Hotest Day In Uk History With A Newborn! (Ending the vlogs)

it's 10:05 I'm some worker been late this morning because we've got nice League last line what is this I still want me if ever did this in my hair okay this I've been working for three hours at this point to crack on hottest day of the year so I sit there and work all morning average slaves on a couch reading Instagram messages the couldn't cross between our lives is crazy have you been doing lazy comedy got ways they are ChiCom it's 45 degrees midday so I get to 39 – for him he's too hot to save are just too hot is it just too hot for a milky mouth yes yes it is bad I'm Way too hot so today is actually I think it's the hottest day in history in England if against the 39 that would be the hottest day ever in English history and we've got a newborn for it which is just fun isn't it mum he's just pretty happy about that and the stress of a lot of the Thunder conference hello do you love being a park babe my feet hurt both of my feet both of my feet real bad I'll be right this on my hope my God look at this this is the world oh it's 35 degrees at midday this is horrible go back inside and I want to lifts from a cold we go to Iceland ke sabhi little sack of bones smile I'd be looking somebody is for you to come take oh you try every day she's just trapped Oh screw outside aren't you by that time yeah like you're plotting is that little smooth oh you see ah what's a sweet hot smile to have not hot as in like hot but you know you know I mean that's gonna be nice and cold Jonah ice cream for Marquis like this why do you to quickly jump out of shore boy trick me from Topman what you doing ABS let's go ice cream Lucky's yes okay it's 44 degrees six minutes past 1:00 unbelievable believe in you checkers I just want to count honestly it's so hard I can't even think well I swear my IQ points drop by about a hundred as soon as it gets over ten degrees just wait I'm sweating out of places that he won't go to sweat you know when you sweat it as I was itching itching imposes on my body that I've never it's before liked it's crazy right in front of me 36 and a half why is it going up this is stupid this is switched bang up so quick as well oh it's really got to 37 what do you think about that work right fun little fact when you start driving in your car your car's not meant to warm up it's meant to come down because at the rest and temperature of where the sensor is when you get in your car D Drive it drops by a few degrees father's got about by three that's just the country getting hot so rapidly what am I wearing jogging bottoms my mind Ranger why are we wearing jockey bolivars there's something so broken about our lives so we really need to recalibrate air conditioning in there you can keep the changes of tip mate I've good one all right so I'm just going to tip the guy that was working with balloons about six pounds which is the hourly rate I was paid when I worked at McDonald's I worked at the same aberrancy knows and nobody wants to work at McDonald's so I'll jump that anyone wants to have so judge I mean giving them a tip is quite nice because nobody ever does tip it I give him like six palaces every right he goes I thought he was so famous you just an eye amazing amazing I wish didn't took them no six pounds all right it's a lot of money all of the chips and twenty six nuggets for me and a beauty tip to the guys six pounds he goes I and then buzzy alder wrong imagine what is that customer service I'm actually really you know he how much he kind of a much but it's nice to him and he got no right yeah freezing I'm not sure what's worse the heat you could do this apps I believe in you let's do one done so jumping off the trampoline just land as you would in the grass if you guys won the web bar is why we're playing a mom sitting in the shade than people inside and easier just sleeping he's enjoying it even mine he better than me what I stay in English history and there's a rain cloud waltz stop ruining our fun how are you dealing with the weather son you okay do you love it Wow I was a totally nutty there are oh you love it you're really catching with the heat better therefore now sorry about the background noise yesterday I found in here it's party seven degrees don't ask me one wearing Joker bottoms again I could fund any shorts my life sad but calling the caterpillar tapi he loves her he knows that one day we're all gonna move to Spain animals always yes thumbs are yes folks yes all right come here baby coating the caterpillar come on being the tough love Oh they feel hot or they're going to lose a lot he's just a caterpillar a star boy Oh keep someone everywhere trying to fight everything hungry she's hungry food yeah this is just a bit too hot for you bye Oh oh boy see you later oh here we go look at the size those raindrops yes Oh My Jesus I saw some raindrops he's not the slit relatively to my hand that's ridiculous this is not being back in Thailand did you like the fun ball you need to turn asleep to it you remind of the womb whenever happy had any indigestion yeah here it did say yeah for a while look he's like trying to walk huh pushing yourself right up high oh look out but boy why have you done like that oh my god why are you saying why just give me tell fortunes oh you're so cute you spoke to you I can't even is too hard my hair Abby what we done it's that one little bit of flops down oh you do all day is feed I know this rugs been very very timid it's too hot to one pick up a camera and try and work to tear on that weight I'm like angry what have you been doing is this and there's the monetizes are videos of this too much of it apparently and free this is who you're gonna hear all day mom this is actually a joke no I can't even but as person youtuber your celebrity that I look like in the comments down below if you guys enjoyed this video drop it a like a subscribe if you're new comment down below and it's all constructive criticism we can take on board hello yeah just say difficut amazing alright see you guys later bye mister next let the women I guess this bit wasn't originally intended to be in the vlog but I thought I'd give you guys a heads up on what's happening over the next few days so as I mentioned before I've been working flat out on this channel literally working 12 hours a day on it and I'm gonna take a tiny bit of a break for like one or two days a week so there would be like a video every five days every five days so there'll be videos five days a week and got seven purely for the fact that wanna spend the little bit time with my son I hope you guys understand I'm sure you will a lot of youtubers use external video editors so like they pay people to edit their videos so that way they don't have to spend seven eight nine hours away from the Sun a day or thought or a day working that's just the reality do they either have the money to pay a video editor so I'll do it myself and I just want to spend a little bit on my son like have a weekend theoretically hope you guys understand that and I yeah I'll catch you guys not tomorrow but the day afterwards this

44 Replies to “Hotest Day In Uk History With A Newborn! (Ending the vlogs)”

  1. Europeans complaining about heat
    australians- “it gets to 50°c here sometimes” 😂
    The highest temperature recorded in aus was 50.7°c !
    It gets up to 43-45°c around here in summer

  2. mike your hair is ruined for life😂 have some father and son time, have some family time, upload and video when you can and yeah. we understand how much effort you put into these vlogs and we appreciate it so much❤️

  3. Love this video!!!!!! Beau is sooo cute!!!!!!!!! 😍😍 Try putting an ice water bottle in front of the fan, the breeze will be cooler 💦❄️

  4. Im so glad that it has cooled down today and the rain helps as well it was to hot the other day in the uk it killed my energy

  5. it was my mums birthday on the hottest day and we literally couldn’t do anything because it was just too hot 😫😫she went out in the evening tho to a restaurant hahaha

  6. 101 degrees Fahrenheit 💀 i live in california n its gonna be 107 degrees fahrenheit tmrw n its just a normal summer day 😂😂

  7. I am glad as much as I love watching your vlog I thinks its the best thing for you guys both to spend more time with your baby and also I feel guys just eat junk food every day it doesn’t seem healthy but who I am I to say anything 😅🤦‍♀️

  8. Your son is only going to be a baby for such a short time, take as long as you need enjoy your beautiful baby and cherish the moments.

  9. If you think 35 is hot.. try living in Australia where it is 43 or higher everyday for 3 months straight almost

  10. I fully support you having more time with your son and people will hate me for saying this but why 3 instead of two days off and on that third day you and Abbie each separately have some "me time" – it'll definitely recharge your batteries

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