How i found out i was pregnant at 14 with my mom / Storytime

I had done a search I remember there will be 10 10 we have found out I was pregnant but – boy – don't do anything you out ok so it was like sunburn to fix nor was it was not baby after 27 no no it was not at 20 thought that was Christmas everybody 27 to 281 one of those days and my side was hurt in but like some days before they my style was already hurting and I was telling no side no she was telling me and my husband that she felt like she had an octopus inside of her oh all right so my son was hurt and then I had oh yeah sorry I went understand I saw my mom move I was kind of like stuck in my stylist her anything she she called it I'm gonna people the emergency room cuz my stuff that he had my stuff they had her car and he was like right on the corner bleep I don't think she knew did so she called and I want people and then I came and when I was getting inside the car no get in the car my step myself that he was pulling up and while losing em amount small and tasting me that I have 600 late this time stop let me tell you why I was texting her day so the lady of course y'all know that I'm you know you have cycles and all that good stuff so the paramedics eggs are Briana when was her last like yeah and I overheard her see three months some like okay so as we was getting into the I kicked up runoff around are you having sex no I'm around are you sure no mama why'd you ask me that I'm not saying that I changed you so high I said arledge you text you said you said number six I need to bring the tanks out anyways so we can't track envelopes I mean we get your Hospital nighttime call my daddy so he's coming like a little bit later then we're gonna side the room and what you say it could be what so so the physician told us that it could be right just on my ovary which is understandable cause her her sister had one at birth so we was all giggling and laughing it was like okay no problem I called her sister Tyrion was playing with her and say hey your sisters pregnant and she had a fit I don't know wait I got a knife so I end up telling her I was just playing so we hung up the phone for her so the doctor came in and he was something what all could be in their honor was glad to have surgery if that's what it is right mm-hmm then what happen our brother oh then I own the lady that came to me and she gave me a pizza they'll let me do a urine test um apprentice see what peeps your tips could they do a more random like teenagers they all do instead company so good so she gave it to me and I want to send up a bathroom and I took it then I came back out and then they're like like saying it then the lady came back let me tell about lady first of all so you don't ask my mama to step out on my step daddy she didn't say it like it's all cool I don't know let me tell what she did it she laid me down she started to feel like we do Randall P step Pete tests urine tests yeah on them and she started on pushing on my stomach so like oh it came back positive like it was just fine okay then my mom and I caught a big now what that exciting new did my daddy come this way just tell my daddy like this my nothing she's like because my daddy eggs my mom was doing all the ladies right Wow Raymond oh boy from my you is first a mystery minister oh yeah I just found out my 14 knows brainer then the lady the lady's like she pray me see this say like it's not nothing so I need to get that his name as me and report her cuz you both supposed to ask me to do nothing you are my my gosh if you have like her do you my child your minor brain you am i no no she was she didn't do that right so that's how I find out oh you left out the part that you almost got chosen oh damn long k making alone she I came by me cuz I was like laying on the bed she I came by me and my she was crying and stuff and then I had when I got scared but doing my stuff is like um see nobody hits you calm down cuz like here I heard like this no I am I was about to get you you had you put your hands up those I put my hands up cuz but that's how I find out wait anything else you want to say that's what we are doing out – don't work out to make sure y'all like see me soon your light make sure you like miss mama stuff make sure y'all like make sure you're like amazing I'll comment make sure your comments no put another say no and put it ahead miss y'all call me comment miss me I'll press the subscribe button the web button subscribe the web button subscribe subscribe button subscribe and if y'all wanna keep seeing videos like this subscribe to my channel cuz we'll be back making more videos more videos peace

39 Replies to “How i found out i was pregnant at 14 with my mom / Storytime”

  1. My momma woulda killed me💁🏾‍♀️…this why my momma never let me go nowhere and I’m not even like dat💀

  2. Love this! So glad ur mom supported u my mom didn’t speak to me for several days! Maybe you can check out my story on my channel as well! Subbed and like girl!💕

  3. Ur mom is very understanding my aunt told me if I ever get pregnant she kicking me out of the house straight away😐

  4. Your kid is gonna be a blessing! If you get pregnant early your kid is always gonna be a blessing no ones make to be a mistake!

  5. I found out i was pregnant when i was 15 and my grandfather was so supportive…..

    Happy you have a supportive family ❤️❤️❤️

  6. 14 and pregnant wish I would get a girl pregnant at 14. HOW to you have a phone I would be homeschooled with a flip phone

  7. Y they so calm like if its ok she 14 an pregnant dats not ok im Caribbean an if my sister would hav told my mom she pregnant there would have been shit shit go down lol

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