I just like the way she tucked him with the pilot unit Liz have the team here at the team hey so tell me what I thought what I thought this shit happen team head at the team hey so tell me what what what he do flight crew and TC the most long-awaited reaction FTC's punch in the air yep you got your little comment lights out the way FCC is crying in the car you got your Tama lights out the way you got your five seconds of fame yes man I am actually not gonna lie I'm actually happy that I'm able to actually do this reaction for you guys that have not been under a rock the last couple of weeks as you guys you know I'm saying shit no extra friend diamond you know what I'm saying has been in some drama you know I'm saying with a B Nicole I don't really care I'm neutral you know I'm saying no matter who's mad at who you know I'm saying I will never like go against a certain person unless they physically do something to me where I have to you know I'm saying push them away you know what I'm saying so with that being said I've been neutral around that I got out there that diamond was pregnant you know I'm saying by you know a rapper chief keef shop you know I'm saying its all-time legend go um everybody was waiting for me to you know do the most when it was crazy cuz this whole time when I I don't even know if she's even pregnant even by Chief Keef I don't know she's just pregnant by someone else her she's pregnant at all but she looks like she's did a video but for furthermore for the future and being when it comes to like somebody having potentially a kid it's nowhere near that serious where I have to be so quick to do a reaction or do a video you know I'm saying because it's really not even that cities like views videos entertainment it's not that serious when it comes to bringing a new birth and new born into a society I had talked to Tom personally when I had first first first found out all about this and she asked me Connie if I would not make a video until she makes it and that's what I'm gonna do you know I'm saying Donna never did nothing wrong other than pull up to my door unexpectedly with the whole city of LA but not an entourage the side she never did anything wrong to me where I have to feel like you know I was needed to just do that you know I'm saying just to cover and see what everybody else has to say about me you know what I'm saying so everybody that was tagging me and everything thinking I was going out said or I was sad and even tucked away I was looking at my phone and just looking at another unsuccessful person miserable about their own life so they wanted to try and make somebody and bring somebody else down which didn't work not one bit I laughed at each and everything about it and we're gonna see if she's actually pregnant if she is I'm proud of her and absolutely Congrats I would be there for you know saying her time and you know and so forth and everything but this says she never did anything to me wrong and so has Abby I'm neutral throughout the whole drone stop asked me also to react to the drama cuz I'm not going to react to it I don't care it does not have to do anything about me I'm not gonna be choosing any sides here we go the question everybody makes time in are you pregnant and another number second highest question is like how do you feel about Tommy being pregnant I hope somebody gave me a time stamp it was like six minutes but some things I would at the same time – we'll just go ahead and not skip the video if it's a pregnancy video evolving my exes so I'm sure what first clean up everything the only thing why and I want to start from when I first started doing you I want to give you guys a hole to meet I hold the friend down not too much is changing I just want to talk about the things that going on with me and I'm bright it's where everybody wants to know all these questions for us my so high county bro y'all wonder why I ejected on braga at the house on 50 but now I want to start from my apartment you know I can't seat yourself just you're only cheating yourself oh no don't cheat you know I'm going to save our apartment I want to continue to win fish guys wish me a happy happy happy happy journey fact I want you guys that's crazy man yeah let's go ahead and do it fast after prayer you know say if you're not religious you know I'm saying you don't have to take part in now I'm not religious but I do believe in God I pray twice a day God's in my life you know what I'm saying come Lord Jesus please help Diamond have no pregnancy issues and help the globe become really really serious and hope the newborn his or her comes into a lit life amen all right what was about to say oh yeah bro woman have to hold like a baby for like 12 months bro that is trig like you can't do the same things you usually do for 12 like pretty much for all whole year last Wow but mr. Cheney not praying to people frankly all that God all it takes is you just go to swings like that last time let her continue to think she gonna do let her journey in there now hurt these guys too because you know I had to take out his down there can't keep this a secret you know I'm gonna keep update I don't know you know what I got I'm not even seeing on his crazy stuff but I really want apologize because I've been getting out of character Late Late Late sleep I became on the calculator and my move Oh everything's been all damn that's crazy those are no thanks is far more most for I going to the new chapter I want to clean this up with saying thank you I want to say thank you for positive and I want to say thank you for later reason why I want to say thank you for positive and negative because I want to thank all my supporters that support me to the fullest whatever company whatever I want to thank yeah I really really really really want to thank you and also I want to say thank you Nega negative titty reason why I'm saying thank you to Monday's hitting people because even though you're not