How Do I Know My Pregnancy is Going Well at 16 Weeks?

How do I know my pregnancy is going well at
16 weeks? You have a lot of energy because you are no
longer throwing up or making as many red blood cells. Just not throwing up every morning can give
you a feeling of energy. That doesn’t mean it is actually going well. If you want to know how well the pregnancy
is going, watch the growing baby belly. Hopefully though, the scale isn’t going up too fast. I know that gaining too many pounds right
now is not healthy. The baby is the size of an avocado. It weighs
ounces, not pounds. And now it actually looks like a baby. You’ve also gained larger breasts, a liter
or more of extra blood to support the baby, and a number of other physical changes. I was hoping for information on how to know
the pregnancy was going well or if it wasn’t. If you have minor twinges or a rare pain,
it is often a straining ligament or muscle ache. If you have major pains, that’s a potential
problem. I know women in the third trimester who complain
everything hurts, though that is nature’s way of making you look forward to labor. If you have intense pain like labor, you may
be having a miscarriage. I’ve heard that blood during this phase is
a warning sign. If you have a little blood after sex, that’s
actually normal since the tissues tend to be sensitive and swollen due to all the pregnancy
hormones. I mean more than a little. A little dried blood may be a tissue tear,
while a little fresh blood could be an STD flaring up due to pregnancy. The tissue tear sounds bad. If you have blood plus pain or enough blood
it seems like you are having a period, then it is bad. A little spotting with or without
pain is not bad. This is almost a case of everything is fine
unless you have evidence otherwise. If you suddenly feel not pregnant, that’s
an indicator that things aren’t well. I don’t get it. The baby is putting out a chemical screaming
I’m here, get ready. When you miscarry, the first thing to happen is that chemical level
stopping. Then I’d be able to tell from the blood and
pain. Before that starts, you’d see a negative pregnancy
test despite it having been positive for months. It isn’t like you test that multiple times,
except for the day you were wondering if you were pregnant. If you are concerned, you can always go to
the doctor. That’s the default answer for pregnant women. If you feel the baby swoosh and maybe kick
once in a while, that’s normal. If you are concerned it isn’t right because you don’t
feel movement, lay on your side to get a better feel or drink caffeine. That’s not good for the heart. But it will get the baby’s activity level
up, so you’re more likely to feel it. Ditto if you wait for it around midnight. That’s when I want to sleep. Then the baby keeping you up at midnight kicking
and rolling, is just another prep for when he or she is actually here.

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