How Carmel Rodriguez Used a Postpartum Nightmare to Become a Trainer and Fitness Expert

I remember having this vision. My kids and I were playing in
the front yard of our home and there were cars coming
from either side of the street. These cars were gonna hit
my kids and so I was running to try and get to them and I
couldn’t reach both of them. So I had to choose one of
them to save. My heart was broken. It kind of lit a fire inside me. This is not going to happen on
my watch. I was going to become a ninja mom. After my second child, my
body fully changed. I had gotten into a place where
it was pretty dark. Financially, we were not doing
well. I thought I would be this
magnificent, amazing mother and I wasn’t that mother. I was finding myself unsure of, you know, even how to watch my
children. I just remember thinking, I
can’t stand feeling this way and I needed to change. And then I had a dream. I was running in my dream,
feeling so free, so I figured that’s pretty much
what I need to do, I just need to go run. My body did not want to do
what my mind thought I could do. From there I just started
walking and eventually I got to the point where I could start
running, and then I started jumping rope, until I started doing
handstands. That was kind of the start
to my new take on what fitness was to me. With the stuff that I was doing
I started getting confidence. A friend of mine actually
invited me to go to a gym with her. I went in and got a
job and that was the start of my training career, really. Eventually, I had my own team
of trainers underneath me. And that was going really well. But there was something that
was telling me that I wasn’t meant to be there anymore. I wasn’t seeing my kids you
know, I was working 60 hours a week, non-stop. It took me about three months to
send that resignation letter. That was the first day of
my entrepreneurship. It really gave me time
to kind of start focusing on myself again,
continuing the ninja training. I started putting some of my
workouts on Instagram. And what started happening was
that people were actually enjoying what I was doing and
actually starting to copy some of the movements I was
doing as well. My ultimate goal point, is to
help others like myself be able to live their passion and
their dream. The people that follow me
inspire me every day. The reason I put this stuff out
here is for them. They give life to what I do.
It’s that simple. The one thing I’ve learned is
that you’re not going to get anywhere unless you actually
physically do the work. Even if I only get a minute of
something towards that goal, that’s a minute in that if I do
every single day, eventually it will add up.

3 Replies to “How Carmel Rodriguez Used a Postpartum Nightmare to Become a Trainer and Fitness Expert”

  1. So inspiring. I needed to hear that. Im also a mom who is not in a good place inside. So start running first? I dont know how to start or even what diet to start either

  2. Amazing and inspirational. Goals are like mountains. Incredibly difficult to achieve but one step at a time and you will reach the summit

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