getting out positive there's no wonder if she's gonna like say who is in five I mean that's probably what a chop stamp is probably for know I'll know if I should skip Thursday I want to thank my mother I want to thank her for a guy to me and being such an honor and woman oh my god I said I might be hurt and brother make sure when you be sitting down you sit up on you got good posture and shit lady that posture to give you headaches I want to say thank you for that prosecutors your back no you know I want to thank things that want to welcome flight in being me Thank You wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful month I want to really say thank you because I really appreciate my mom as much things that I have been through let me tell you something my mother has never so we don't my phone in time standard for nothing in the next minute but yeah bro make sure you have good posture you got a thing flight because a lot of people don't realize I think I will go crazy if my mom was not my mom if yeah I think I'm good graces and I also want to thank my dad ate the whole pie assertion that it gave me the most sweetest power is always there so I wanna get one thing once each time but being a guy I need to access something heard is being here period is punchy I really love she's like a second mother to me I appreciate when I call her own advice I just I just look at the little students it makes me very appreciate the little things about what people do for me you know and I awesome I think friends and family I can't be selfish but ever any one thing friends and family I really love y'all not my heart I'm I should I cheered don't play bigger I want to find up any negativity I don't want no negativity around me I want to say this God don't let you go through things you can't handle God got it oh man she was something we can't even handle me so if God blessing you through all these beautiful things no reason nice of fat people watching you in hand they want to be there should be no reason for someone to be relevant if you don't like them some type of way a depressing moment you know think be my go to the top step if you want to be a you do thank the person's home in like eight minutes so we don't keep right here thanks life was stepping over door right soon to action but I want to make it real as possible I don't want to be a hypocrite talk about things and being at the certain time because I'm more conscious there I cannot be the best mind or body spray I don't know you know I don't mean the best my face but what I want to do is I'm going to talk to y'all and how much I need to understand y'all been waiting for this question not waiting for the answer is yes we've been waiting I know like we do we never secret that's what people did not know that people want to tell your business or they can give you when it's not they please but I'm Way ahead on that holiday they get along yeah no I didn't even matter like you know I'm saying who had originally put it out there or whatever this and that that's another reason why I was just not so quick to react to something unless I had some buddies yes permission to do so or they already did a video from themselves on their perspective you know I'm saying I respect I mean you know what I'm saying and when I found out about it you know I was literally a like it was early as early as early as a possible you know what I'm saying and yeah picture that even imagining when it's like I feel like I have to in a way say something or say how I feel in a way you know saying so everybody gets the picture you know I'm saying and I'm sitting you're dealing with when I'm doing things like live-streaming and doing other types of videos people want to make their own assumptions and they want to go and run off with certain things like I've seen one plug channel like he got his most viewed video literally because he was talking about like the situation and he took the clip of one of my streams and then he he made it worth one of the people on the opposite team was like trolling trying to see how diamonds bren another how you feel about it flight you know I'm saying I literally was sitting there in complete silence complete silence and that person literally stretched the video out added effects and all like crying effects on to make it look like I was depressed over it when I didn't even really even can't I was silent I thought that was like the best thing to possibly do the camera you ain't autofocus in a day but you know certain I'm not gonna catch you but yeah the point is is that like you have to also go through that as a person to grow you know I'm saying strong for these so anyway so that person that did it and made it seem like I was mad or sad over it I didn't even care one bit at all why because me and diamond are not together Diamond did not go behind my back and get somebody pregnant while I was talking here we were 100% single and just friends on a cordial and a dope you know I'm saying level you know I'm saying but anyway pledge channel I hope you can move out the Trib or get yourself a fire car you know I'm saying with those views involving my name you don't I'm saying I want to say the questions that everybody diamond are you pregnant are you pregnant are you pregnant diamond diamond are you pregnant yes I'm pregnant it's not sauce for referral people funny thing and ominous dope don't address one of the ways they don't have a bit like hammer boy I'm going to tell you guys that I did not post it and go out into the world and tell my big like that I mean the wanted to be out like this I want to do it too correctly now right now I'm going to correctly you guys want to know if I'm bringing it yes I'm framing – Lee guy this is my pregnancy tape how many weeks nothing to hide day you just see it a lot yeah this little thing right here is growing and before I bring a baby into the world I want to say I love you on i'ma show y'all that is lit I am gonna