38 Replies to “How do periods affect women footballers? – Oh My Goal”

  1. So you expect us to feel sympathy for something that is part of a woman’s DNA? That is so stupid, men have to deal with getting a ball to the nuts, but you don’t see anyone asking a video on that

  2. This Is Nonsense.. Woman Should Not Compete When On Periods.. End Of Story.. Controlling Your Periods, Taking Medications Or By Any Means Prolonging Your Period Is Not A Natural Or Healthy Process. You Are Defying Natural Habitats Doing That.. Nowadays Women want to be everywhere To Get centre of attention and they want to be equally competitive as men.. But The Answer And True Fact Is They Cant.. Men Are Bulit Different Than Woman And Women Are Built Different Than Men.. And Their Are Some Restrictions For Woman That They Should Follow..

  3. Idk why people keep on arguing about this video, were all struggling to some problems so please stop arguing about it!

  4. Do WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO OH…MY GOAL…a feminist channel…I wouldn't mind a vid like this but it seems there is a tone here…ya'll are a football channel…remember

  5. No one gives two shits about women's periods in football and it's not a huge problem so why should anyone care

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