HOW I GOT PREGNANT FAST! | TTC tips, products, timing, ovulation

hi guys welcome back to my channel if it's your first time here my name is Amanda and I am currently pregnant with our first child we found out that I was pregnant at the end of August and I wanted to make this video because it only took us two tries in order to get pregnant so we tried back in June of 2018 and I have a whole video of you know doing the live pregnancy test and finding out that I actually wasn't pregnant and I couldn't figure out how to track my cycle properly and everything so I'll link that video up above or down below and then July of 2018 we didn't try because we had a lot going on I was traveling for a bachelorette party that month we also I think went to Chicago so we didn't want to you know mess around and after we'd found out in June that we weren't pregnant we were just like okay July we'll just skip that month and then we'll get serious in August so I wanted to make this video because it happened so quick and we didn't expect it to like I've just had friends and people that I know that have had trouble conceiving and I don't know if the things that we did had any effect on it but I wanted to share it with you guys because maybe if you're trying and you're not successful or you're just starting out and you want to you know get it right away maybe some of these tips will help for you because they they worked for me okay so I am gonna give you ten things that we did to get pregnant on the second time that we tried and the first thing that I did was a ton of research on getting pregnant and what to expect in terms of trying to plan to conceive because it's my first it's our first child so I was literally in the dark I literally had no idea about ovulation and fertility windows and anything like that so a simple google search and plus I watched like a million YouTube videos so definitely do your research I think that was the most important thing for me just in preparation I think you know I would watch these videos and you know just Google and stuff like that probably for a couple of months before we actually started trying just so that you know I had an idea of what was to come and and things to expect and that kind of thing so the second thing that we did was I went off of birth control about five months before we started trying and I've heard mixed things about going off birth control I've heard that if you go off it could take a long time a month of just regulating your cycle or people I know people that went off birth control and literally like a second later they got pregnant so I think just to be on the safe side if you are a planner and you you're thinking about trying to get pregnant I would probably try to talk to your OB and then go off birth control a couple months or more I went five months in advance get off of it early and then let your your cycle regulate I had been on birth control since I was maybe 14 years old so I stopped in in February of 2018 and then I actually got pregnant in August of 2018 the next thing that I did was I stopped drinking alcohol for the entire month of August and I'm not sure if this had an effect on anything maybe it did I just really wanted to be you know as healthy as I could so I wasn't I wasn't drinking a ton but there were probably I was drinking moderately three to four days a week meaning like anywhere from a glass of wine to me for over a period of you know five or six hours or so and I just I decided in the beginning of the month of August I'm just gonna do 30 days you know re-regulate my body get all those alcohol and toxins out of my system and just clear it out so that I am you know in tip-top shape and not having something that could potentially you know affect my health so I I did that and what happened was I obviously had more than 30 days of not drinking which is great so the fourth thing that I did was I made sure that I was in tip-top health and that meant that I was working out four to five times a week my favorite types of workouts are hit workouts so high-intensity interval training I get bored really easily so I like very high intense stuff for a short amount of time with a bunch of exercises and different variations and just like banging out within you know 30 to 45 minutes and just like sweat and feels really great so I was working out four to five times a week and I was also eating salads about four to five times a week and you know just keeping my diet pretty clean you know not so much processed foods making sure that I had a vegetable at every single meal and I also was drinking raw green juice about four times a week and I would just get this at Whole Foods or I would go to a GP which is a grocery store in Texas which is awesome and and I would drink green juice four times a week it was just I think the one that I liked the best it just has spinach celery green apple lemon ginger kale that might be it but pretty basic and I I love it so if you like the taste of green juice or you're thinking about starting there's there's a whole bunch of options out there for you so the fifth thing that I did was to figure out my Fertile window and my ovulation date and I struggled with this in the beginning and I really had no idea how to predict this I was using just like regular apps that are supposed to track based on one you have your period and things like that but the apps were always wrong so I got those Amazon ovulation predictor kit it's really really cheap it comes with I think 50 strips that you test your urine on and I think it also came with maybe 20 pregnancy tests so I started using that and those strips were really confusing a link of video I tested those and I also used the clear blue ovulation predictor kit and it gives you a digital reading and this thing saved my life it was so simple to use you just start I think six days after you have your period you start you just it's kind of like a pregnancy test you just dip it in your pee or you pee on it and then it'll give you a reading of zero for when you're not fertile a flashing smiley face when you are high fertility and then a static smiley face when you are peak fertility and that's when you know you're gonna obviate it I think within 12 to 24 hours or so so I did that in August I did both of these ovulation predictor kits and I everything worked according to the the box and the instructions for the clear blue one and I was able to get the flashing smiley face and then the static smiley face so we planned baby dancing around that and it ended up working so if you're confused about your fertile window and you've tried other things and they're not working and you haven't tried the clear blue opk I would highly suggest using it my sister recommended it and she got pregnant I think on like her first try to buy using it so I know every woman is different I don't have endometriosis or PCOS or anything like that so I can't speak for women who have that but just worked so going along with the baby dancing theme we also used precede which is a lubricant that does not damage the sperm so I didn't know this I during my research I found out that lubes can sometimes have spermicide in them and obviously they prevent the sperm from living and then getting however far so we didn't want you know we like to use Lube and we didn't want to hinder anything so we found proceed I think I got it on Amazon I forgot how much it was but we used it and it seemed to work another thing is I think this is number eight after we had sex I would lay on my back with a pillow like under my butt and my my legs were up in the air like against our headboard like elevated on on the headboard I I was watching videos and people were saying that they were doing this and that it could it could possibly work but it's to help the sperm like stay up there and not drip out after you have sex so I did this and I would lay there I mean anywhere from like 20 to 30 minutes we would usually do it at night so I was just in bed and I would you know just like scroll through Instagram or talk to my husband or something like that and and we did that so it's not very scientific but could have helped the ninth thing that we did was we just had fun I didn't put pressure on myself my husband definitely wasn't putting pressure on us and so we just said that we were going to do this and try to and have fun and enjoy you know having sex and and also not getting bent out of shape if we didn't get a positive pregnancy test the first or second or third time and so luckily for us we we only had to tried twice and we got that we got that positive result but going into it I I didn't want to make it something that felt like a chore I didn't want to make it something that wasn't fun and I didn't want to put pressure on myself to get pregnant superfast and or be hard on myself if we got a negative pregnancy test and we did so the first time we it was back in June and I and I didn't really know in my fertile window was I didn't know when I was gonna ovulate and you know everything was really built up it was our first time I was super excited I was like ooh feelin all the symptoms in the two week wait like over analyzing everything and then ended up not being pregnant and my period was actually over a weekly at that point or exactly a week late so you know after not having had thinking I miss my period I got a little excited I did the pregnancy tests and everything and and then it was negative so you know I tried not to get down about it and was like we'll just try again you know they're all we have is time and we want this to be a positive thing and not something that you know was a stressor in our life and so we were excited and then we tried again and the last thing that we did which some of you might agree with this some of you might not depending but we prayed and we prayed consistently before we started trying during when we were trying and just thank God all the time for all the blessings in our life and you know trusted in his plan that you know whatever was meant to happen for us we really wanted a child and we just put it in God's hands and and prayed and thanked him for for everything so if you're religious maybe that speaks to you too if you're not then I'm sure you have other other ways of you know thinking about this stuff but that's really it those are my 10 tips hopefully this helped you guys if you're trying to conceive if you're just beginning or if you're you're struggling or whatever I hope that it did I'm wishing all of you guys tons and tons of luck and sending baby dust and love and thoughts and prayers for everybody who is trying to make a little baby and we could not be more thankful and grateful for this little miracle so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you want to come along on this journey and I will see you guys in the next one love you bye

