How I Found Out I Was Pregnant: 0-4 Week Pregnancy Update

if you're watching this it's too late where do I come up with this stuff like that honestly if you don't get it it's cause like my period yeah obviously if you guys are watching this video then you already know that I'm pregnant and like if you don't know well hi I'm Shelly Alexis and I'm pregnant I did a video about um like me being pregnant basically it's kind of like a video to my future child so if you want to see that video I will make sure to link it down below but today's video is going to be a little video about my zero to 4 week progress there's one clarify a few things this pregnancy was not planned at all but I knew that with being pregnant God has a plan for me and this is his plan and with that being said I didn't want this to be a situation where I feel like most people when they don't have a planned pregnancy they especially at a young age it becomes more of a detrimental thing to their life and I always told myself that no matter when I got pregnant how I got pregnant who I was pregnant with that I would always make the most positive experience out of the situation I don't ever want to look back and feel like I regret my decision or feel like I regret my child or one day have to look at my child and feel like I didn't want my child anything like that I want it to be the most amazing experience of my life because this will be my first child and I will worship this experience and I would hate to look back at it and be like oh my god like I didn't document these things or I didn't film it for YouTube videos because people felt like I should be ashamed because I'm so young or I'm not married or stuff like that like whatever you guys it's personal beliefs are I didn't want to let that affect my life and I refuse to let that affect my life so to those people who don't agree with me having a kid at such a young age which I'm 22 which isn't that younger have y'all seen 16 a pregnant teen mom I don't know but I do feel like I could have I would have waited a little bit longer my plan was to have kids at like 26 but God like I said had a plan and this is his plan and Who am I to interrupt that or say he's wrong with that being said I'm just gonna go ahead and get into this video I just want to make that quick little disclaimer today's video I am doing a 0 to 4 week pregnancy update and basically going to explain like the symptoms that I've been having and how I'm feeling ok so without further ado let's go ahead and get into it you guys like these videos give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below turn my notifications on as well but yeah okay so first symptom that I want to talk about let's say before I found out I was pregnant ok cuz obviously before I found out I think I was maybe like a week pregnant or two weeks I'm not sure but I had noticed two days before I took a pregnancy test that my boobs were very very tender and my boobs are never tender even when I get my period they might be like a little tender but it's something that made me last for like an hour and again it's not that bad it's just one of those where if I touch it too hard it's like okay my boobs got hurt a little sore you know but I remember I woke up this day and I was extremely like my boobs are so so sore I was like what the hell is going on I'm so confused but at this point my period had been two days late to what my app was telling me my period was on so let me also explain my period real quick okay usually I get my period on random days I don't get my period on the same day every month so for instance three months ago my period started on the 12th then two months ago my period started on the ninth and then last month my period started on the fifth so it was predicted on my app that my period is gonna start on the first now keep in mind and know those those dates sound kind of odd and quirky and it's like how would an app determine those days keep this in mind my app has never been wrong every time my app said I was gonna start on the 12th and 9th in the fifth it happened so when it said it was gonna happen on the 1st of this month and it didn't happen I was kind of like what's going on here and then it got to the second and the second is when June 2nd is when my boobs were super super tender and my period still had not come okay so I was just like thinking like oh my God my boobs hurt like I don't I don't know but I was thinking maybe that was like a symptom of me getting my period that day and so throughout the whole day I kept feeling like I was having my period that's how I felt but every time I would go to check I would be dry and I was like what the hell is going on I told my grandma this story and she was like that's called desperation him her him I just think that's so funny because it probably was I was like where's my period um but anyways moving forward the next day was the third and my boobs hurt once again and I was like why and it lasted the whole day it wasn't just for an hour lasts the whole day for both days and there's just like super super sword I was like what's going on my boobs hurt so much and I still hadn't got my period on day three and so at that point decided to take a pregnancy test and it came up positive and that's how I found out I was pregnant which I will do an in-depth story time about how I found out I was pregnant maybe later on later on not right now but yeah I thought I was pregnant on June 4th so going back again to symptoms that I realized now were because I was pregnant let's talk about that so one of the symptoms that I realized that I had was mood swings I was very hormonal which explains why you guys saw videos on my blog channel of me bawling my eyes out and then later on I would be on snapchat like singing two songs like fine and and I thought myself like looking at it like I look so fake but my emotions weren't fake like when I was on a snapchat and I'm singing the songs I was like actually genuinely happy like I was like oh my god like yeah it's like excited to be singing I don't know if makes sense but when I was sad in those videos I was actually super super sad and I realized my highs were very high and my lows were very lows and that was because I was pregnant when I filmed those videos I just didn't know it yet so that explains a lot meet this whole time thinking I was stressed and that I was just you know going through a lot but nope I was just pregnant cuz now obviously you guys can see my mood is fine I've been fine for the past few days haven't had any mood swings actually I have had some sometimes I'll get really really angry if someone says the wrong thing to me and pisses me off but I haven't had like sad emotions I've just been kind of like chill or happy or angry or like sassy I don't if they angry but I get like sassy like feisty