29 Replies to “how I Lost 50lbs in 60 days | After C-section | #natural No gym weight loss”

  1. Im going for my second in a few weeks i am so nervous and really want to loose weight fast.. i gained so much and did not loose much after the first pregnancy and I actually got pregnant again when my son was 9 months. So nervous lol

  2. Omg same here I'm 32 3 weeks postpartum , 3rd pregnancy, 3rd c section, and 3 boys wow lol….thanks for the video and tips!!

  3. Wow awesome video, wished I would have seen this after I gave birth. You look great and are incredibly motivational

  4. Reallly important question what amount of match green tea do you put in the water 1tablespoon or how many?

  5. Me too 2boys c section nw m pregnat again going for c section for 3rd time bt crossing fingers for a gal

  6. Before my pregnancy I was 115lbs, and with 40 weeks of pregnancy 145lbs, now my baby it’s 3 months I’m 120lbs just walking/running with stroller everyday…and water. You just need to have Stroller & Water 😊

  7. Were did you get you lashes from do you have a link for that to(love the lashes the whole video I was looking at it lashes no gay) shit …lol

  8. Good job, i will try to push out this triplet in one try and loose the liquid weight i added this evening.

  9. Did you breast feed? Caffeine isn't good for breast feed babies so I'm wondering if i can do thegreen tea. I too have had 3 c sections

  10. Wait is this what botox looks like? When she was talking, her face was so stiff, only her lips moved. Not hating, honestly wondering if that's what I'm looking at.

  11. When you said 3rd baby 3rd boy 3rd c section I was shook! Lol I am also ! On my 3rd baby 3rd boy and 3rd c section! Lol I go for my c section March 6 so I’m trying to find tips to loose this weight !

  12. Amazing Video, thank you for all the information, I myself used the sweet sweat belly band and it works like wonder. I have question about the Upspring belly brace did you wear it right after your c-section? Or do you have to wait a couple of weeks? And if so did it affect your Incision at all or it was fine ? I’ll appreciate your response.

  13. Hello did you do the giveaway already? I don’t have an ig 🙃 I’m on the same boat with the 3 csections and in need to loose weight it feels impossible!!

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