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  1. I tired all these tips but I’m still not pregnant. I did a lot of tests to make sure I’m healthy and no problems at all that maybe effect me trying to get pregnant. And all results are great! What should I do? I been trying for more than 7 months now

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  3. excellent vid. i too am regular and was looking for others who has no known issues but were TTC. from your vid think the issues is we are not baby dancing enough in the fertile week. going to try every other day method next cycle. thanks for the info. congrats

  4. Hi ! I have a question so when exactly did you baby dance ? When the smiley face was flashing or once it was a solid smiley face ? I was doing the strips and yes it is so confusing 😔

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  6. I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses from wales in the uk, God is part of my marriage, I've been with my husband for four years and married for 2 in August this year, we're going to start trying for a baby in June, this video is very helpful and I'm saving it as a favourite, thank you for this 🙂 And a huge congratulations 🙂 New sub 🙂

  7. Pls pls pls I am no my period saw it on 18/5/2019 and is going to last for 4days when will be my Ovulation time pls help

  8. When I got off birth control I got pregnant that same month but I ended up having a miscarriage before completing my 3rd month

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  10. Hey congratulations!!! Thanks for all the tips.. I am on the path of trials now and I always think about what exercises to do after ovulation as you do not want to do rigorous training and harm the embryo.. Did you do the HIIT exercise even after ovulation?

  11. I have recently bought the ezlevel ovulation kit from Amazon just want to check will it help or need to take another of clear blue because you mentioned both so just want to confirm.

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  13. Hello I'm new here and I just subscribed
    But I just went off the depo shot a like a month ago and I want to get pregnant…please help

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  15. Six moths trying… Extremely frustrated 😔… How long does your cycle lasted? And in which day of the cycle you got the smiley face?

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