizations that we're working with the homes for a different kind of excuse me excuse me um yes can we help you excuse me I need everyone's attention this is a high-school history class I don't give a fuck okay I don't give a fuck what you're teaching and what you're talking about it doesn't concern me sir I'm gonna need you to lie I'm gonna need you to shut that little teacher mouth all right teach sit and listen to me I have an announcement who are you that's not relevant nor is it important kids Katie's [Applause] Katie's pregnant Katie's pregnant sir could you please stop making music in this clash on up teacher shut the fuck up shut it Katie's pregnant Katie's pregnant Katie's pregnant Katie's pregnant Katie's pregnant Katie's pregnant okay okay right Katie's pregnant Katie's right everybody listen baby heyyo when you have pregnant and then when you have the baby it comes out your butthole come out of [Applause] when you're pregnant pregnant then your butt grows in then your butt gets huge everybody knows this it's not new information and then you take a little poop and the baby's out all right one more call who's it going to be baby bang you're on the line baby hello yes oh my goodness hold on let me turn down the stream how are you rainy the last time we talked oh yeah did we talk last stream yeah twitch hey what's happening what's shakin nothing much yeah my wife is gonna be so jealous but not only have I talked to you like it all but twice in the same week we're basically best friends yeah that would be cool but I mean I'll take acquaintances but yeah that's awesome okay acquaintance as it is you know I was just trying to warm up to you no that's beautiful that's beautiful that makes me feel good the cockles of my heart are tingling mark listen the cockles my cockles are tingling too what listen what do you mean what are you doing this Sunday what's what's shaking I'm just hanging out with the kids while my wife's at work oh nice just having a little easy Sunday with the kids yeah it's pretty cool it's pretty cool so he's taking some time away from the housework and watching your stream and I'll get back at that and oh good good stuff yeah that's lovely well good well listen man you got a you got a topic for me yeah actually um can you say Rene's my wife for me with like a ballot or something oh yeah what's your wife's name her name is Nina it's about Lake Nina but it's pronounced niner-niner I love you okay I got you my friend oh she she is gonna love this thank you mark you're breathtaking listen even more breathtaking the Chianti you are being way too kind thanks for calling and again my friend I hope we take talk again soon it's a blast thanks man take care thanks to its SIA right there we go fine all right I'm gonna hide the phone number here because I'm stopping take take calls and there's at least 20 people still on the line if I don't get to you you know I'm sorry baby you know it's just that's how it has to be I can't get to everybody and so you know keep trying your luck I'm doing these streams a lot more regularly because I really like connecting with you guys and it's a big challenge for me to try and make music that doesn't sound exactly the same over and over again which is becoming very difficult so I'm trying to expand my instrument library and just improvise man it's it's it's not easy but I'm hope I'm entertaining you and and I hope that I've given you a fun couple hours and I I certainly have enjoyed it so I hope you've enjoyed pooping on it with me because we're just pooping on it together and that's what we do that's just exactly what we do oh nine out of ten nine nine nine out of nine ah ah ah Oh I wanna strip your clothes down to the floor I wanna see your skin I wanna undress your baby with my hands put my teeth on the back that is a little special operation there between us show us mutual masturbation you sit there i'ma sit over here we're gonna put my fingers everywhere baby girl oh yeah good bye baby good bye baby good bye Oh good bye good bye baby good bye baby good bye baby good bye baby good bye baby good bye baby good bye baby [Applause] I've gotta go oh gotta say goodbye oh we gotta go baby don't cry oh I gotta go gotta say goodbye oh gotta go oh gotta go gotta say goodbye gotta say goodbye got to say goodbye got to say goodbye [Applause] the comeback tour listen to me ww dark grubby okay that's the place to go get your tickets come and see me I will be making shit up just like this off the top of my head on stage who knows what the fuck will happen a lot of weird shit happens at my shows and that's why I love playing them because you guys are dope and you bring the heat wherever I go so I need you there to bring the heat so that I can bring the heat so that we can create a nuclear reaction together you understand that's how it works cannot thank you enough for tuning in I hope you guys had fun with me today thank you so much to the callers for calling in an incredible pleasure and you guys are just lovely people and you never cease to amaze me with how cool you all are it's just it's a fucking blast hanging out with you guys and making music I hope some of it was ok I know some of it was shit but I hope some of it was ok and and got you through your afternoon a little bit or your evening or your morning depending on where you are anyway I wish you a beautiful rest of the afternoon morning or evening keep pooping on it thank you so much for supporting me the comeback tour is coming to a place near you probably ok so buy a ticket I love you very very much and I will see you very very soon stay tuned goodbye everybody we are sorry but the show has ended goodbye

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  1. Hey Marc, I just found you in "top 10 people getting owned" @ 4:20….. LOL!!!! How old were you?!?!?!

  2. Great improve!!! Hey im doing a similar live show tonight on my youtube 10 pm e.s.t. Check it out if ur around. And join the live chat. Peace n love n Laugh!!!!!

  3. Dude it has been nearly a week and I still have an earworm of "Katie's pregnant and it's gonna come out of her butt", I just can't get it out of my head, the whole fucking day, FOR DAYS!

  4. fucking Genius! big love from 974 Reunion Island bro 🙂 we got you , Et on espere te voir prochainement par ici le Majicien. God bless U

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