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  1. Well I missed my period for 11 days now and ah had four home pregnancy test and all was negative will I be pregnant

  2. When i first found out my bf and i were driving and felt so sick like i was gonna throw up, he asked if i wanted him to pull over and I was like no it's okay, he said i hope we are pregnant. I was like no my period is gonna start lol. Well waited …. never came one Morning I was starving wanted a donut so I got one well after 2 bites I ran to the bathroom and threw up. Next morning took a test and boom positive. Ended in a miscarriage but now I'm ttc again hoping this baby sticks

  3. Girl, I’m terrified I’m tricking my body into “hysterical pregnancy” symptoms. I just want it so bad.

  4. Currently in the tww❤️ me and my husband have been trying for over a year now! Fingers crossed🤞🏾

  5. My mom was in the hospital, I went to visit. I had normal back pain and cramps so I new my periods were soon. Mom new I felt rough. Next day I go see mom, normal back pain and cramps. Mom asked if my periods showed up, nope but sure felt like them. It was Sunday before dinner. I go see my mom earlier and still felt the period coming on. Then I was sorta nodding off, mom asked again. Nope no period. She then said your pregnant, I was stunned. I have terrible, painful periods, but they usually show up by the next day. It’s the third day, oh my gosh, I think she’s right. I was excited but still have cramps. The next night I was having a pee before bed, and there was some blood. I swore. My husband asked, are you ok. No I said, I’m spotting and I’m pregnant. He came to the door, what, no you can’t be. Well the spotting continued. I felt fine, wasn’t sick. Had a test, negative. Didn’t really want to have a miscarriage at the lake. But I was sure I was. Yep, the next week I was pregnant, my Dr said it’s about time. Turned out our babe was due on his dads birthday. We had been married 9 yrs and 2 weeks. We were 18 and 19 when we got married and I didn’t what to have kids that young. But it took 4-4 1/2 yrs. to have him. I bounced on air for my whole pregnancy. The tiredness went away but when I would get up in the morning my breasts hurt like weights were attached. My husband just couldn’t believe it. He’d say, your not throwing up, yea well, I was just lucky. He was a god send, I didn’t think we would ever conceive.

  6. I'm late my period should have came on 4-22-19 its now 5-4-19 still no period but slight cramping😕

  7. My back started hurting 3 days ago. Four aches coming and going in one day. I had took a lot of a Advil which i feel nervous about if I'm pregnant. I also had two headaches that I assumed were because of my phone that same morning. I also was super emotional that same day. The next day I was really hungry. So I assumed that it was my period. I bled today and had cramps that only lasted for about 6 hours and than I had a lot of browning on my pad after. Also had intercourse because I thought that it had ended which even made me brown more. I've also been experiencing bloating and a lot of gas for about 2-3 weeks. I'll be taking a test very soon. I'm a little scared, tbh.

  8. I found out today at 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I had a missed period and had dreams of me being pregnant.

  9. Haven't my period yet and literally have all these symptoms. I took a pregnancy test this morning, it was negative and I wanted to scream. I don't feel like myself and my boobs hurt like hell. My feet feel heavy. I fall asleep sitting up like what is going on? My ribs hurt sometimes as well. My God it has to be a baby inside of me. I like it is. Idk, I'm definitely going to see a doctor.

  10. After my negative result couple days after I've bleed for 3 days. Its very light and the cramps are not that bad as when I see my period and I'm bloated and feeling uncomfortable, feel bad sometimes(didnt throw up thou), craving for things. Everything get me annoyed. But I think it's my mind telling me that I'm pregnant 😂.

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  12. I was offered cold free food leftovers and I eat them up without heating it. Than I went to eat at a restaurant and drank alcohol my stomach felt hard and I threw up. I took a test and I learned I was pregnant.

