47 Replies to “How Biology Plays a Role In Success With Woman "do looks matter as much as we think?"”

  1. love the way you break it down man, while keeping it real. You're one of the few instructors I actually resonate with currently

  2. Here’s a good argument to have I’m a viet Asian life coach Iv done pick up aswell I’m great with leading emotional spiking and social proof,

    What I’m curious about is Being a Asian Vietnamese UK born and I’m 22 from Brighton

    The problem I’m having is with Flakes now I’m good with my lines dates etc

    HOWEVER there was something I clocked out a few weeks ago one of my white friends was on a date with a chinese girl and she told him about all the bad and needy chinese guys with bad game asking her to be there Girlfriend

    SO what I was thinking was OMG holyshit all these bad Asian guys are making me look bad which I know I’m decent at game and then I never really get the chance

    I mean I only usually go for Asian girls but some cases I just feel like my face is baby faced I’m like 5 ft 7

    And sometimes I feel like I don’t get cut slack and my social intelligence has to be on such a high standard to get the lay

    Also let’s say if this girl is born in HK then they have seen plenty of guys that look like me if you know what I mean

    So when they come and see whites and blacks it’s new and exotic to them plus my city only has 230k ppl the city is called Brighton UK

    At some point I’m going to be making a life coach and Dating channel for Asian guys that prefer Asians so if anyone sees this feel free to subscribe to me il send you guys a message and link of my new channel.

    Apart from that I’m loving the knowledge and videos you are doing please respond and tell me your thoughts on this and how I can counter and fix the situation

    Many Thanks Dan

  3. One disagreement on alpha. Alpha doesn't need to be a group leader. He can be a secretive cunning womanizer. He can be totally unsuccessful in his social circle, but as long as he is showing a good vibe everytime he approaches it's no problem because girls won't know anyway. That's the rationale of the game. Most of attractive sexual traits can be learned. And that means you can grow your sexual status without need to upgrade your actual social status (occupation, social circle)

  4. Hey man. Wouldn't you say that 'game' is more so having the ability to tell when a girl is into you and through experience and repetition, you 'feel' what to do to move it forward? Would you agree that looking good increases the amount of girls that are into you? and lastly, wouldn't you say that if you dress a certain way, some girls that were no girls suddenly become accessible to you and if you change your style to something different, you get access to a different type of girls?

  5. Hey is there any way I can contact you?, I made this kinda long essay on ive been thinking theories in game and i was wondering where i could write it cuz i feel like it wont fit in the youtube comment section


  6. Some girls prefer alphas/leader type of guys, and other girls prefer good looking guys – even if they're not dominant, and might be passive/nonchalant. The latter are at least 50%, former cca 40% from my experience.
    There are even girls that will automatically dismiss a passive good looking guy (those girls are minority), and there are also girls that won't settle for a bad looking /short guy no matter how good his game is or how dominant he is. (there's more of them than the first kind).
    Guys like RSD Tyler get shot down by girls like that, but he won't talk about that because he plays numbers game and approaches the next girl after getting shut down, and eventually succeeding that way reinforcing his belief that looks don't matter.
    But the thing is looks don't matter only for a certain type of girls. You could just as well say being alpha doesn't matter – for other type of girls. And both is true.

  7. Hey man do you have an FB group that we can all join? If not i could help you set it up for the benefit of all your subscribers

    Also. Have you heard of Carlos Xuma? It would be great if you did a review on him, hes got tons of programs

  8. Hey Denton, could you do a video on "How to go out alone" for Daygame and Nightgame? I have a wing, but he's pretty unreliable. So I don't want to depend on him and develop the skill to go out solo. Went out solo a lot in the past couple of weeks, doing the first approach is always the hardest step for me. Especially for Nightgame. A guide would be super helpful.

    Anyways, love your stuff, looking forward to new videos!

  9. I love your videos. So just to the point but breaks down the technial side real good. Inherently, I know the shit you say. But because you're really good and more active it reaffirms it. Thanks.

  10. Denton… I'm not sure what to think right now. As you are practically the only PUA that I really trust, I would be happy if you told me your opinion about the YouTuber FACEandLMS. He basically argues that looks are everything and his videos are quite convincing (sadly). One good video of him is watch?v=EFnJMPQow7A. (It is the first part of a short series. The second part even directly addresses PUA.) Would love to hear how you cope with this "opposing view" <3 Thank you!

  11. If this is the case then I will me why the school system Is pushing so much gender nuterality and if game is so important tell me why the birth rate is dropping look I don't believe in game as an alpha a bs former pimp

  12. Hy Denton, gota a question for you, so when you are leraning or practicing new concepts is it better to be in the zone or trying theme out while were still stifeled.
    Im a newbie so this one realy bothers me becouse while in the club from sheer amount of volume and fun i generate i tend to get flowing pretty consistantly but on the streets i rly cant get in to state ( where i live i have only 3 days of "clubbing" but im aproaching every day )
    Loved the video, as always
    Cheers Mislav

  13. The cliques are pretty accurate in my school but the knowledge you gave can definitely help a lot. Thanks Denton

  14. Awesome video dude, a lot of things really clicked for me here. Mostly about truly believing in yourself. It would be cool if you made a video on how you do this visualization!

  15. The sooner we dissociate from all the beliefs that hinder us, the sooner we can see things for how they really are. Guys put so much stock into their looks, not because they genuinely think they're ugly but because it gives them an out. It's crazy how our excuses have excuses. There are so many dudes who are good with women who aren't:

    1. Tall
    2. White
    3. Jacked

    But, tbh, even if you do look the part, you can still be ass with women too. A lot of coaches have admitted that before they understood social dynamics, they were still trash with women. And the thing that gets me the most is a lot of these guys who complain that they aren't good looking – don't actually do anything to change that. They just make channels and talk about how women only date or fuck 'chads'.

    Good vid.

  16. Denton this is also pretty much exactly what YaReally (a renowned PUA commenter on manosphere blogs back in the day) said about how cute guys become more alpha (because of positive feedback loops).

    Also you should definitely debate some incel channels like FaceandLMS and also engage with some of the academic research into female mate preference, which is very 'looks matter a lot'

  17. Damn man I just moved to Vegas a few weeks ago. The heat here is for realllll!!! I walked out at 3 am and it was almost 100 degrees.

  18. Hey Denton, have you read the rational male by rollo tomasi, keep up the good work by the way I'm loving the concepts you discuss

  19. 6:75 howb out idi amin he got dungeon where he bashed people with sledge hammer or how bout saddaim hussein and his kids they were ….. fukin lol crasy

  20. I agree about the money. … you don’t need money to have a lot of sex with a lot of women. the most broke ass mfrs I know get laid all the time with the hot girls too. However, You DO need money if you want to MARRY and be a provider to the best woman, but for purely for sex? Nah

  21. I am watching you from last 43-4 Months.I really like your game style and the stuff you teach here.is there any way to work with you ??

  22. I also totally agree with you on the being Indian part. As an Indian with no accent, I pull more than my white friends

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