7 Replies to “How An Abortion Affects Your Chance Of Getting Pregnant Again | Gynaecologist Dr B.Radhika”

  1. Ma'am I did my first apportion by tablets I'm afraid now will I be pregnant again I & my husband consultant doctor & took the pills doctor said I'll be pregnant again but still I'm afraid please reply me ma'am

  2. Mam mene sex ke time sperm ander nahi choda tha but meri wife ko period ane me late ho raha he or mene protection bhi nahi use kiya tha ab me kya karu32 days ho gaye

  3. Sir mene sex ke time sperm ander nahi choda tha but meri wife ko period ane me late ho raha he me kya karu

  4. This is a quote by Beatrice Fedor """“I flushed my baby in the toilet and it was horrifying. And it didn’t help me to graduate. It’s been nineteen years and to this day, I don’t have a degree. […] Seven years later, I got pregnant again. The father was twice my age and he was abusive. Abortion was the quick fix solution to protect myself and my baby from the abuser. So I went to a clinic and in great anxiety, I was put to sleep. When I woke up with blood on my legs, I burst into tears and I was inconsolable. I sank deeper and deeper into depression and suicidal thoughts.

    Then, I met my husband and he brought Jesus into my life but I was still hurting. When I was pregnant with our first child, my abortions resurfaced and the guilt was overwhelming. I went to counseling and I started to heal. Later, I attended a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat and finally, I was able to forgive myself and find peace.

    Abortion promised to free me from two crisis situations and instead, it has nearly destroyed me. But there is hope for all those who are hurting and it is for them that I am Silent No More.”""

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