  13. I knew the first day I missed my period At 4 weeks. Now I’m 38 weeks and waiting for my son to come out!

  14. Thank you for telling your testimony to help others mothers out there going to be a believer they can do it and make it happen for them to okay I want to read some the word for healing baby girl this is God is word he sent his word and guess the Bible healed songs Psalm 107 20 all you got to do is believe by God Stripes you are healed amen the world can say Amen if you believe

  15. I know y'all can be great moms and great days to you one day at a time whatever you put in your mouth stay down that's good if it don't show up and go back to eating do this constantly ladies congratulations again to you

  16. When I was pregnant with my son (born May 17, 2017) I didn't find out until I was 6 weeks along. I had "irregular" periods so I never really knew when I missed it. About 5 weeks along I started feeling nauseous, and just a general feeling of not feeling well. I was with my boyfriend (now husband) for almost 8 months when we found out, I was 19 and he was 20 so we were both really scared, but I was also so excited. That was mainly my only symptom, I would occasionally throw up. When I got pregnant for the second time I was really tired, and my stomach was upset a lot. I was tracking my period so I took a test the day my period was due and it was positive, sadly we lost that one around 7-9 weeks. We started trying again as soon as I stopped bleeding from the MC and it felt like it was taking forever to get pregnant again considering how easy it was the first 2 times. after the 3rd month of not conceiving I saw my Dr she said everything looks good and there is no reason I wouldn't be able to conceive again. At that point me and my husband stopped trying because it was becoming stressful, exhausting, and discouraging and BAM we got pregnant the next cycle (around last Halloween). I felt no early symptoms, because we were still wanting to get pregnant I took a test when I was 1 day late because I was to eager to wait the week ha-ha and It came back positive. I swear from the second I saw the 2 lines I instantly felt nauseous and that didn't go away until I was about 12/13 weeks along, at about 6 weeks I started having horrible sciatic pain until 11 weeks when I had a massage (have to get them every 6-8 weeks to keep the pain at bay. I lived off of saltine crackers and ginger ale for the first 12 weeks, I also had horrible headaches everyday so even though I hate taking pills Tylenol was my best friend ha-ha. I am currently almost 27 weeks pregnant with our baby girl and the pregnancy is still pretty rough. My sons was absolutely perfect, and the birth was great. This time it's the complete opposite and I'm terrified for the birth ha-ha.

  17. 6half months me and my boyfriend been together. April 2019 we been trying for 4 months still nothing, we try week even on my period. Last 3 weeks I had the I miss my period then I thought it was stress. Then I waited last week still nothing I feel sick like flu. Then my boob's started being tender and sore and itchy. Then I started feeling bloated and tired even today I couldn't stop yawning and nausea I thought it was food poisoning. So I book appointment with the doctor this Thursday. So wish me luck.

  18. 2DPO, my nipples were SO, SO sore!!! Which has never happened, EVER, like ever!. I am 5DPO, my nipples still hurt, I have active, dull, crazy cramps, I am tired, I have taken 2 naps just today, some insomnia, frequent urination, my appetite fluxes, backaches. My first cycle for our first baby,! I legitimately felt after conception that I was pregnant. I took a test at 3DPO, which was negative, but I have a gut instinct that I a pregnant. So many other logged symptoms, but, wow I feel like I have a great chance.

  19. We are praying for our BFP this Friday. I know I am but I’m so afraid to take the test because I keep psyching myself out. Your story encouraged me to be bold and stop second guessing myself.

  20. I’m 7DPO and 8 days away from my expected period. Just playing the waiting game until around 11DPO so that I won’t have the whole “am I aren’t I” scenario. Hopefully it stuck! 😁

  21. Ugh I am going through this right now, I’ve had scared because my periods are late but this time it’s REALLY late. One week late, last week I was sick puking nauseous then it stopped. Now got breasts swelling and other symptoms. Not ready for baby but I am excited if I turn out to be pregnant… so confused. Mixed feelings because husband wouldn’t be happy.

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