How Do You Support Someone Who Has Had A Miscarriage?

what is the worst thing to say to someone after a miscarriage I think the worst thing you can say to someone is like don't worry you can have another goal you can have another baby because you're not really addressing the hurt that's going on at that moment I just think any kind of comparison sort of trying to say it's not as bad as you think it is it's not a good way to go probably wasn't meant to be or it was your body practicing and it'll be fine next time I think the best thing you can do is just be sympathetic be an ear to listen to if someone wants to listen to to speak to be a shoulder to cry on and just try and do your best to help someone going through it don't minimize it don't say all that least you can try again don't say oh it's just a bunch of cells and don't say it well at least you can get pregnant just being there and I think listening is probably the most important thing you can do how has miscarriage affected you miscarriage has affected me in a way I never knew it was possible I still feel huge amount of loss and sadness that I never got to meet our first baby I've definitely become a bit more sort of cynical and slightly jaded from the experiences but I mean ultimately you've got to try and move on with your life so hopefully and I've learned to do that as well it's just such a horrific thing in it and it's not something we just should sweep under the carpet and say oh well it's just part of being a woman or part of having a baby it's a horrible loss and a very hard thing to so I think it affects you in many in many ways and it can affect you at the time but also any years to come things can trigger those feelings about baby loss what is the best way to support someone who has had a miscarriage and I think that's a really interesting one because if you talk to people who've had miscarriages everyone's different in terms of what they like so some people really want to throw themselves back the world and other people want to retreat so you kind of got to play it by ear a bit I've always said you can't go wrong if you just say it's been written can I help you in any way or you know I'm really sorry that's happening to you and is there anything I can do and that way you're not really putting your foot in it in any way and things like capeboys help as well I think I take no just to be there and to wrap them up give them food give them love and if they want to talk talk but if they don't want to talk don't force them to do anything they don't want to do it's a really horrific time and yeah just be available that they want to see I think that depends on your experience with miscarriage and once you start opening up after miscarriage you'll find that unexpectedly friends that you didn't know had had a miscarriage have actually had one and that's quite nice when someone can empathize with you what don't people know about risk Harwich that it can take a long time to recover that the hurt sometimes doesn't go away no matter how many children you have and many people are unaware how common miscarriage is at least it's estimated that about one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage and I think if we were a little bit more aware of that then perhaps it wouldn't be such a shock when it happens to you obviously it'd still be terribly upsetting because you've still lost a much longing for baby and a pregnancy but maybe if we spoke about it more if we all knew how common it was it wouldn't be such a shock I think most people are unaware of the grief you experience after a miscarriage I really feel that I lost a baby I don't think people really realize the connection that you feel when you find out that you're pregnant and from that moment in your mind you're already a mum morning

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  1. People don't "get pregnant." They have sex. That's it.  That's all we have control over.  Most people find that fact very uncomfortable… the lack of control over life events makes some people angry or bitter …some even lash out to inflict control and their demands onto others.  But, it's only when we go beyond personal ego and need to control everything that we can find inspiration, faith and the seeking of deeper meaning…it's only then that are we better-equipped to handle contrary life events.

  2. Firstly, I'm fortunate I have two children. My husband and I ttc'ed for 2 years with male factor. I had an early miscarriage 2 years before my first baby. One day I had 3 positive pregnancy tests, then a few days later I started my late period. The tests were so faint but I was excited. It was a blow. I don't want to minimize others' experiences, but it goes to show you can have a miscarriage without knowing it so wait until after your period is late before testing. During both pregnancies, I was very anxious about losing the baby especially during the first trimester. My sympathy goes out to anyone who's had a pregnancy loss. I hope you'll have your rainbow soon.

  3. I had a miscarriage between the birth of my 2 children. The only support I had was my Aussie. Not even my husband understood what I was going through. My dog put her head in my lap while I cried every time.

  4. As a woman who has lost 12 pregnancies the worse things to hear was it wasnt the right time,try again,maybe next time,sorry for your loss,atleast it was just a fetus and you didnt experience kicks and life,i wanted to tell you i was pregnant but didnt want to upset you. Me personaly acknowledge me and my feelings not the loss dont tell me wish i could make it better or help you because NO ONe could or can take the pain away. I had to cope in my own way my own time. DO NoT tell someone whos lost a baby or babies when or how long you should take to get over it. I still cry and each baby the pain felt like the first still hurts. I joined the Reborn community in 2017 my eyes were opened to countless of other mommies of angels and i feel Less Alone. I will be making reborns to help other women going through infertility and infant loss. Because i know too tell the pain of my extraction C-section like scars and empty arms. My reborns now fill my arms and heart. I want other mothers to feel the joy also with my budget babies❣️even if you dont have a Reborn the support in the Reborn community is absolutely AHmazing and pulled me out of the darkness i was stuck in..

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