How I found out I was pregnant q & a | 16 & pregnant

hey guys my name is so serious and for today's video I am going to be filming how I found out I was pregnant Q&A because why not so the first question I kiss you know I'm gonna be doing my face well like film this I can't talk I'm so sorry guys so the first question was um do I have supportive friends um when I first found out I was pregnant I had no friends but my cousin and boyfriend so no I did not have any split man the second question is how old are you I am currently 16 years my third question was what was your reaction when you found out so I took the test and I was results what's up I was doing some other stuff awaiting but once I saw the test came out positive and like literally my heart sunk and I started crying I started crying so much like literally my before the baby comes because I honestly don't know how hard this whole thing is going to hit me because people say it's really hard like with the baby and my question was what made you want to take the test in the first place what made me want to take the test in the first place was I wasn't getting my freaking Kade for the longest time ever and I was really concerned I was like this never happens to me says so why is it happening to my question was who's the first person that you told first person that I've ever told was my cousin and I went to her because I can't talk oh my god I want to her because I literally had no friends like at all so I went to her and I facetimed her and I was like dude I'm fucking pregnant with my ugliest crying shit and then she started crying – she was like no oh yeah I showed her my fucking pregnancy test and then yeah we were just both crying and shit and then I was crying all my because it's something really big like it's like dad I'm like barely 16 years old and she's already fucking blessing me and shit seventh question I got was what was your boyfriend's reaction my boyfriend was the lead the happiest ever it was the happiest ever you know and then I was just there crying my little ass off like yeah the eighth question that I got was what grade are you in and by the way congrats thank you City and I am in okay I'm a junior I'm currently going into my junior year I'm supposed to be going into my senior year right now but I'm kind of done whatever so because I did not know how to meet my ninth question is first dating name for each gender you wouldn't pick for a boy I definitely wouldn't pick like Damian why because I like basic names like that I wouldn't like Selena or like Britney I wouldn't take any basic names people my tenth question was how did I tell my mom I actually did not tell her anything that she found out herself and she found out by doing my bed you know the way my bed when I first took my pregnancy test you know it comes with a little rap Delaney I just threw the little wrapper on my bed and I fell to the other side and one day at work I was doing my thing you know getting my bank whatever and she had the nerve to clean clean my bed I found a little wrapper and she texted me she of sight you better tell me now before I make a big deal out of it so that's making her like fine you know I'm pregnant so sorry you know and then I started crying and then I couldn't stop crying so they ended up sending me home cuz I just couldn't stop crying you know I was like why are you crying I don't know likes to go home I don't feel well I forgot what I said I think I said I don't feel well you know she was like it's fine yeah I wish I told her honestly but I just I was scared my mom is she was a teen mom to with me she was 14 and pregnant and which had me turn 15 but I was just so scared daughter I don't know it's just something really big what was your parents reaction when I told my dad he just like literally laughed I was like oh okay now but like oh yeah he didn't laugh but like my parents my parents are really to themselves and I just I don't know they didn't show me anything right they were just like you know like you know it is what it is but like laughing at me like I know like deep deep deep deep deep down under so they were kind of question is do I have any names yet I do I do have names for him but I want to see if I can come up with something better and different like I said I like to name and I don't think this foundation is my color but I like different names and the name that I paid for him starts with J and no it's not he starts name something way different what is going to be his name my 13th question I want to say it I don't I don't know if I should just fucking know and say it why are you looking like these yeah I think this is way too white all I'm gonna say is that his name starts with a J in the end to the age you guys have to guess that yeah I was in the middle Giovani but like I said I don't like them basic Gosling's so I was like yeah no and his dad wanted anything I know but I was like again no I'm so picky with names it's just like I want to I want something different fourteenth question is what do you and your boyfriend feel about having a baby boy I've at first I thought I wasn't have a girl but my heart was like no I mean a boy and I wanted a boy but like I don't know something in me said a girl but my heart is that boy if that even makes sense at all well my boyfriend he wanted a girl I always get what I want we gonna move maybe a pink question is what is whoa that scared me hey when is your baby shower and what kind of good to be served the funniest person as it is my mom was planning on doing my baby shower September or October which is but I say October to do and I believe we're gonna be having people there that's what I want so I really want in possibly like a cold weather season yeah and guys I'm not a counselor but like I honestly try my best so look so it looks like shit what's the first thing that came into your mind when you found out and wasn't scary the first thing that came into my mind was my mom and myself came into my mind because I was like what the fuck am I gonna tell my mom like how the fuck am I gonna tell her like this is like the hardest thing that's how do you feel you better be a fool last no I honestly feel good I feel great like I'm gonna be a whole ass mom and shit see how that goes my 18th question was when did you find out I found out in the Pali in the ending of Siberia or in the middle of it I honestly don't even Maritimes time flew by pretty fast so like I just mind it'll try to see home brain functioning with me so I don't quite I know it's very Airy the middle the ending I I can question was what made you wanna baby baby fever Oh big 20th question is once your first trimester the heart is break yeah it was it was a hoarders trimester ad bowler because I got Nina's warning sickening like me me me nots morning sickness I was missing so much way the delay the small of everything would make me throw up I wouldn't want to eat that I had to eat you know I had a little something down there to feed by

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