How Fitness Expert Emily Skye Transformed Her Life and Dealt with Postpartum Depression

She’s one of the leading fitness influencers on the internet, boasting a social media following of nearly 15 million followers, but the healthy lifestyle she shares on her feed wasn’t always her story. Take a look. Hi, I’m Emily Skye. You might know me from workout videos. Forbes recently announced me as number three in the world for a fitness expert. My career now has been wonderful and I’m very happy, but it hasn’t always been that way. My dad left when I was two and a half. My mom did the best she could, but I struggled really badly with depression. By the time I was age 11, I was on antidepressants. I hated leaving the house. When I was at school, I was teased a lot. Everything from googles, ’cause I’ve got big eyes to stick creature. When I was about 14, I actually started modeling. I was searching for a way to feel loved and accepted. I booked my first official modeling job and having these photos of me all around Australia. So, when I was modeling, it was all about being as skinny as you could. I was obsessed. I would undereat and I was doing long cardio sessions, like three hours a day. I was about a hundred pounds and I still thought that I was too fat. So, on the outside, it probably appears that I was living the dream, but I actually hated myself and hated my life. I had a couple of abusive boyfriends. One used to beat me up and smash glasses over my head. I feared for my life because I did contemplate ending it. So about nine years ago, I just had enough. So I started making changes, from my relationships to my career. I started eating healthy foods and doing exercise that was good for me. Lifting weights and building some shape. I felt more confident. I felt like a cloud had been lifted away from me. So, I decided to start sharing my story with people. Posting workout videos every day. And I had no idea the reaction would be what it is now and I feel like I’ve got purpose now. I’m actually helping people, which it feels amazing. I love it what I do. (audience cheers) Well, Emily is here. She joins us now. Welcome. Thank you. So, Emily, I understand you recently had a baby? Yes. [Woman In Black Dress] Congratulations. Thank you. So, clearly, that’s a big fitness change. It is. [Woman In Black Dress]Yes. Oh, so cute. After you had your baby, you had a little postpartum depression, is that correct? Yes. And I also didn’t expect that either. I’d heard a lot of people tell me about the baby blues. And it happens a few days after you give birth, ’cause of the hormonal change. I mean, you’re better at telling the story about that, but, yeah, I felt completely opposite to how I thought I’d feel. I was really down. I thought I’d be happier than ever. I wanted a baby for years. I finally had a baby and then I hadn’t had sleep, so you’ve got the sleep deprivation there as well, but I felt horrible. Yeah. And I felt guilty for, I didn’t resent my baby, but I felt like I wasn’t cut out for it and I remember saying to my partner and saying to the midwife, I’m just not cut out for it. And I was bawling my eyes out saying what have I done? Thank you for being so open. Yeah. And saying that because, honestly a lot of women feel that way, but they feel bad saying it. They feel as though it’s a character flaw and nothing could be further from the truth. And for everyone at home, Emily was talking about postpartum, like blues, and stuff like that. Well, that’s just something that happens because of the hormonal fluctuations. It can happen a couple of days after delivery and it usually lasts for up to two weeks. Yep. But there’s something called postpartum depression that can go on for a longer period of time. The symptoms are a lot more severe and it really disrupts your life, but, once again, it’s very common and it impacts about 5 to 25% of women during the postpartum period and it’s something that we definitely can help women deal with.

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