12 Replies to “How I Manage My Gestational Diabetes | What I Eat for Breakfast | K's Mum”

  1. Exploring “Gαjοjο Fivu” (Google it) will help you to recover from diabetic issues and acquire a healthy lifestyle. For a time frame of 1 ½ months, my hubby has been a passionate follower of the plan. It has been five years since he has been taking insulin shots. He has been a type 2 diabetes patient for 6 years. His eating routine get favorably altered since he has been a passionate reader and follower of this program..

  2. Great video thank you:) you explained the principle behind the way you eat so well..I'm type 1 diabetic and find following a similar way of eating makes my blood sugars easier to control but as you said you can still eat the exact same thing and experience variation in your results at times so it's all a balancing act.

  3. did you find out in the 1 trimester this time around. cause this my 2 time around as well find at 11 weeks. just to find something for breakfast besides eggs lol

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  6. This is really informative, passing this on to a friend! Love it, can't wait to see more of your videos 😀

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