um also another symptom that I noticed and I talked about it in many many vlogs beside I was super super tired like super exhausted and that is also because I was pregnant my sleep schedule was off I mentioned that some days I was going to bed going to bed at ten in the morning and other days I was going to bed at 4:00 in the morning 7:00 in the morning but my sleep schedule was really off I would go to sleep at like 10:00 in the morning then wake up at like 4:00 in the afternoon and then go back to sleep at like 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. and like my sleep schedule is just really weird and I was super exhausted a lot even after waking up from like a long hours of naps so that was another symptom I had from pregnancy from being pregnant um another thing that I have noticed I don't know if this is a symptom you can get this early either I am just dumb or I have pregnancy brain already but I've noticed that I have I forget a lot of things so quickly now and I don't like sometimes I can't think of the word I'm trying to say or sometimes sometimes I just do stupid things like for instance I had dinner last night and dessert and so for dinner I had tacos and dessert I had some Oreos and I left the Oreo jar open which I never do because it makes the Oreos go stale so I left a door open and I'm so angry and then I also left the cheese on the counter which you guys know cheese needs to be refrigerated and I never do that I just I don't understand what's going on also sometimes I'll forget what I'm messaging people or I'll forget plans that I have scheduled and I don't know if just my pregnant my pregnancy brain is either there or again I'm just dumb I did drop out of college so that could be an excuse as well another symptom that I've had has been I think it's called aversions from food or cravings for food I have had I think if the words of versions I'm sorry if it's not I sound so dumb but I have had a versions from McDonald's and junk food I have not wanted to eat junk and he doesn't know I used to eat McDonald's every single day and you guys always complain like that's all you eat is McDonald's you don't eat healthy well I haven't had McDonald's in about a month which I guess that kind of goes prior before being pregnant but I don't know I just haven't back then I just didn't have it cuz I didn't want to go all the way to McDonald's but as of late like I've been at the mall where I could have gotten a gun once and I just didn't want it it sounded disgusting it just wasn't pleasing to me but oddly enough I've been craving Nando's chicken what I don't you guys know me I do not like chicken I don't like Nando's but I've been craving it I actually had it a few days ago or like a week ago when I was hanging out with my friends which you guys were saw in the vlog so there was a hint by the way by the way I also am gonna be doing a hint video I have been giving hints ever since I found out I was pregnant throughout my vlogs and I'm not sure if you guys notice them or not I think I'm gonna upload that video onto my vlog channel though because the hits were in my blog videos but throughout my vlogs I have been getting like giving little hints through each one that I was pregnant but not actually saying it but now you guys know also unfortunately um the first month has passed now I have lost my ABS you guys know I really loved my stomach it's my favorite part of my body which kind of saddens me because I know that's gonna be slowly disappearing but I actually not gonna be disappearing it's gonna be slowly showing way more but my abs are gone I no longer have ABS on my stomach oh I've also noticed that my sense of smell is very very heightened which is known to happen during pregnancy which leads to morning sickness and nausea actually I think you can have morning sickness without having the heightened smells but that is what has been leading me to almost having morning sickness or nausea my sense of smell is crazy right now so for instance one day I was chilling on my couch late at night and I was on my laptop and then I started to smell this like really funky smell and I was like what is that smell it's like it's not me I just took a shower I didn't have any like food laying around near me there was nothing no dishes in the sink nothing on the counters like there was really nothing I can guys kid I kid you not I looked like a psycho because I was literally sitting in like literally doing that for a good 20 minutes trying to figure out Li I was looking behind my couch because I thought maybe I dropped some food back there a few days ago and it was starting to like mold and smell I looked under my couch like I was going crazy because I was like what is that smell it smells so bad and I realized from sitting on my couch all the way on the far end of my couch check furthest away from my kitchen I was able to smell my crash game now keep in mind there was not a lot of things in my trashcan I had just taken the trash out like the day before that so I think there was like maybe one or two or three things in the trashcan and I was able to smell I had made um spaghetti and I was able to smell like the thing that the meat goes in you know like the ER that comes in that at the bottom of the trashcan and now I feel like some people would be like well yeah sometimes you can smell it even if you're not pregnant that may be true but me personally I've never ever been able to smell it I will be able to leave that there for weeks and then take my trash out once it gets full but because of that I had to take my trash out instantly because it was literally making me feel so sick now it continued the next morning I had cereal and I just sat the bowl on the counter next to me and I took a nap and when I woke up from my nap I started throwing up in my mouth and showing so girls I'm sorry I'll explain this in a second I started throwing kapu mouth because I could smell the Frosted Flakes milk on the on the counter and who made me feel so sick I literally ran to the bathroom luckily I didn't throw up I just like ended up spitting and then I was fine because I couldn't smell the cereal anymore but the reason I'm gonna say I'm explaining the throw me is because I have a fear of throw-up of a phobia of throw-up if I see throw-up I throw up if I smell throw-up I throw up if I throw up myself like let's say from like food or something after I'm done throwing up the food I'll continue to throw up just because I see the throw-up like it's one of those things so I really didn't want to have morning sickness and so far I haven't the only thing that has gotten close to morning sickness is that experience where my sense of smell was really heightened and I felt sick yeah those are all the symptoms that I'm gonna be talking about in this video I hope I didn't forget