how can you get a slim body after birth

hello buddies welcome always to my and your channel soon to the mummy where I share with you all subjects related to childhood and pregnancy in this video I choose to talk on a sensitive subject middlin and disturbed women immediately after the birth of the baby so how to tighten my body after birth how can you keep your body slim after birth all these questions we will find responses of them first practice so make exercises so make it sir sizes help strengthen the abdominal muscles and their intensity they can be exercised by lying on one side and bending both knees slightly relax the abdominal muscles and pull the same deep start exhaling with gently tightening your abdominal muscles and skills in the pelvic floor muscles during its weight 10 seconds and repeat for 10 consecutive times second breastfeeding the model can lose a large part of her weight with the birth of the baby but this process can slow down and last for several months to be able to lose the rest of the weight gain during pregnancy and some others were able to lose weight with the help of breastfeeding would third exercise with the help of the child the mother may find it difficult to stay away from her baby during the first period of birth and can use her child’s weight for exercise the child was carried near the chest take one step forward using the left leg bending the knee and keep the toes beyond the knee level return to the first position and repeat the exercise with the right leg repeats eight to ten times per leg these were just some solutions to maintain your body after birth without neglect of your baby finally don’t forget as always to subscribe my channel now I will say to you bye see you in the next video

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