How does he stand on abortion?

I'm in love person he's real he's honest he's unpretentious oh really lucky did you tell him I was sorry I didn't offer him the drink no I forgot the best part is he doesn't play games you know there are no games no games what is the point of dating without games how do you know if you're winning or losing well all I know is he doesn't like games and he doesn't play games you know he is too much character and integrity uh-huh and what is his stand on abortion what is his stand on abortion well I'm sure he's pro-choice how do you know because he well he's just so good-looking well you should probably ask because if he's gonna be coming over with those pequeños pizzas could be trouble I don't remember me neither I think about you all the time you do do you think about me oh yeah all the time all the time although recently I've been thinking about this friend of mine a friend oh just this woman she got impregnated by her troglodytic half-brother decided to have an abortion you know someday we're gonna get enough people in the Supreme Court to change that law

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  1. Some day we’re gonna get enough people on the Supreme Court to change that law. A joke then but unfortunately the joke has become true.

  2. As George Carlin once said about right-winged Christian people, "If you're pre-born, you're fine, if you're preschool, you're fucked".

    On a side note, Julia is so ridiculously gorgeous in that truck.

  3. I think it's hilarious that Elaine had to use an obscure almost non-existent reason to need to abort a baby as that's all these people can ever do. 99% of these cases are young children or early aged adults who simply do not believe they will be able to take care of a child, or do not want to deal with the inconvenience of having to provide for one. let's see how many abortions there are when there's zero State funding for it. Poor people can't afford shit so they're going to learn how to be respectable humans or suffer the consequences.

  4. Would everybody stop debating Abortion? That's not what this clip is about. The joke is about whether one difference of opinion is enough to destroy a relationship. They could have done this same joke with him hating a band Elaine loved.

  5. People kill chickens and pigs, what's so bad about killing someone of your own species ?
    Also we are too many and our numbers are still growing, you are not dying fast enough.
    The future you will not see because you will be dead (lucky you) will require a lot of drastic measures, count on it.
    That, or the growing numbers and proximity will make possible for a nice microorganism to wipe 50% of us.

  6. and that time has now come! build a wall, and seal up those uterus walls, no more murder of born or unborn Americans!

  7. These are the little details on this show I love, not just Elaine but Jerry and all the main characters on this show get out of relationships for the most random, strange and even funny details, and I think everybody is like this in some way.

  8. I would not start a serious relationship with a girl who thinks it's ok to murder unborn babies. Honestly, I would NOT risk her killing my child.

  9. Whenever Jerry ruins her relationships I like to think he knows her so well of course a part of him wants to keep her to himself

  10. What's the deal with abortion? It's like baby-in baby-out baby-in baby-out. Either get pregnant, or don't!

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