How I Lost 30lbs Postpartum! + Raw Vegan Cleanse

hey guys it's Vaughn and today I'm going to be sharing my long-awaited postpartum weight-loss journey many of you are already familiar with my pregnancy experience you've been following my channel you know that I did start off with some like complications in the beginning but ever since I've become a mom it's been the best thing that has ever happened to me I've been super busy but I have not let that get in the way of my weight loss and fitness goals so I'm going to be sharing with you guys in this video today how to kind of stay on track as a mom but also not forgetting to take care of you the most important person in this equation during my pregnancy I gained 30 pounds and one of my first goals after giving birth was to lose that weight and to get my muscles back intact I start off my days normally drinking fresh squeezed juice before I hit the treadmill I do a very basic kind of workout with focus on cardio and toning and basically just trying to get my flexibility and endurance back up because I lost a lot of muscle during my pregnancy I started back working out three weeks postpartum and I work out for one hour five days a week after my workouts I've been filling up with plant protein with this vegan protein shake during my pregnancy and probably like most pregnancies I didn't hold back much on the things I wanted to eat so a few weeks after birth I committed to a fully raw vegan cleanse but not without supplements I was still taking my postnatal vitamins and a vegan protein so all the edibles I'm going to show you guys in this video are going to be fully raw based on my raw vegan cleanse but I will do another video where I show you guys my everyday regular diet so let's start with my morning juice I'm just going to wash my fruits and vegetables with this fruit vegetable wash that I got from my local grocery store I like to make sure everything's clean and chopped and prepared that way when it's time to throw it in the juicer I don't have to do any extra steps i juice with a Breville juicer that I got from Crate & Barrel this is a good one because it's durable and easy to use before we get started I'm going to show you guys an old trick it's kind of like a juicer hack you basically take the waste bin and line it with a grocery bag and then that way when you're done it's easier to clean up for this first recipe we still won I'm going to show you guys today is going to contain apples carrots kale and ginger one of my favorite blends I like to try a lot of different juice blends all the time I think my two most used ingredients are kale and ginger kale for its rich nutrient base and ginger for its flavor profile ginger really helps cut the bitter taste of raw veggie so I'm all done I've got about 18 to 20 ounces of juice here just going to pour into my plastic on-the-go cup and store it in the fridge for later another piece to this raw vegan clinch is the consumption of more water I really don't like water so I'm going to show you guys how I make it more tasty using herbs and fruit and these really cool water bottles from Walmart for this first infusion recipe I'm going to use mango I'm just going to peel it and slice it into small bits and then I'm going to stuff those small bits into these little infusion cages these are so cool because it forces the fruit to sink in your water which creates a better infusion instead of just floating on top and also these bottles have a wide mouth opening so you can get all your fruit in this next one is one of my favorites it contains sliced cucumber and some rosemary herbs I really love this one it's really unexpected because you really never would think that an herb would taste really good in your water but it does I like to fill my bottles with hot water because I want to think of the fruit as a teabag and after about 4 hours in the fridge you're ready to drink next I'm going to share the recipe for my post-workout vegan protein shake so you need your blender for this one you're going to start with your raw almonds and just grind those up next you're going to add one whole banana and about 2 cups of almond milk this will get you a nice 16-ounce single serving next you want to add your protein powder I'm using a vegan one this one has a vanilla flavor you can also add other fruits sometimes I add blueberries or strawberries it's up to you normally when I have a protein shake like this it serves as a meal replacement because it's so filling but lately I've been preparing small meals to go along with it I'm going to show you guys my post-workout raw vegan meals this first one is one of my favorites it's basically just an arugula salad I'd like to add some raw sliced onion to it and slice cherry tomatoes and sunflower seeds but you could also use peanuts cashews sesame seeds America's top it which is all-natural sesame ginger dressings this next meal idea is very simple it just starts with a couple tablespoons of comments this one's store-bought but you could totally make your own hummus normally I just seasoned with a little salt pepper and rich in pepper flakes just add a little heat and finally I add my sliced bell pepper for dipping super quick satisfying snack this last meal is really tasty and hearty I'm using a zucchini spiral as my noodle the sauce for this dish needs to be prepared in a blender so I'm just adding in my ingredients starting off with my tomatoes onions and the juice of half a lemon for texture I'm adding about a teaspoon of organic extra virgin olive oil this is a sauce so I do want it to be chunky so I'm only going to blend very forcefully to plate this I'm going to start by adding a handful of those raw zucchini spiral to the plate I'm just going to top with my sauce I'm going to season with some cracked pepper and sea salt and I'm going to garnish with some papers so delicious guys I'll include all the recipes from today's video in the description box so where am i today is four and a half months postpartum well guys I feel amazing I've lost 30 pounds my daughter is healthy and happy I could not be more grateful I feel like the sooner mom can get back to themselves after having a baby the better off you'll be you can be a better mom you can give more of yourself to your family I feel like as a mom as a woman you can't give what you don't have so time should be taken out for you so that you can build yourself up whether that's emotionally physically whatever it takes I knew that as soon as I got back to me on the inside it would show through on the outside and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be like your old self so I've been enjoying my new life embracing this new mom thing and taking time for me by eating right getting back active and being social and I did not do any of this overnight this all came very gradually not once did I overexert myself I listened to my body and got it done on my time I'm proud of myself and I want to encourage any woman out there who is in the same boat my advice to you is that you can do it and you totally should

