How I Lost Weight FAST! 7 Days Postpartum | My New Mom bod

okay so this is how everything's looking with clothes on seven days postpartum and I just have this hey everyone welcome back so today I'm going to be sharing with you how I've been losing weight seven days since I've had my daughter but my main priority is taking care of her so that's what's most important right now she's sleeping right next to me what else and what may work for me may not work for others I'm not telling you you need to lose weight or anything this is just how I've been doing so and before I was pregnant I was a hundred of five and I would fluctuate to 115 back and forth and my height is five one almost five two side gives you a kind of a reference of my weight and I know that let's get started so I've been all night with my darling and of all day so what's been getting me through is coffee coffee kind of fills your tummy and suppresses your appetite and I'm not saying crashdïet do not do that you will feel over endeth I have just been eating what I would regularly me so if that's fries I'll eat fries and have some coffee and maybe it will be less fries that I'm in taking um so coffee has been amazing it's so good I love the smell and it just awakens me up a bit alright so this one has been helping so much this is the 28 day detox evening tea and I drink in the morning it's natural vegan gluten-free dairy-free sweet free non GMOs so during my whole pregnancy I was extremely extremely bloated I had so much water retention I gained 80 pounds baby pounds while pregnant and I just couldn't like release my bowels so I might be honest I've been on the toilet a bunch get in all cleaned out it has been amazing though and it doesn't have caffeine so not mixing to caffeine together and being like way overboard with it I just do this once a day and it has made a huge difference to where I don't have to struggle to use the restroom or I'd tear anymore down there then I did been drinking water as well because using the bathroom so much you don't want to be dehydrated so now I'm going to tell you my secret weapon and it's this is the miracle suit it's in size small and my mother got this she was wearing this and she had got it from Dillard's I think they're about 50 bucks but it's worth every single dollar I tell you is worth every single dollar it's not one of those regular ones that look you can like breathe good in and you're just like John know you have to do a whole song and dance to get into this baby and yes and still wearing a diaper I call it my Elastigirl soup because it just sucks I breathing in and I feel like it's been helping tighten up my skin and my thighs and this is what you need if you take anything from this video this is it this is her list the booty you can barely breathe in it but that's fine because you'll be looking snatched yeah this is it I wear this all day for morning and then one night that time comes I wear this one that's not as tight see it's very like comfy that it's kind of like running spandex shorts fill to it and let's just make sure everything's staying together this is a size small as well and it's reversible so nude or black depending on where I am wearing okay so this is my belly without the spandex I'll show you what it looks like with the spandex this is what it is without the spandex but it has been working amazingly so good and the skin will just tighten up more when I go running and when I do some ab workouts and then stress stress it's last one that been that has been helping me lose so much weight two days after I had her we had to move into our temporary suite this is executive suite to the apartment complex that we will be moving into and two weeks so I feel like that has a lot to do with it but this is just my away journey and my mom bought I guess afterwards but it was so amazing to me a mom and that's what's most important she is my whole world and just gives me so much purpose I just I never knew being a mom would be this great but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the video maybe took something from it and have an awesome day please don't forget to subscribe and like and if you guys want to see any mommy videos fashion makeup whatever it is leave it down in the comments below and have an awesome day

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