How Ford’s ‘Pregnancy Suit’ Helps Design Vehicles for Expectant Mothers | Innovation | Ford

Here it comes.
>>Here’s the belly.>>Okay.>>If you wouldn’t mind just holding the belly up a little bit,
while I secure this in the back. [LAUGH]>>So right now you’re carrying
approximately 35-pounds.>>Look at the waddle. How do you like it? [MUSIC]>>For some reason, I keep wanting to touch it.
>>The Empathy Suit is a pregnancy suit which stimulates what it’s like to
be in a third-trimester pregnancy. And those two lead balls are going
to feel like the baby’s limbs. Especially when you sit down in the car. [MUSIC] You open the door,
you put your foot in, sit down, swing your other foot in, close the door.
>>How do I do this?>>But if you’re wearing the Pregnancy Suit the
way you get into the car is going to be different because we are putting
different weights on your body and we’re changing the range of motion
that you have in your joints. By having the experience of wearing these
suits you’re really opening up their mind to something different. [LAUGH]>>And hopefully you’re making an impact. [MUSIC]

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