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  1. I absolutely love this video!!! Thank you for posting and thank you for the encouraging words at the end. I soooo needed this!

  2. Great video! Do you drink the beet drink and the green juice in the morning? Or are the interchangeable for days? Is it juice(which one or both), workout, post workout shake, meal?

  3. Hi Vaughn, I saw where you said it took you about 3 months to lose the weight gain, but did you do the cleanse during that entire time (as well as the shakes, etc)? if not, for how long did you follow this diet?

  4. I just join your channel, congrats on your baby girl, she is so cute, just like her beautiful mom, I'm working on eating healthy and being vegan, thank you so much for sharing!

  5. You look amazing your daughter so cute wow your inspiration I hope I look half as good as you one day when I become a mum

  6. You look amazing your daughter so cute wow your inspiration I hope I look half as good as you one day when I become a mum

  7. You look so good. I, for one, want to gain weight. But, I will be using some of these meal/vegan protein shake options. This video was so inspiring. You look amazing.

  8. I used to drink mixed powdered Gatorade everyday. Now I drink fruit infused water. Thanks for the idea!! (It actually makes the water taste better than I thought it did before I tried it several months ago)

  9. I love this video, so encouraging for new moms and everyday woman to take time to do you because you cant give to others what you dont have.

  10. You're so beautiful and inspiring ! ✊💚 & Your daughter is the cutest thing in the world. 💖😍

  11. Did the vegan cleanse have an impact on your milk production? * I see the answer to my question* Saving this video for September! 👀

  12. You look great Vaughn! Thank you for sharing! Btw that juicer hack is awesome…I have the same juicer so I can't wait to try this! Your baby is absolutely adorable and your body looks great! Keep it the great work!

  13. there are vegan dha supplements. fish get their dha from the sea. that's why farmed fish have to be fed Omega fats,colour, and even wheat and chicken blood. I would avoid fish supplements.

  14. You go sis! Looks great, and this could not be more true, you have to take care of mama to take care of the family, I learned that later but ladies need to hear this!

  15. Wow, Amazing!! You look beautiful and happy.You baby is adorable. congratulations and keep it up sisa.

  16. i am a new subscriber and you are amazing!! can you guide me to your current skin care routine? Keep SHINING!!!

  17. You look great! This shows what consistency, listening to your body, eating healthy, and nursing a beautiful baby will do after childbirth.

  18. Vaughn I am so proud, happy, overjoyed for you! This was a very timely video for me…expecting my 4th, but girl you work it like you have done this before. I appreciate your willingness to share so much in a small video. Princess is soooooo gorgeous! God Bless!

  19. Wow, you did that thing, Gurl!! (i need to copy some of those exercies); you look A-mazing!! Baby girl is beautiful and just growing so fast … already!! It's amazing … luv her little booty shoes,,,, hehehehe

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  21. Beautiful video and I agree!! You look great!! My workouts have been the best thing since having my third baby!

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