11 Replies to “How I Lost My Weight After C-Section Delivery – Shilpa Shetty | Shilpa Shetty Post Pregnancy Diet”

  1. Cesarean ke kitne din baad hum exercise shuru kr skte hai ..mera 5 jan ko hua hai ..kbse shuri kru

  2. I too did same. Follwd Ur rules. Didn't excersice ate well. Didn't loose weight. Except cheese, I had all

  3. Sara din khan da km tuhnu hor ki. Menu puch k dekho routine. I had c section three months ago. I go to work after 4 weeks at 3 pm to 11 pm. Morning time I go colg 10am to 1pm Then cook for Myself and my hubby also take care of baby. And plus household work. Mera kro post vidoe😂

  4. Mummy magic weight loss tea was great. I've tried all the quick weight loss remedies, even some Chines herbal stuff and none of it work. I started in on this after reading about it and for the cost, it's way cheaper and way more effective than anything else I've tried.

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