anything if I did I will like leave it in the description but now I'm gonna talk about how I've been feeling since I found out was pregnant so obviously when I first found out I was pregnant was very very shocked very very um overwhelmed very emotional I was crying a lot not because I was how do you say not because I felt like this would be a detriment to my life but because I felt like I wasn't ready like it was like I said it wasn't planned I could change the circumstances I would but again I like I said God has a plan for me and Who am I to change that but I felt very overwhelmed I wish I was a little bit older and my worst fear is failing my kid as a mother I know that being a parent is very very hard and I don't want to ever feel like my kid can't depend on me so I'm obviously going to try my hardest to do what I can to prepare for having a kid and be the best mom that I can be but then again I look at things I'm like Who am I to complain I am 22 years old I have a great career a great like stable life going for me I know there's people out there who have had kids at 16 years old even 15 I saw a video of a girl who said she was fifty or fourteen and pregnant and had a kid and she raised it and everything so before teen year-old can do it I'm pretty sure as a 22 year old I will be able to do actually I'll be 23 when I have my kid my baby will be born in 2020 which I'm really excited about that fact because I really don't like the number 2019 and I don't like the number 2021 so I'm really happy like you guys can see I'm getting really happy I'm really happy about the fact that my child will be born in 2020 because like that's such a dope year I don't know I like the number I like even numbers a lot even though my favorite number is 3 I'm not gonna talk about when my child is supposed to be born yet because I haven't gone to the doctors to find that out I'm going tomorrow so maybe I'll do a different video about when my due date is or maybe I'll let it surprise I don't know now that I know the plan about what I want to do as a mother I have been working really hard to plan for my kid already like I have already started a savings account for my child I think one great thing that is coming out of me finding out and I'm pregnant is that I've been a very very motivated because again I want to provide the best life I possibly can for my child so I've been working harder saving money planning my life a lot better because I feel like when I was just living for me I kind of just went with the flow you know as long as my bills were paid I kind of just didn't care where I spent the rest of my money I was always spending my money not really saving I said not really I wasn't saving at all always spending I mean I definitely made sure that my income was always coming in but I mean I would buy stupid stuff all the time you guys know that and always go out to eat and some like that also I've been eating healthier and I'm gonna start working out as well so that's like I don't know I feel like finding out I was pregnant has made me have a more healthier lifestyle tomorrow I have a photo shoot to announce my pregnancy to the world which you guys would have already seen that on my Instagram if you don't follow me on instagram follow me at Chandler Alexis put two S's but yeah I have a photo shoot tomorrow to announce it and the only reason I'm announcing so early by the way and you guys are seeing these videos early is because we have told people me and the father my child have told people and one of the people that he told I just know it's not gonna stay a secret with him and I didn't want people to know until after August but obviously circumstances have changed and the only reason I want to tell people so early is because I want to be the one to share my news I don't want people to share my news for me I find that very disrespectful and I also don't want people even telling other people but telling them keep a secret because there's there's still people out there that will know before I tell them you know one subscriber does actually know shout to you hi if you're watching this she knows because basically funny story I just wanna include this quickly I went into Mothercare to by these items and obviously as I was buying it you know they come the customer service people where they call it the workers they come up to you and ask you can you help and she had came up to me and I asked her if she could check the price up like a different item I was looking at and she's like oh yeah and she's like by the way can I may I ask whom you're shopping for and I was like Oh myself and her responses aren't you Chandler Alexis and I was like oh because there's supposed to be a secret I was supposed to tell anyone but how was I to know that the employee watched my videos you know I knew Hanes so she was like I watch your videos like oh my god you're pregnant I was like well yeah nobody knows yet but yeah I am so shout out to her though she was super nice and she was like don't worry your secret's safe with me so she also knows as well but yeah I thought that was a cute little story time to include anything else that I want to mention oh yeah one last thing I think I mentioned this on my Instagram post but I will not be speaking about my father's child pregnancy brain my child's father in these videos I will not be mentioning him he will not be shown because he is not a part of the social media life he did not sign up for this he did not come into my life thinking hey I'm gonna be in a YouTube video where I'm gonna be on a family channel or whatever it wasn't one of those things I want to keep him private you know outside of YouTube but to answer quickly yes my child will still be in my videos at least that's what I'm thinking I don't know yet so yeah that's for now don't ask about him because I'm not gonna tell you guys who it is I'm not gonna speak about him he's not gonna be in any videos so hope you guys can respect that that's just something I want to keep you know personal to myself so that is it for today's video hope you guys enjoyed my zero to four week pregnancy update I will see you guys in my next video but the next update that I will be doing will be four to eight weeks so I'll see you guys in four weeks if you only watch these videos yeah I love you so much leave a comment down below also letting me know what pregnancy videos you guys want to see if any or just whatever video you want to see next from me and I will try and do those for you guys but yeah I love you if you liked this video give it a thumbs subscribe to my channel down below if you haven't already I mean you stuck around this long to hear me say it again subscribe turn my notifications on as well and I will see you in my next video I love you so much I'm Chandler Alexis and I'm signing out bye guys

