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this is a share with unum and this time come fine upon achieve you is calm very common action they were very calm labor and Chapa quick delivery so this is a mob a guy now not too long happened is that I was aware Quan even years and the one who during the diamond experience Canadian labor and delivery in that case India for Garnica paranoid with the things that's happening with my body because any tsimko that time was Oak Island a tunnel and it on August 18 at all etc etc so my body is doing exactly what it has to do to be able to deliver my baby so she sure Chris I know you manga began Nana na Patera lemco Renato – not gonna research copy Google nanang gr s attend during the three stages of labour I mean three phases during the first stage of Labor so first is the earlier latin stage in this stage approximately you it lasts for approximately 8 to 12 hours so must wear thick upon short time now on but anyway you've contractions numb up a feeling one during this early early stage of labor is around 30 to 45 seconds nominalist shop but don't worry because you're gonna have a rest time from around 5 minutes to 30 minutes I have like 30 minutes so in this stage also your cervix would may dilate in to 3 centimeters with my experience then de la cosa Hospital at around 5 p.m. in the afternoon and then because during that day none of the men Kannamma this is it because I'm not got enough and I'm bloody show my cunting bloods underwear boss so I knew hey Doc what happen with us a hospital and then true enough when I was there in the hospital I was already three centimeters dilated and the doctor advised me to be confine and wait for the big day so you guys might be wondering kind of incomplete work well okay just a quick history about something you know what guys intolerance gossiping maybe I would really do zero actually in day not zero know my secret or three 10 being the highest so he makes up he had very low intolerance gossiping in fact when I was I wasn't pregnant yet before and in my younger years I would usually be taken to the hospital hospital ha er I would usually be taken to the hospital because of this malaria dysmenorrhea pains so be not the loss of hospitals don't die he loved my Desmond area so canonical low on tolerance Chris opinion anyway during the first stage of my labor I would say that they were just gone contractions or saguru by the describe shots pressure at lower abdomen Co a chopper so mainly couldn't go but very tolerable again like I would like to bring you back up on a nap I go up on a labor I was already prepared mentally why because I learned I tried my best to learn about hypno birthing I am going to link my hypno birthing experience at the end of this video so yea Hindi Shama Sofia Paras happen it worse I would just consider it it as pressure next stage of labour is the active labor in this stage this approximately lasts for 3 to 5 hours and during this phase your cervix may dilate from 4 centimeters to 7 centimeters and you have to take note that during this time you contractions may be longer which is from 45 to 60 seconds and you even rest on more is shorter this time which is 3 to 5 minutes from 33 to 30 minutes at early labor so EB Sabean must love her you beam let's not call it be much longer you contraction and shorter you rest I'm home so during this stage of my labor anymore I can remember it very clearly åkesson and the novel the next epoch own Anunnaki so I can remember it clearly that time I was just deep breathing and I was very calm in fact was kobato potala gallo sister KO she kept on asking me con sobre Sabha or what but actually yes the contractions were stronger but I can still say that they were tolerable I think the only reason I might come back at Maggie King my something is because seguro you ever sat in during the labor so bring up a panic now but this is something that I am lucky about cuz I not the TuneIn coil hypno birthing and I was able to apply you FP penis in a seminal and to avoid FTP which is the fear tension and beam so Apple I was very common that's the reason why I had a very good breathing which helped me help my body is the beam or the contractions that we're going on in my body the next stage of labour is the transition period transition phase in this piece this lasts for approximately 32 hours and during this time Marin biome 60 around 60 to 90 seconds of contraction and the rest time is as low as 30 seconds to two minutes long so in this case imagine a go overlap sha that's the reason why maybe we think there a direction but actually we still have red sky it is just very important that we remind ourselves to relax because I don't have this is very applicable to all of you and it is one thing to really keep in mind now you've been is not forever during my time I was nine centimeters dilated when I was taken to the labor and delivery room actually Papas Alcala passes I say labor room which is gotta be known delivery room topic muhammad canim banana gun oil packs adenine doctor malavika and mana so Arco penis open lock oh and I was already nine centimeters dilated and be less not funny at it during that Bank assay when I was already in the labor room well about 30 minutes and a great name bag of water cool and after that Dena Dena was a delivery room so seen and I'm not was a table and I was all already asked Bush seguro Nakata Akio during that face cool how was the pain well I I can say during that time not feel good I you intense pain and yes I had a very short quick delivery so after one hour and 30 minutes or yeah little bit shorter see good I'm not sure but yeah not longer than two hours and I was already out I was already taken back to my room so because I'm an adult a recovery and everything so Gannon Kabila's you level of calmness calmness aside because during the transition period is not your condom on parenting beacon Thunder what but I think the calmness that I that level of them is that I had before was good enough but overcome more you period now your new face now on guess I I wasn't like you miss ego no no I was not like that I was really very focused to keep keep myself relaxed although not as often this awesome Tanaka during that night but I was going back to my my mindset which is Aqualung yen in just a little while the person I become a song upon a miracle and what a person at all yeah not gonna be NASA is it for so I you know guys when you're going to be in that stage of your delivery I hope you will be reminded by my experience i don't know ii young in east coast sorry the corner hindi for everything and in content islam in just a little while as i'm recording in vehicle well I think that I start a new mindset now and I'll know timeless oblong overwhelmed narco sub contractions especially no pala Bastian vehicle you delegate NASA is equal and yes I was able to successfully and quickly deliver my baby because of that I know you guys are very nervous especially for the first time moms out there but you have to help yourself you have to have a strong line and help yourself because nobody is going to give birth for you so instead of being scared while Noah came up a panic because command when in our on demand you know no matter dom domina meaningless so might as well give yourself a very calm labor and delivery Toto yon I die in the experience school with my experience of a very call labor and quick delivery no pattern I ain't goin at the thorn using a Sabinal I know what the mind can perceive the body can really achieve it dial you know Gounod called long time and I do not go so stage they on now fuck with this cold anyway you guys good luck and God bless on your delivery but I have discussed are all purely from what I have research from Google and most of it are my experience during my labor and delivery I sincerely hope that you guys would be able to have courage and knowledge that I had to be able to achieve a very