do Thomas preggers bro yes you know what this means – I feel like diamonds gonna be nicer to me – I won't have to worry about chilling the crib and her popping up at the crib you know I'm saying almost beat my ass bro like our woman nicer when they're pregnant already meaner like how does the hormones affect them are we going to buy a separate SD card like I got a separate x SD card and basically I'm going to document everything like the whole pregnancy everything it was never accessory I was not trying to hide it it was just I wanted to tell the world on my own timing because how things was going like you know I'm not coming here to drag your body I know you have probably we asked in question who would the dance y'all not get any answer oh we're not you the answer whoa whoa whoa so we don't know who the father is we're gonna play that game Diamond I'm just playing I have nothing to worry about you guys I'm trying to tell you you know what I'm saying literally me and diamond and just like dogs like you knew if you film me but that's crazy we don't even really know who it is though so it could be a rumor that you know it's just literally a rumor that if it you know does everybody was saying it was from chief you know so that's still right now I suppose a rumor you we really don't even know who's it by you know what I'm saying but even if it's by him or not you know what I'm saying congratulations to Diamond like without a doubt I want you guys right now go on her Instagram and spam up Congrats spam Congrats you know what I'm saying if you don't spam up Congrats you're missing out on a million dollars you would get a million dollars sometime in your life if you do it right now what are you waiting for what are you waiting for bro you don't want a million others thought she was better than that so if I'm Stephanie stepping into a new chapter I want to do it the correct way I want in fact oh oh oh I wanna know yes I receive the little baby with my what literally I know if I'm so excited to have me might be up here did she always sticking her tongue out like fiery or something I think this is the end of the video yo let you talk about she got the so you know it's official an ultrasound is there too she said nothing ultrasound Apprentice II and I think that might wrap it up I cannot be cut nothing I gotta be a great example I gotta show this baby you ain't got to be like everybody else you don't now she's speaking watch a little bit more just in case you know and also just let you guys know I will be starting a vlogging channel hell yeah diamond family Angie's know you do channel history I will be put in what name might be I don't know his diamond family I'm proud of my it should be called the diamond family or donkey's either and I really want to say yes and we pretty cool a 9-5 way we need to press over here we open it mean to tick over here and go continue to get it to refresh all right man it's gonna chip off the end so for you guys wondering yes from the sound of this video and everything diamond is officially pregnant there is your reaction so how I feel about this and everything like I said I just wanna like a hundred percent Congrats diamond and we'll pray for her dinner success it will try to you know I'm saying be there to help comfort her you know I'm saying whenever she's going through something you know I'm saying throughout the time being no way at all am I feeling any type of way when it's the negative side I'm very proud of her FTC you know I'm saying on the other hand isn't a continue grinding I hope you guys that was tagging me and everything throughout the weekend thinking I was going to feel some type of way you really honestly is just making me more popular than I am right now you know I'm saying doing so thank you for having my name in your mouth thanks for thinking about me thanks for waking up with my name in your mind it's crazy literally it was like everybody old people from high school middle school all of a sudden like want to come in and see and it's like they literally doing the same shit that they was doing five years ago but you have my name worried you know I'm saying how I feel or if I'm going upset or do I need some type of sad checkup or something niggas was living a life a lot of people don't know you know I'm saying that I'm literally at the happiest happiest I've ever been in my career for the first time in 2019 I literally am act the most literally the happiest like I've ever been like I've always been happy doing YouTube I mean I've had my down moments and you know not I wouldn't want to save nice what's that sketchy moments you know I'm sorry had my sketchy moments where people would be like yours like good you know I'm saying people go through things you know what I'm saying but all in all bro ain't got anything ever to complain about in his vice versa you know I'm saying diamonds really bless you no I'm saying she got people you know I've seen in a back corner and like I said bro last but not least when it comes to all this drama how it unfolds it is none of my business I'm a hundred percent neutral with everything I don't look at Diamond different I don't look at Abby Nicole different both of them and my dogs I don't care once I said let one like I said again stop asking me to do a reaction on oh she said this how do you feel about this the number one thing everybody was asking was about the pregnant you the pregnancy with diamond you know I'm saying you got the how I feel about it in my reaction that's Internet I'm obviously you're gonna have some Charles out there still do the thing can't control you so hey live life how you live the birth


  1. U pick the number 12 I’m not even gonna call u dumb😂😭😭u just make dumb decisions tho😭💯🤦🏽‍♂️#5:20

  2. Flight:what are u waiting for…..u dont want a million dollars???

    Me:*sticks the middle finger at him knowing damn well he cant see me*

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