31 Replies to “How I Found Out I Was Pregnant: 0-4 Week Pregnancy Update”

  1. I love you so much but Girl leave God out of this. He has a plan for all of us but if we don't follow HIS PLAN we shouldn't use his name as an excuse for our mistakes 🤦🏾‍♀️ But with that being said, still sending love and blessings your way❣️

  2. Chandler, it's okay that you did not finish college. You always mention that, as if to call yourself dumb. There are plenty of people who did not finish college, and many more who never went to college to begin with. It's okay that you did not finish college. There are many smart people who did not finish college, and there are many college graduates who were never able to find a job (whether in their field, or at all). But, it's okay that you did not finish college. And, don't demean yourself.

    Also, you answered my question about morning sickness. I'm glad for you that you did not have it as bad as Kim Kardashian and Kelly Clarkson and Kate Middleton did. Hyperemesis, I think it's called. That's what happened to them. It's like they could not go one hour without vomiting, and when they did vomit, it was severe, and that lasted all three months of their first trimester, if not their entire pregnancy.

    I agree. Other people should not be sharing OUR business. WE should be the ones to share OUR business. I agree with you, that it's disrespectful when your neighbor tells people YOUR business.

    One way to gather a savings is to have a coin jar. One jar would be to just store your coins in anyway, just as a place to put them until you're ready to spend them. A second jar could be a savings. Like, a jar filled only with quarters. And, a third jar would be for collectors item coins, such as rare coins or foreign money or arcade tokens. Yep, I'm counting tokens as if money, because they were once used as if money for things like arcade games or Disney parks, etc. Also, you could have a bag filled with just one dollar bills. So, every one dollar bill you get would go into the bag until the bag is filled to where you cannot add to it anymore. That sounds like it would not be much, but depending on how big the bag is, that could wind up being thousands of dollars. Because, how big is one dollar? Or, you could just put away ten dollars (or pounds, since you're in England) per week. Or 25 per month. Or both. However you want to do it. Also, whatever money you might have spent on, lets say In-N-Out, twice per month, it could go into a jar instead. After a while, that will add up. I think those are some good ways to gain a savings, but that's just my opinion.

    In addition, you don't have to take this advice, but my advice for every parent everywhere is to leave at least one piece of advice behind for their children (and grandchildren). So, whatever your one big piece of advice is for the world, you can tell it to your child, and even write it down somewhere, for him to remember, or say it for him on video. You can ask him to tell your advice to his future children, too, along with telling his own advice to his children. Such advice will be helpful to him, and your telling him the advice will also be a special memory for him when he (or she) is older.

    I know I get long winded sometimes, but that's my comment. Hi, Chandler.

  3. Congratulations Chandler I am so excited for you💞 I have a question are you going to have your baby in London or L.A.?

  4. If it wasn’t planed pregnancy 🤰 why didn’t you take the Pills 💊 and why didn’t the guy use a condom then I don’t believe in no accidents in this situation

  5. June 4th was my birthday!!! It's cool how chandler keeps us updated about her pregnancy because quite frankly she doesn't have to tell everything about her pregnancy

  6. A blessing is a blessing, married or not. Just because you're married doesn't make you less of a mother and a man can leave at anytime. Marriage won't stop him. Don't listen to any negativity. It's your life. 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Do you plans on doing any give aways or just helping out some of your pregnant subscribers I’m 26 weeks and still have a lot to get and would love some help.

  8. Title: how i found out i was pregnant

    chan: i am gotta make a second vid telling you how i found out🥴

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