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  1. Wow ang naranasan kung sakit sobrang 22 hours ang labor ko, tapos nakita na hindi ako manganak ng normal kasi hindi nag open yun sa akin at saka manganganak ako ng kambal, so CS nalang ang ginawa sa akin, matagal ako sa hospital dahil matagal ang recovery ko, kasi napuno ng hangin ang tiyan ko, sobrang hirap talaga

  2. Wow ang galing mo sis ako CS waahh grabe naranasan ko na super pain for 12 hrs labor bago nag decide OB ko na mag CS kaloka

  3. Hi we have same content but im not a first time on my 3rd baby…and mukhang magkakasundo tayo.kalembang na!

  4. Thanks for sharing your journey sis… normal delivery din ako both child. i envy you for your preparation and being so calm during your labor.. my experience was so unforgetable. sa bahay lang ako nanganak with the midwife, so lahat ramdam ko, no anesthesia and epidural too. 🤗

  5. I was hoping to give a normal birth Lovely sis but I have to rush into er due to umbilical cord of the baby but so glad she was okay this is really amazing putting it outthere for expectant mothers lovely

  6. Gusto ko na din magka baby … Salamat sa tips momshie. Nkasabit na me Ng medal .. naway makadalaw ka din sa kubo ko sis

  7. Di me naranasan tong part na to ng pregnancy ko , kasi cesarean section ako, pero sa mga naririnig ko tama u First Time mom , painful nga daw ang normal delivery

  8. aq buti nlng saglit lng labor q kea maswerte tlga q at di inabot ng ilang araw ..7hrs aq naglabor pero kering keri lng pero pagdating ng 10cm aun sobrang sakit na ..

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